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Privacy screen cheap build yourself from old things – DIY environmentally friendly solutions for more privacy

If you want more privacy indoors or outdoors, you can build sustainable privacy screens yourself cheaply with upcycling. Indeed, privacy screens made from old items are a great way to make your garden patio or even your house windows more private. Maybe it’s about seeing your neighbors less often, or the noise you want to block out. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that there are many solutions for such a DIY project. Here are some examples and ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

How to creatively build a privacy screen cheap yourself

rustic design of small garden terrace in the courtyard with woven garden furniture and privacy screen

When considering what type of privacy screen you need for the area in question, you should take into account how high and wide it needs to be and whether it should be permanent or removable. Do you need more of a wall type or may it be more of a fence or grid that allows light to pass through? Perhaps you want a living wall of plants instead, which can be a trellis or lattice with climbing plants or a natural screen of shrubs or vines. Also keep in mind that permanent structures will likely require the use of an excavator and immersion in concrete.

rustic looking shed and outbuilding with wooden windows built in beautiful garden area

If you have unusable old stuff stored in your shed, these offer some great solutions and ideas that you can use to build a privacy screen yourself on the cheap. Many recycled items can be adapted for your outdoor spaces or living areas in a sustainable way.

diy screen in white from recycled wooden boards in combination with garden furniture and plants

While you’re working on making your outdoor space more enjoyable, why not make it so you can be outside in colder weather? Some of these privacy screens can also be used to hide anything unsightly in your yard, like trash cans, recycling garbage cans, an air conditioner, or even areas of your yard that you just don’t love.

Create a privacy wall out of old boards and flower pots.

recycle old wooden boards and create a privacy wall with decoration of flower pots and plants

Privacy helps make a space feel much more relaxing. Fortunately, building your own outdoor privacy wall doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. If you want to update your entire screened garden patio on the cheap, you can make the most of a DIY privacy wall with plants yourself. The beautiful wood adds warmth, while flowers or plants and the matching design can give the space a great vacation vibe. For example, also use curtain rods and white curtains to make such a boho style backyard or garden idea.

Build your own privacy screen cheaply from old slatted frames

upcycling old laths by painting as a privacy screen cheap build yourself and combine with furniture

Building your own privacy screen is a great way to utilize wood scraps or even old slatted frames. In addition, privacy screens are the ultimate DIY project for the garden to create a hidden area. Aside from nails and a hammer, the quirky but functional partition can be made solely from old slatted frames or wooden pallets. To brighten up a boring yard, you can give it a touch of light or dark color.

DIY solutions for patios with home textiles

low positioning of seating from old home textiles as a privacy screen cheap build yourself

If you need privacy from above in an enclosed space, such as a patio garden terrace, choosing low seating is not only cozy, but also an easy way to feel more comfortable in front of spectators. For this purpose, old cushions and other home textiles can be recycled and designed according to your personal taste. Further divert attention and increase the decorative factor by draping garden lights and other accessories over the opening to stylishly block the view from outside.

Old bed sheet as a privacy screen and outdoor movie screen.

cozy garden with canvas from old bed sheets for outdoor cinema

If you have a projector or are looking to invest in one, it can also be used to create outdoor privacy. Set up the projector and use old bed sheet so big screen in your garden. This will allow you to have a cinema experience that not only looks good, but also feels exclusive. Hang your screen in a spot where you want to block the view, grab your favorite outdoor rug, lots of pillows, as much popcorn as you can eat and voila, you have the perfect setup to enjoy in a close circle.

Planting an old trellis as a privacy screen is cheap to build yourself

old trellis green and build in your own garden a diy privacy screen cheap yourself

Are you on a budget or don’t want to go through the trouble of installing new structures? Then you could greatly increase the privacy of your garden by planting greenery on an existing and unsightly trellis. Also, remember that your garden screening doesn’t have to be solid, just a distraction to onlookers’ eyes and enough to make you feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings. Therefore, a trellis reinforced with vines is ideal. For example, choose vigorous climbers like honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis, and you could have a lush green wall by next summer. The beautiful fragrance these plants bring to your garden is a bonus.

Create a living privacy wall yourself

planting a wooden fence and living wall in the garden area for more privacy outdoors

Maximize height with planted fencing as a privacy screen in your garden or backyard. Growing a living wall is not only a great idea for a garden screen, but it also gives you the opportunity to beautify ugly looking fences. The more expensive option would be woven trees that form on a rectangular frame on clear trunks. They look great if you extend the height of your border. There are different sizes of braided trees, depending on the type of tree you want, but this would cost more, even before the cost of planting. So be prepared to spend a little more if you choose this option.

Old wooden gate as a privacy screen for house windows in the interior.

recycled old gates as cover and privacy screen cheap do it yourself for house windows indoors

Sturdy old gates worked really well as they let in a lot of light when closed and can provide privacy at the same time. You can also use them to make your living space look rustic and unique by repurposing them as privacy screens. Such an indoor DIY project will give your home a real farmhouse or cottage feel. It is the perfect alternative to curtains and gives you a lot of privacy. This makes it a great choice for front windows. The privacy screen looks just like old gates, but you can paint them to your taste. For example, a DIY barn door could also give the same feeling.