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Stacking firewood: follow these rules so that the wood can dry + ideas for decorative storage.

It’s time to prepare for winter and get the firewood. Or maybe you’ve already done that and now you’re standing in front of that pile of wood and you don’t really know how to properly arrange and store it? Today we would like to explain how to stack firewood and even in a decorative way. After all, in order for everything to stand stably and for the wood to dry as well, thanks to good ventilation, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The right firewood storage

Stacking firewood - with these tips you do it right

Whether it’s against a house wall, a privacy screen, or freestanding in the garden, there are so many ways you can stack firewood properly. And here, not only the layering plays an important role, but also the location along with the subsoil. Ventilation between the logs not only helps the wood dry, but also prevents them from weathering in the event of moisture. Logs are only ripe for burning after one to three years, because if it is too damp, it will not heat effectively (which would be a waste), but it will also produce additional harmful gases and excessive soot that will pollute the fireplace. It is also important to protect the wood from rain and snow. So, how do you go about it?

Where should you stack the firewood?

Stacking firewood outside - leave a distance from the wall for good air circulation

Fresh air is optimal for the wood to dry properly. If the location is south-facing to boot, all the better. However, all other cardinal points are also suitable, as long as you provide there for additional protection from wind and rain. Under no circumstances should you store firewood in the cellar. There it is not only usually damp, but also the air circulation is far from optimal.

Protect the stacked firewood from rain and snow with a tarp or other material

If you choose a wall of the house, where you stack the firewood, remember that from it should be a distance of five to ten centimeters, so that the air can also get behind the firewood stack. Whether against a wall or standing freely in the garden, a tarp or small canopy that protects against wind and weather should not be missing.

Pay attention to the subsoil

Stacking firewood with good ventilation to allow the wood to dry

Remember that even the lowest layer of wood must be protected from moisture to prevent mold. Therefore, the substrate is of great importance. For this purpose, you can lay wooden boards or use a pallet. In this way, the wood will not rest on the damp ground, but will even be raised enough to be ventilated from below as well.

Stacking firewood – Now it’s time for layering

So when you finally stack the firewood, what to consider?

  • Start with a framework that you build from the logs. Lay them lengthwise next to each other on the selected surface. The next layer should then run across the first.
  • The correct dimensions will prevent the stack from collapsing and guarantee better drying. Here you should remember that they should prefer a wide pile to a high one. The reason for this is once that this stands more stable than a narrow and high. Furthermore, the moisture is released downwards. So if the layers go more up, it will also take longer to dry. Nevertheless, the stack of firewood should not exceed four meters, and if it becomes quite long, the sides are necessarily supported.
  • A small space between each log also helps to improve ventilation. So when you stack the firewood, be sure to avoid placing the logs too close together.

Stacking firewood freestanding in the garden in a circular shape

Tip: It is always best to bring logs into the house in advance. This stock then has a few hours to warm up and is easier to light and burn than the cold.

Store firewood decoratively indoors and outdoors

Store firewood decoratively with motifs from the logs and sticks

Even though firewood has a specific purpose, that doesn’t mean it can’t be displayed in a pretty way and used for decoration. And that works equally well indoors and out. Whether you set up a shelf with an interesting shape outside and stack the logs in it, create motifs with the wood itself, or decorate a wall indoors with a special firewood pile holder – the firewood will exude a special atmosphere that will be pleasant not only in winter.

Below we have a few ideas for you, how you could stack firewood decoratively with and without firewood rack.

Modern firewood storage in a circular shelf made of corten steel

Stacking firewood on the wall of the house or freestanding

Stacking firewood in a decorative way outside

Stacking firewood as a privacy screen on the terrace or porch

Stacking firewood as a privacy screen on a patio or porch

Stacking firewood – ideas with built-in shelves and niches.

Built-in shelves on the wall to the side of the fireplace for the wood

Do not layer the logs too densely

Stack firewood on a dry and elevated surface

Cool idea with fairy lights in a wall niche

Simple but beautiful with fairy lights in a wall niche

Stack firewood in motif shelves made of corten steel

Stacking firewood decoratively in special motif shelves

Modern shelf in round shape with compartments for sorting

Sorting wood in the living room - corten steel shelf with logs and sticks

Store firewood under the fireplace

Stacking firewood underneath the fireplace in the living room