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What flowers bloom outside in January? These winter bloomers currently decorate the garden and balcony!

If you do not like the sight of a bare garden or balcony, then now you can change this. We list the most beautiful winter bloomers that will add splashes of color to the outdoor area, when the spring and summer flowers are still winter dormancy. What flowers bloom outside in January? Find out in the article.

What flowers bloom in January? The most beautiful winter bloomers

Flowers blooming in winter in the garden

In winter, when temperatures fall below 0 degrees Celsius, it becomes bare in the garden and on the balcony. Only a few evergreen plants or conifers provide variety in the outdoor area. Does not have to be, actually, because there are many winter bloomers that bloom in January. But they are much more than just eye-catchers; they can also serve important functions… The flowers provide food for insects during the cold winter months.

Fragrant honeysuckle

fragrant honeysuckle blooming in January

Fragrant honeysuckle has large, delicate, creamy-colored flowers and almost no leaves on its branches in winter. The flowers form food for heavens. Sometimes the cherry bears red berries after the flowering period ends.

What flowers bloom in winter? The Christmas rose

Christmas rose is one of the first winter flowers. It still opens its white flowers in December. The perfect place for the winter bloomer is in the front of the bed or balcony box edge, in a semi-shaded place.

Frost-hardy cyclamen for the container garden

Cyclamen are beautiful annual flowers that bloom from November through spring. Winter violets freshen up flower beds, window boxes and containers with their bright colors. The flowering period ends in May, shortly after which the plant dies because it cannot tolerate the high summer temperatures.

Winter flowering ground cover: cyclamen

Spring alpine violet blooms in January even in the snow

Spring alpine violets, still known as cyclamen, appear along with snowdrops, making them one of the first messages of spring. The flowers feel most comfortable under shrubs, preferably deciduous shrubs, where they like to spread. On the balcony, they make themselves at home under taller winter bloomers.

What flowers bloom in spring: snowdrops

Snowdrops prefer shady places in the garden. Spring heralds thrive best under deciduous trees. Native flowers in nature are highly endangered. However, the ornamental plants for the garden come in many varieties. They appear in mid to late January.

Winter flowering shrub: the mahonia.

Mahonia is winter flowering shrub in January

Most mahonias begin blooming in April. However, there are certain varieties that already form their flowers in winter. One such, for example, is the frost-hardy “Winter sun”. The bright yellow flowers attract insects to the garden. Mahonia feels most comfortable in moist, well-drained soil. A partial shade location on the balcony or in the flower bed encourages flowering.

Flowering climbers: Clematis cirrhosa

Clematis cirrhose belongs to the conditionally, or non-hardy flowers. However, it thrives best on a house wall that protects the climber from wind and frost. If the location is right and the soil is permeable, then the clematis can thrive outside until spring.

What flowers and shrubs form flowers in winter? Winter heather

Winter heather is a small-growing shrub that produces light pink flowers in winter. The flowers then turn pink over time. The heather is not only frost-hardy, but also makes a great balcony plant.

The winter snowball blooms in January

Winter snowball in the garden pink flowers

The winter snowball is a beautiful shrub that, as its name actually suggests, blooms in winter. It bears many flower buds from November onwards and when they open, its light pink flowers appear, giving off an intense aroma. Winter snowball feels best in partial shade.

Winter bloomer from India: the meatberry

Meatberry, a winter bloomer that actually originated in East Asia, is an evergreen perennial with an upright habit and creamy white flowers. The flowering period begins as early as December and ends only in the spring.

Which shrub blooms in January? The snow cherry

The snow cherry is one of the most beautiful winter bloomers in the home garden. The blooming season is extremely long, extending from November into April. The tiny flowers are white in color with pink undertones, making the shrub a real eye-catcher in the garden.

Winter bloomers in January: important care tips.

Christmas rose What flowers bloom in January

Care for winter bloomers is quite different from care for summer flowers. The flowers, perennials and shrubs that form flowers in the cold months do not need fertilizer. They are also watered infrequently and only as needed. It is much more important that the soil is permeable and does not freeze through even in January. Unlike spring – and summer flowers, winter bloomers react much less intensively to the light conditions on the balcony or in the garden.