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Sprout hyacinths in a jar: With this trick you will make the bulbous flower bloom for Christmas

Their fragrance and delicate flowers enchant many an amateur gardener. If you, too, can not wait for spring to admire the hyacinths in the pot or in the flower bed, then this article is just for you. After all, with a simple trick, you can sprout the beautiful spring flower even in winter. We explain how you can grow hyacinths in a jar in advance.

Hyacinths in a jar: What is there to consider?

Hyacinths as winter decoration care tips

Hyacinths are among the most beautiful bulb flowers. And like the other bulb flowers, they can be floated on water. In the garden centers, you can also find a special hyacinth glass, which will facilitate the process of pre-growing. With proper care, the flowers will take root, form flowers and open them in just a few weeks. By Christmas or right after Christmas, you will have beautiful houseplants that will add a fresh touch to the rest of your winter decorations.

Hyacinth glass place and propel tips

Like other potted plants, hyacinths can now be found in garden centers all year round. Accordingly, the bulbs can be advanced not only in the spring, but also in the winter. Not only the end result is fascinating. It is just as much fun to watch the process day after day. Especially for families with young children, the process is very beneficial, because you can notice the progress with them every day.

If you want to pre-grow hyacinths in a jar, then be sure to mention this at the garden center when you buy them. They have specially treated bulbs that form roots faster. These bulbs are called “prepared.”

Hyacinth sprouting: Phase 1. root formation.

At home, you can then pour water into a pot and bring it to a boil. Then let the water boil over medium heat for about 15 minutes and then remove the pot from the heat. Allow the water to cool. Then divide the water among the hyacinth jars and place the onions in the jars. You will notice that the jars have a specific shape. At the bottom they are almost round, then you have a narrow neck and then end with a small bowl. This is because the onions are directly over the water, but in any case should not be in contact with it. If the onions are partially or completely in the water, then they will quickly rot.

Hyacinths in glass put in the refrigerator

You can, of course, convert other jars that you have at home. The important thing here is to place the onions so that they do not touch the water.

Now you should find the right place for the first phase of pre-sprouting. In order for the flowers to take root, it is important that they are placed in a cool and dark place. Perfectly suitable is an old refrigerator (but still working) or a dark basement or garage without windows. Optimally, the room temperature should be between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. Do not put the jar directly on the floor, but on a coaster made of cork.

Phase 2 – put the pre-sprouted bulbs in a bright place.

Hyacinths in glass drift at the window

Then it is called – wait and see. After the bulbs form their root system and sprout, you can put them in an off-sun, but bright location. Make sure they don’t get direct sunlight at first. Plan for a short acclimation period of several days. During this period, you can form cones from newspaper and place them on the shoots and bulbs. If the shoots grow taller than 7 cm, then you can remove the cones. The room temperature during this period should not exceed 10 degrees Celsius.

Hyacinths in glass: phase 3. flower formation.

The third phase refers to the formation of flowers. The hyacinths already have roots and tall shoots. All that remains now is for them to form flowers and for them to open. You can help with this and speed up the process by placing the flowers in an unheated room, at least overnight.

Hyacinths sprout in a pot: Is it possible?

By the way, hyacinths can also be sprouted in a pot. In this case, you need to fill the container with fresh growing soil and dig a hole in the middle. Then put the bulb in the hole and cover it with the substrate. Then water the soil well and put the pot in an unheated room or in a winter garden. You do not need to put the hyacinths in the dark, because the bulbs are covered with soil. After the flowers sprout, you should protect the shoots from strong sunlight for a few days. Then place them out of the sun.

Winter hyacinths or plant them out in the garden?

Christmas decoration with hyacinths with moss and balls in tray

After flowering, you can easily plant out the hyacinths in the garden. The bulbs can withstand sub-zero temperatures and will not freeze. However, the above-ground parts of the plant need frost protection. Either wrap them with fleece or plant them under a tall wintergreen plant, protected from the wind.