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Use used tea bags in the garden & for houseplants: Tricks you can use to pamper your plants

The kitchen has so much to offer , which you can use wonderfully for your houseplants and garden plants. So it’s far too bad to throw organic waste in the trash can when it can be so useful. A good example is tea bags. If you think they’ve already had their day once the tea is made, you’re sorely mistaken! We explain how you can use used tea bags in the garden and for your potted plants, not only to pamper the plants themselves, but also to make your own job a little easier – and fully sustainable organic!

Using used tea bags in the garden – Here’s what you should consider:

Use used tea bags in the garden and for houseplants

To use old tea bags in the garden for compost , but it is important to make sure that they are also compostable and nature-friendly variants. The classic bags are made of filter paper, which is naturally degradable. It is better to dispose of the tag with possible metal clip and the thread separately.

Tea contains many nutrients that plants need

Always make sure that it is really filter paper, because there are also those made of PET or nylon and after all you do not want microplastic in the garden, right? This is especially the case with pyramid bags, but not only. Some bags made of filter paper are also not suitable, and that is if they do not have a string. Because in this case they have been sealed with the help of glue, which may contain plastics.

Used tea bags: uses for your plants

Used tea bags as fertilizer in the garden

Use used tea bags as fertilizer in compost or as liquid fertilizer for potted plants

The fact that you can use used tea bags as garden fertilizer may not be news to you. If it is, you should definitely keep this fact in mind, because your plants will thank you for it! The tea adds nitrogen to the soil and also attracts good bacteria. Before you throw used tea bags in the compost, it’s a good idea to slit them open. The acidic tea leaves also promote the rotting of other organic waste in the compost. You can also speed up this process by boiling a stronger solution of used tea bags and then pouring it over the compost pile once it has cooled.

When you open used tea bags and spread the tea leaves around the stems of your garden roses, you’re really doing them some good .

Fertilize potted plants

Water potted plants with solution and in this way fertilize and protect them from diseases

If you would like to use used tea bags as fertilizer for potted plants, simply boil them one more time and let the water cool. You will get an excellent liquid fertilizer, rich in nutrients that promote plant growth. Simply use it as water for watering.

Another option would be to wipe the leaves with this solution. So, if ever dust has collected and you want to remove it, use the tea solution, because the leaves can also absorb a certain amount of the nutrients.

Make your own plant fertilizer from used tea from bags

Avoid spreading the tea leaves on the potting soil, as they retain moisture and thus promote mold growth.

Plant seeds

Use used tea bags in the garden - plant seeds in tea

Grow up plants in a tea bag? It’s actually possible and even a wonderful idea, as the tea provides the young plants with beneficial nutrients to promote healthy growth. Perfect for sowing in the spring , because then the young plant can be buried in the garden with the tea bag. How to do it:

Used tea bags instead of growing pots - Plant the seedlings directly into the bed with bags

  • Line a sheet, tray or similar with kitchen paper and moisten it.
  • Wet the tea bags and spread them on the kitchen paper. They should not be too wet to avoid mold. Therefore, you can squeeze the tea bags to be on the safe side.
  • Poke a small hole in each bag and put one seed per bag.
  • Place the whole thing in a warm place out of direct sunlight.
  • Make sure that the kitchen paper stays moist at all times. This way, the bags will also stay moist, which is necessary for germination.
  • Once the seedlings reach a size of 2 cm, you can plant them in the garden along with the tea bags. By burying the plant in the garden directly with the tea bag, you don’t risk hurting them when pricking them out and they still retain their natural fertilizer.

For more ideas on practical DIY growing pots, click here .

Fertilize garden plants with tea from the bag

Even if you bought seedlings, you can plant them using the tea from the bag. Simply place the plant in the hole provided, open a bag and spread the contents around the roots. Fill the hole with soil and press it down. Nutrients will now be released with each watering and the beneficial earthworms will even get good food.

Use used tea bags in the garden against diseases and pests.

Boil used tea bags for a solution and use against fungi and pests

It is better not to dispose of used tea bags, because if you boil them another time, you will get a lower concentrated solution with which you can water your plants normally. In this process, you should also moisten the leaves. With this solution as watering water, you can wonderfully ward off pests and fungal diseases, and at the same time provide the plants with nutrients.

Mold, in turn, can be removed with the help of chamomile tea, as it acts like a natural antifungal. You can enhance the effect by adding used tea bags of green tea as well.

Refresh bald spots in the garden

Provide bare spots in the lawn with nutrients

Do you have places here and there that are bare because there just do not want to grow grass and other plants naturally? Try to change this with the help of tea. It is possible that there is a lack of nutrients. Therefore, you can put used tea bags in the garden where nothing wants to grow and sow new grass over them. The moist bags will decompose over time, releasing nutrients into the soil as well.

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