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Vegetables and herbs grow themselves from leftovers: These foods you can regrow at home

It may come as a surprise to some, but there are several foods, vegetables and herbs that you can regrow from their own waste. If you have the patience, growing food from scraps can not only be fun and rewarding, but can also help you avoid food waste and save money. Learn what vegetables and herbs you can grow yourself from your scraps here.

Grow your own vegetables and herbs from leftovers and let them regrow

A tip beforehand: if you want to grow your own food from store-bought produce, keep in mind that you will almost always get better results if you choose organic quality. Some conventionally grown vegetables and herbs are treated to prevent germination, which makes further growth impossible.

Here is a list of foods that you can easily regrow from leftovers:

1. grow your own scallions from leftovers.

Cut off the roots of the spring onion and let them grow again

Scallions are probably the easiest and most popular vegetable to regrow over and over again. After you’ve used the tops and middle part of the spring onions for cooking, set the root parts aside.

How to grow spring onions yourself in water

To begin regrowth, cut the bulbs to about an inch above the roots, then place them in a jar with a little water in a sunny spot. Change the water as needed and watch your spring onions grow! After just one week, you’ll be happy to see a new yield! If desired, you can then plant the scallions in a pot and let them grow. However, this is not absolutely necessary.

This method also works well with leeks and lemongrass.

2. romaine lettuce, cabbage and pak choi.

How to grow your own lettuce from leftovers tips method

Grow another round of romaine lettuce by placing the bottom of the cut heart in a bowl of warm water. You won’t get a new head, but you will get enough crunchy leaves for a few sandwiches.

Pak Choi leaves regrow from leftovers

You can also regrow cabbage and pak choi leaves in the same way.

3. pull celery yourself from the stalk.

Grow vegetables yourself from leftovers celery

Celery is popular for its health benefits and low calorie count. And even better – the vegetable can be grown at home from its leftovers! Cut the celery back to an inch or two above the base. Place the base in a bowl of water and put it in a place where it will get enough sunlight, such as a sunny windowsill.

When new leaves begin to sprout from the center, wait about a week for them to thicken before transplanting the stalk into a pot with soil.

4. basil, mint and cilantro.

Grow your own basil and let it grow back

Herbs are among the easiest foods you can grow with leftovers. First, remove the lower leaves from the stems, but leave the top ones intact. Soak the stems, cut side down, in warm water.

Grow herbs cilantro in pot

When the new roots begin to sprout, you can enjoy your herbs or place them in a pot of soil and let the plant thrive on a windowsill or balcony.

5. replant carrot greens

Grow carrot greens in water

If you buy carrots with their heads intact (young carrots), cut off the top part of the carrot without the head falling off. You can regrow carrot greens from this small piece of carrot!

To do this, first soak the carrot piece in a shallow bowl of water for a week and then transplant it into the soil once roots form. The tops will grow beautiful greens that make a delicious addition to salads and pestos.

Never tried pesto made from carrot greens before? Then check out our article with delicious pesto variations, where you will find this and even more interesting recipes.

6. regrow garlic

Grow your own garlic sprouts from sprouted garlic cloves

When garlic starts to sprout, the little green shoots are still too bitter to be used for cooking. Instead of throwing away the sprouted cloves, you can put them in a jar with some water to grow garlic sprouts. Once the sprouts are about 10 cm long, you can already harvest them. The sprouts (and especially their upper third) have a much milder taste than the garlic cloves and are great for salads, pasta and as a side dish.

Can you grow your own fruit at home from leftovers?

How to grow your own pineapple from stalks with leafy tops

Some types of fruit can be grown from leftovers that would otherwise end up in the trash or compost pile. A fantastic example is the exotic pineapple! While you certainly won’t harvest a pineapple right away, you can grow a beautiful new houseplant in just a few weeks. And if you’re a real plant whisperer, you can have a homegrown pineapple in a few years!

Growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruit at home is certainly fun! If you liked our ideas, you can also try growing a mango yourself from the pit or grow a lemon tree . Do you also grow food at home from leftovers?