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Tall grasses for tubs: these ornamental grasses are perfect for privacy!

Ornamental grasses have become an integral part of the garden and offer many opportunities for interesting garden design. Growing ornamental grasses in containers is a great way to showcase the grasses without fear of them spreading or overgrowing the garden. Furthermore, taller growing varieties are perfect as privacy screens for patios and balconies. In doing so, they not only protect you from prying eyes, but still shield you from street noise while creating a pleasant outdoor rustle. Here we name some of the best tall grasses for containers, which are perfect for a natural and inexpensive privacy screen in the garden.

Tall grasses for tubs: what to look for when choosing them

Design terrace with ornamental grasses in tubs

Tall grasses in tubs are usually used to screen or visually separate different areas in the garden or on the terrace. If the selected grass should perform a function of privacy screen, then you need to choose those species that grow quickly in height and form a dense growth. Some grasses grow broadly and are therefore less suitable for this purpose. So you need to pay attention to the mature width of the ornamental grass and its shape. After all, there is nothing worse than whispering foliage that tickles your nose when you drink in the evening. Fortunately, there are some grasses with a more vertical rather than spherical shape, meaning they grow upward without overhanging too much.

For these ornamental grasses to reach a sufficient height, they need sufficiently large containers and good care. Another tip: varieties that do not grow tall enough can simply be planted in taller containers.

Top 5 most beautiful tall grasses for tubs

Grasses as privacy screens tub plants for terrace bamboo

If you are looking for tall grasses for tubs, you should not disregard bamboo. Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is classified in the grass family. How to care for a bamboo in a tub and which varieties are suitable as a screen, you can read in this article .

Tall grasses for tubs riding grass with petunias as a planting partner

Here we have listed 5 more beautiful ornamental grass species that grow upright and are well suited as privacy screens for garden, terrace and balcony.

1. riding grass (Calamagrostis)

Keep tall ornamental grasses in tub as privacy screen for terrace

Riding grass is a popular ornamental grass species for the garden because it does not grow rampantly. It is also well suited for container planting and provides good privacy with its dense tall clumps. Riding grasses grow tightly upright and can reach a height of 180 cm. The container should have a minimum volume of 20 liters and have two-three drainage holes.

Location: sunny or partial shade
Substrate: mixture of sand, compost and garden soil.
Watering: regularly, so that the root ball does not dry out.
Height of growth: up to 180 cm
Suitable varieties: ‘Karl Foerster’.

Grasses for tubs as a screen Riding grass

2. Chinese reed (Miscanthus)

What ornamental grasses for tubs as privacy screens for terrace

One of the most beautiful grasses for containers is the Chinese reed. As a hedge, it offers a good alternative to bamboo, but the grass also thrives in tubs with proper care. These grasses form an effective but gentle privacy screen, and when the flower panicles appear in mid to late summer, the effect is magical. The appropriate container should be twice the size of the root ball, so at least 30 liters capacity.

Location: preferably sunny
Substrate: fresh, slightly moist soil, high-quality potting soil
Watering: water regularly
Height of growth: 150 to 180 cm
Suitable varieties: ‘Morning Light’, ‘Federweisser’, ‘Strictus’.

Chinese reed high varieties Strictus for tubs as a screen

3. pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana)

Pampas grass for tubs as privacy screen for terrace and garden

Popular in coastal cities for its salt tolerance, pampas grass can thrive in a variety of soils as long as it can spend plenty of time in warm sun. Pampas grass is a statuesque plant whose ornate feathery bush flowers are always eye-catching, appearing almost weightless as they bend and sway in the wind. Best of all, this trendy ornamental grass can easily be kept in a container. It represents a great variant for natural privacy protection of the terrace.

The suitable pot must have at least 40 liters of volume and proper drainage. In the tub pampas grass needs a little more care than in the garden, that is, fertilize regularly and water a lot during dry periods.

Location: sunny
Substrate: high-quality potting or plant soil
Watering: water regularly during dry periods in summer
Height of growth: 140 to 250 cm
Suitable varieties: ‘Rosa Feder’, ‘Evita’, ‘Sunningdale River’ (evergreen)

Tall grasses for tubs upright growing pampas grass

4. feather grass, giant feather grass (Stipa gigantea)

Feather grass in tub as privacy screen

Feather grass looks particularly good on the balcony or patio. It usually forms dense, rounded clumps, although some species, such as giant feather grass, also grow upright. Between July and September, the striking flower panicles appear in white, silvery or yellowish.

Habitat: full sun to off-sun
Substrate: sandy-dry, nutrient-poor soil, rich in lime
Watering: in containers water regularly
Height of growth: 150 to 200 cm
Suitable varieties: ‘Goldfontäne’.

Feather grass in tub with flowers

5. switchgrass (Panicum vigantum)

switchgrass Panicum Northwind in a tub as a screen

Switchgrass is an ornamental grass that combines filigree flowers with red or yellow colored foliage. Not only does it look very appealing, but it requires almost no care. The spike flowers adorn balconies and patios from July to September, and the upright, tapered blades of grass block the view.

Habitat: full sun
Substrate: well-drained, nutrient-rich soil, moderately dry to fresh
Watering: water thoroughly in the first year, less frequently thereafter
Height of growth: 170 to 200 cm
Suitable cultivars: ‘Northwind’, ‘Cloud Nine’, ‘Dallas Blues’

The most beautiful tall grasses for tubs switchgrass

Wintering ornamental grasses in tubs

Ornamental grass in the tub on the terrace

Grasses are perfect for privacy screens and transform gardens and terraces into a natural oasis. The only drawback is that grasses in containers are less hardy. If you have space in a protected room such as a greenhouse, garage or basement, you can simply put the containers inside for wintering. Therefore, it is worth placing the tubs on plant rollers to make them easier to move.