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Tree house for kids: 100 ideas that promise fun and adventure

children tree house with slide colorful painted

All children in the world share the dream of having a tree house. This little retreat guarantees fantastic adventures in your own backyard or near a forest and creates unforgettable memories. A symbol of childhood, the hut in the treetop feeds dreams and gives free rein to the imagination. Whether bought ready-made as a kit or self-built, the tree house for children is always a great idea. If you want to build a tree house, you must first determine whether the tree is suitable for it. The choice of materials should also not be underestimated, as the safety of children is of the highest priority. Today we will give you a few tips and show you pictures of beautiful tree houses. Your children will surely be thrilled!

Is your tree suitable for a tree house?

modern tree house children stilts red saddle roof

Childhood is a time of wonder and imagination is the playing field. An outdoor playground gives children a place to explore different fantasy worlds. In this regard, a tree house provides a perfect environment for children to develop their vivid imagination. In a treehouse, children can pretend to be pirates on the high seas, adventurous astronauts, culinary master chefs, or whatever their hearts desire.

If you have large trees with thick trunks in your yard, you can create an idyllic playground high up in the treetops for your kids or grandkids. Safety is a priority with tree houses, so you’ll need to choose a suitable tree. Use the tips in this article to review your yard’s trees and find the perfect foundation for a treehouse.

tree house wood children cart wheels window

Consider the design and use of the tree house.

Before you examine the garden trees, you should have a clear picture of what you want the treehouse to look like. Most designs for children have a simple square or rectangular shape. These simple shapes make it easier to add walls on all sides.

Tree houses for children are also safer if they are built close to the ground. The proximity to the ground makes climbing up and down easier.

You have many options to personalize your treehouse. For example, you can add a porch with a high railing, a slide, a tire swing or stairs for easy access. All you need is a strong tree to anchor the house.

tree house kids dark wood white accents

Examine the tree trunk

A strong, straight trunk is essential for a solid, safe tree house. You may want to start your search with the following tree species, which are traditionally perfect for tree houses:

  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Fir
  • Beech

Experts recommend choosing a trunk with a diameter of at least 20 cm. This is approximately the size of a standard cake pan. This diameter indicates that the tree has reached the right maturity to develop a deep root system. A thick trunk and deep roots mean the tree can tolerate strong winds. And make sure you choose a tree with a long lifespan. You don’t want your treehouse to outlast the tree.

cool tree house for kids stilts tree trunk stool hammock

Give the tree a health check

When examining trunks of potential trees, look for signs of disease. Your first clue is healthy tree bark. Next, be on the lookout for tree diseases such as fungal decay or rot.

Wood-destroying insects can also destroy the bark and parts of the wood core. If you identify infected or infested trees, have the tree cut down to prevent the problem from spreading to other trees.

design tree house for kids with slide modern

Check the size and distribution of the branches

After examining the tree trunk, look at the branches and twigs. The strongest branches are growing up from the trunk at almost exactly a 90 degree angle.

Sometimes there are much more branches on one side than on the other. The extra space on the side with fewer branches becomes the perfect spot for your treehouse.

If no trees seem to have the perfect distribution of branches for a treehouse, call an arborist. In many cases, they can trim excess branches to create enough space to build a tree house.

tree house children climbing wall ladder beige brown green

Prevent trouble with neighbors

Consider how close the tree is to the edge of your property and your neighbors’ homes. Decide how much privacy your tree house should have from these nearby homes. Even if you plan to have a treehouse that is only a few feet from the ground, your neighbors probably don’t want their children to have an uninterrupted view of their yard. At the same time, you should also consider whether the kids can enjoy a nice view while they play. Try to find a tree that will give kids some privacy so they can immerse themselves in another world while playing.

modern tree house for big kids build forest white seating area

Build the perfect tree house for kids

With the tips above, you should be able to find a sturdy tree on your property that is well suited for building a tree house. Choosing the right tree will ensure that your tree house will last for generations to come. Once you’ve selected your perfect tree, be sure to adjust the design accordingly. Browse through our image gallery and get inspired!

tree house playhouse with slide birch forest

cool tree house for kids with rust birch trees

Tree house children wooden shingles roof white mint green facade

tree house terrace safety railing branches copper plate

tree house for children in garden on stilts green gray facade

modern tree house children glass wall

modern tree house garden wooden ladder white facade red roof

small tree house black bird house

modern tree house children wood stair railing

wooden tree house with plastic slide green

wooden tree house on stilts with rocking chair

tree house build a children dream rope bridge

children tree house with swing ladder

children tree house with swing stilts round terrace

children playhouse tree house on stilts ladder

children playhouse tree house backyard saddle roof

small tree house for kids B tower

small tree house for children wood adirondach armchair

small tree house for kids plexiglass roof

small tree house wood on stilts pent roof

small tree house wood on stilts

small tree house wood tree flower box

small tree house wooden shingles facade colorfully painted

small tree house with swing english garden

small playhouse wood children forest

luxury tree house for kids design wooden shingles

luxury tree house for kids wood forest lighting

luxury tree house for children two levels

luxury tree house with swings climbing frame wood

tree house build a children dream porch spiral staircase

tree house for big children window

tree house for big kids white red

tree house for bigger children children dream ladder stilts

tree house for kids build construction

tree house for children in garden rope bridge observation tower

tree house for children with slide fairy lights facade

tree house children garden artificial grass wooden shingles ladder

tree house old tree garden

tree house old tree foundation door

tree house old wood floorboards old door

tree house on stilts wood terrace springtree house old wood climbing ladder

tree house children pirate ship wood

tree house build children terrace stable construction

tree house bridge sun rays romantic

tree house design view from below

tree house for bigger children terrace

tree house for children green facade and yellow railings

tree house large tree terrace folding chairs

tree house wood shutters terrace view

tree house wood for bigger children terrace railing

tree house wood children play autumn forest

tree house wood ladder branches

tree house with slide interesting shape

tree house wood corrugated roof

tree house in garden big tree climbing ladder children

tree house larch wood weatherproof view terrace

tree house with swing and climbing ladder

tree house with terrace beige facade yellow ladder steps

tree house modern two trees built

tree house tent roof fabric

tree house between two trees medium dark wood

tree houses different colors pallet wood

cool tree house cut tree foundation

tree house pirate swing play tower

cool tree house kids playground mini terrace

simple tree house colorful wooden planks

simple tree house forest children dream

wood tree house playground steel ropes

small tree house on stilts bridge

small tree house tree top lavender fields

small tree house dark wood lattice rope bridge

design tree house spiral staircase

design tree house modern on stilts

small tree house big tree overnight

small tree house wood terrace railing

small house wood tree wooden shingles facade

fun tree house on stilts asymmetrical

luxury tree house fairy tale with slide towers

tree house wood large forest ferns shade

luxury tree house forest solid wooden bridge

luxury tree house spiral wooden staircase

playhouse on stilts observation tower forest

playhouse tree house children with porch

playhouse tree house children safety railing

playhouse tree house staircase railing branches

playground children three trees

play tower children rope bridge between two trees

play tower luxury garden rope bridge

stilt house green facade wood corrugated sheets roof

stilt house wood night lighting

stilt house with slide playground children