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Strawberry varieties for balcony and garden: these are the best and most aromatic varieties for bed and pot

All strawberry fans should start to think about whether they would like to plant and grow some themselves this year. Unfortunately, you do not have a garden? But this is absolutely no problem, because fortunately there are also wonderful varieties and methods to cultivate the popular fruits even on the balcony. We have compiled lists of the most popular strawberry varieties for balcony and garden, so that you do not have to think back and forth for a long time.

Strawberry varieties for balcony and garden

Strawberry varieties for balcony and garden - The best strawberries for amateur gardeners

You’re spoiled for choice: from extra hardy to ever-bearing to aromatic to sweet, larger to smaller. While some varieties are better suited for the garden than the balcony, there are also wonderful ones that thrive in pots. Feel free to try your hand or plant several strawberry varieties for both balcony and garden to find your favorite. If you are cultivating strawberries in a pot, go for large sizes as the roots need space for the plant to form large fruits. Which strawberry varieties are the best?

Strawberry plants for the garden bed

Strawberry varieties for balcony and garden - Polka, Sweetheart, Ostara and Thuriga

Strawberry varieties Ostara

Ostara are juicy and sweet strawberry varieties, whose fruits are characterized by an orange-red color. They also bear fruit regularly throughout the season and into the fall. The first fruits appear as early as June.

Polka strawberries

Those who value hardy strawberries can resort to Polka. These are also high-yielding strawberry varieties, which, unlike Ostara, is firmer to the bite. The fruits are large and have an intense aroma that will put any strawberry lover on cloud nine.

Strawberry varieties for balcony and garden - ever-bearing, early and late varieties

The Sweetheart variety

Vibrant red and juicy are the fruits of the Sweetheart variety, as the name actually suggests. If you love the unique aroma of wild strawberries, this variety is the perfect choice. For this reason, it can not be missing in our strawberry varieties overview. In order for this plant to thrive, it needs a humus-rich and well-drained soil, as it does not tolerate waterlogging. So it would also be a good variety if you are looking for strawberries for a raised bed, for example.

What varieties of strawberries to plant – Thuriga.

You can get late strawberry varieties with Thuriga, among others. You should expect the harvest only in late summer and it is also unique. So, if you are looking for everbearing strawberry varieties, Thuriga is not a suitable choice. In terms of bite, the fruits resemble these of the Polka variety – they are firm, and at the same time nice and big. A special feature is also the shine of the fruit.

Tub strawberries need a lot of space for the roots

Wild strawberries as ground cover

There are wild strawberries that will not only prove to be the perfect ground cover, but also reward you with delicious fruit. Such are, for example, the queen of the forest, as well as pink pearl, whose fruits are pale, but still aromatic. There are also delicious white varieties, such as Tubby White or Blanc Amélioré.

Strawberry varieties list – More varieties for the garden:

  • Symphony
  • Queen Louise for old strawberry varieties
  • Meadow strawberry
  • Raspberry-Strawberry
  • Strawberries Elvira
  • Strawberry varieties Malwina for a late harvest

What strawberry varieties for balcony?

Grow strawberries in a box or tub - Toscana, Rügen, White Baron Solemacher.

Best strawberry varieties for pot – Toscana

Toscana is one of the most popular strawberry plants for pot and tub, so it can be grown both on the balcony , and on the terrace. It impresses not only with aromatic fruits, but also with beautiful pink flowers. The first fruits appear already at the end of May, so you can choose this variety if you are keen on early strawberry varieties. You can then harvest regularly until the first frost.

Cultivate strawberries on the balcony with small varieties like Alexandria


Easy and low maintenance is always good, of course, so Ruegen is also a wonderful choice. It is perfect for all beginners, but of course, on experienced amateur gardeners. Although this strawberry plant is so easy to care for, it convinces with an intense aroma. Especially great is that this variety bears fruit until the end of November, and even from mid-June. So you can enjoy fresh strawberries even just before winter.

Strawberry varieties for balcony and garden - The white strawberry is aromatic and pretty at the same time

White Baron Solemacher

Usually strawberry varieties for balcony and garden, as you know, have a red color. But how about a special eye-catcher? Like the Sweetheart variety, the White Baron Solemacher variety has the taste typical of wild strawberries, but in an atypical white color.

Small strawberry variety as a potted plant for harvest until the end of November

Small variety for small balconies – Alexandria.

We did mention that potted strawberries need a large container to thrive. But if space on your balcony is limited after all, it’s best to opt for the Alexandria variety. Here you will learn how to grow strawberry plants in a simple tube.

Potted strawberries for balconies and terraces easy to care for

Other suitable varieties:

  • Cupido
  • Mara des Bois
  • Aromastar
  • Viva Pink
  • Pink Princess
  • Siskeep
  • Hummi
  • Climbing Toni
  • Evergreen strawberry Loran

Hanging strawberries like the climbing toni at a small outdoor area