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Watering Amaryllis: Tips on how to properly care for the delphinium and give it new life every winter.

The aesthetics of winter, with its piles of dirty snow and leafless trees, can make you miss the warmer months. However, if you plant an amaryllis bulb, you can bring a bit of spring right to your windowsill. Amaryllis usually blooms in the winter, so planting them is a great way to brighten up your home during the cold months and start the year with a cheerful heart. And if you follow our tips on how to water amaryllis, you can reuse the same plant year after year and enjoy its blooms every winter.

How to water amaryllis for magnificent bloom?

How to water amaryllis properly

Amaryllis brightens up the dreary winter with its large, intensely colored flowers. As potted plants and cut flowers, they are especially popular during the Christmas and Advent seasons. Since they require different conditions in each of their growth phases, their care is very demanding. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to properly water your plant.

Should you water amaryllis from above or from below?

Is the amaryllis plant watered from the top or from the bottom

Some plants prefer to be watered from below, others prefer to be watered from above. To properly care for your amaryllis , you should water it from above. Amaryllis should not be placed in waterlogged soil, as this often leads to fungus and other problems.

How much water does an amaryllis need?

Does the amaryllis need a lot of water?

The amaryllis needs enough water to moisten the soil. The pot must have adequate drainage to allow the water to flow through. Water that has not been absorbed after about ten minutes must be removed. Use enough water so that the top layer of soil is moist, but not soggy.

How often should you water amaryllis?

How often to water amaryllis

Amaryllis do not like to stand in water, so you need to make sure that you water the plant regularly. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again. You should also water more often in the summer than in the winter, as the water will evaporate more quickly.

How often you water depends on the pot size, the ambient temperature and the plant’s growth stage.

After watering the plant, you should wait until the soil is completely dry (the first 2 inches) before watering it again. You can measure this with your finger. Therefore, an amaryllis in an average household usually needs to be watered at least once a week. Note that this “once a week” for watering amaryllis is a very rough guideline. Your particular plant may need water more often or less often.

Finger test for soil moisture content.

You can check the soil moisture with a finger test

Stick your index finger into the plant soil up to the first knuckle, about 2 inches. If the soil is moist, your finger should come out of the pot with dirt on it. Even slight dirt is a sign that the soil is moist and contains enough water for your amaryllis.

However, if your finger comes out of the soil with no dirt on it, it is too dry and you need to water your plant.

Watering frequency after flowering

Should the amaryllis be watered even after flowering?

After your amaryllis has bloomed, remove the faded flower and cut back the stems, allowing the leaves to continue growing. Water adequately to keep the soil moist, and fertilize with a fertilizer for bulbous plants.

In summer, you can put the amaryllis in a sunny place outdoors.

In late summer, bring the bulb indoors and reduce watering to allow the bulb to dry out.

Remove the shriveled leaves and place the pot in a cool, dark place, such as a basement or closet for 8 weeks.

When should you water amaryllis bulbs?

How to water the bulbs of amaryllis

Full-grown amaryllis plants with leaves and flower stalks naturally require more water than a bare bulb.

An amaryllis bulb should not be watered until the end of the dormant season, because watering the bulb stimulates new growth. However, the bulb is watered only when the top 2 cm of the soil is dry. An amaryllis bulb should never be watered when it is dormant.

Begin watering the amaryllis when the bulb leaves the dormant stage. New shoots will appear on the bulb, indicating that a new growth phase has begun. If there is no new growth after 2-3 months of dormancy, you should water the amaryllis bulb to force this to happen. During the growth phase, the plant needs to be watered regularly.

Amaryllis watering schedule for timely flowering during the holidays.

How to water amaryllis properly for Christmas flowering

Amaryllis need at least 8 weeks of dormancy before they bloom. To get the plants to bloom for the holidays , you should stop watering them from early September and keep them in a dark place. Then at the end of October you should water them again and put them in a warm room.