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Privacy screen made from wine bottles: An original upcycling idea for those old glass bottles.

Upcycling in the garden is really fun! When something new and beautiful is created from old, seemingly useless objects, not only the eye is pleased, but also the environment. So you can build an inexpensive garden path from old wood or turn the old doors into an original privacy screen. When it comes to privacy, there is also another great idea to use recycled material in the garden. A privacy screen made of wine bottles looks really cool and can effectively protect from strangers’ eyes. Read on to find out what you need for this exciting upcycling project!

New life for old bottles

DIY screen from wine bottles on the pergola

There are so many great things you can make from empty glass bottles in the garden. From bed borders to wind chimes to an atmospheric decoration, there really are no limits to your imagination. Glass is a material that does not change over many years and retains its own charm. It comes in different shapes and colors and looks very decorative. So the old glass bottles are much too good to throw away. Instead, you can reuse the bottles and give them new life in the garden.

Decorative and inexpensive privacy screen made of glass bottles

Cheap privacy screen from glass bottles DIY

If the talk is about privacy screens for the garden or patio, then you can really save by upcycling old items. One of the most beautiful and creative ideas is the privacy screen made of wine bottles. These glass bottles have a slim shape and can be found in different colors. They can be arranged to create a colorful wall that conjures up exciting lighting effects when the sun shines. And the best part is that the whole project doesn’t cost much at all, as long as you have enough bottles.

Build privacy screens from wine bottles: Here’s how!

Build privacy screen yourself from glass bottles and wooden posts

You don’t need much to make a DIY privacy screen out of wine bottles, but it does require some craftsmanship. The principle behind the upcycling project is pretty simple: first, the bottoms of the bottles are drilled through and then pushed onto iron rods. The rods are thereby mounted on a wooden frame to be able to stand stably. The closer the rods are to each other, the better the view is blocked.

Are you planning to build a similar privacy screen from wine bottles yourself? What you need to pay attention to, we answer below.

How many bottles are needed?

DIY privacy screen for patio idea from colorful bottles

This question can not be answered unequivocally, because the exact number depends on the project. On a 3-meter high bar will fit about 7 bottles of wine, leaving the ends free to install the bar in the wooden frame. So for a lower privacy wall, you need fewer bottles per rod. The height of the wine bottles varies, but is usually between 300 and 375 mm. In order for you to calculate the exact number of bottles needed, you still need to determine the width of the privacy screen. This will also help you determine how many iron bars are needed.

Remove bottle labels

Remove labels from wine bottles

Before sliding the bottles onto the bars, it would be recommended to remove the labels. Simply scrub each bottle with hot water and dish soap to remove the label and adhesive. To make several bottles label-free at once, place them in a hot water bath with dishwashing liquid. If this method doesn’t quite work, try nail polish remover.

upcycling idea for empty glass bottles privacy screen

For nicer, expensive wine bottles, you may not want to remove the label, but keep in mind that some of this will happen sooner or later due to the weather. The result is sometimes torn labels that are anything but pretty.

Drilling glass bottles: Here’s what to look out for

Drill through glass bottle how to do it

The next thing you need to do to build a privacy screen from wine bottles on iron bars is to drill through the bottles. To do this, you will need a special drill bit for drilling glass. For example, you can use a carbide drill bit, but the diamond drill bit is even better.

While you are drilling through a bottle, it must be stable. Place it upside down in a bag of grit or sand, for example, and then drill through the center of the bottom with the diamond drill. Wear gloves and safety glasses as a safeguard while doing this.

Important: When drilling glass, do not use the full power of the drill to avoid breaking the glass. Try to remove the glass slowly instead of drilling into it quickly.

Privacy screen from wine bottles without drilling: These alternatives are available

Privacy screen from bottles without drilling fasten with wire

Drilling glass bottles is not for everyone. Those who can not or do not want to handle the drill, can turn to another method of fixing the bottles. Now we would like to discuss two possible variants.

In the first, the wine bottles are tied to the bars instead of being stuck on them. Wire is used for this purpose. The bottles are arranged between the sticks, with the lowest bottle sitting on the wooden frame. You then wrap the bottle with the wire around the iron rod and continue until all the glass bottles are tied down. When the rods pop out of the wooden frame, you can stick a bottle upside down (through the neck) on top to hide the rods.

DIY cheap privacy screen made of wood and empty glass bottles

The second option does not go completely without drilling, but in this case you drill wood instead of glass, which is much easier. For this project you will need a Forstner bit or a hole saw and some wooden strips. The holes you drill in the wood need to be large enough to fit the necks of the bottles.

Install wooden frame in the floor

Wooden frame into the ground concreting

What can you do to make the glass bottle privacy screen sturdy? The options are two – either build into the ground or build supports. We will now explain how to install the privacy screen into the ground with concrete.

To set up the frame, dig a hole and insert the post of the wooden frame so that the beginning of the housing connection is slightly above the ground. Fill the hole with a few gallons of water. Pour in a quick-setting concrete mix. Then tap the concrete mix with a piece of wood. Use a level to make sure the post is level. Fill in the rest of the hole with soil and tap it in place around the post with a piece of wood.

Assemble the privacy wall

Screen pool area with privacy screen made from wine bottles

With the wooden frame already upright, insert the iron rods into the pre-drilled holes. Then slide the drilled bottles onto the rods in any order – some upright, some upside down, or however you like. You can create any pattern you like from the different colors as you do this. Finally, install the top part of the wooden frame and the wine bottle privacy screen is ready.

Cool garden ideas with a privacy screen made of wine bottles

Glass bottles upcycling decorative fence

The privacy screen made of glass bottles is not only a practical addition to the garden, but also enhances it perfectly. The colored bottles absorb sunlight and create beautiful color effects. Here are some great ideas for garden design with a privacy screen made from old bottles.

Screen the terrace

Privacy screen for terrace from recycled material wine bottles

Nobody wants strangers looking at the terrace. With a beautiful and original privacy screen, you can both protect your privacy and spruce up the outdoor area. In the example above, the bars with glass bottles are mounted directly on the pergola – a simple and truly original idea.

Add colorful accents to the garden

Build screen yourself from wood and glass bottles

You can also build a small screen from old wine bottles. In this project, no iron bars were used. Instead, the bottles were glued together to create a completely dense privacy screen.

Hide unsightly areas in the garden

Hide unsightly areas in garden with privacy screen from glass bottles

A privacy screen isn’t just necessary for patios and balconies. If there are areas in the garden that you would rather hide, such a privacy screen made of recycled material can do a good job. Behind it can hide a greenhouse, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner or the garbage can .

Build a screen wall for the gazebo

Gazebo with privacy screen from wine bottles

Relaxing in the summer in the gazebo, everyone likes. Arbors usually do not have walls and are often exposed to the prying eyes of neighbors. With a privacy screen made of colored wine bottles, you can shield the area and at the same time give the arbor a decorative look. With such a privacy screen, the view will be blocked without sacrificing the supply of fresh air.

Cheap garden fence made of wine bottles

Wine bottles fence self build tips

You want to fence an area in the garden, such as the pool? If so, you don’t necessarily have to go for the classic wooden fence. Instead, build a colorful privacy fence out of colored glass bottles, adding a nice accent to the outdoor area.

Tip: If you want to build a colorful fence out of glass bottles but can’t find any colorful bottles, you can simply paint them yourself. Glass paints are best for this purpose.