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Plants for the kitchen: with the help of these plants you create a fantastic oasis in which to cook

Plants in the kitchen are an easy way to add personality to the room. Plus, cooking in a vibrant, colorful kitchen is just more fun and less of a chore. The kitchen is one of the most popular places in the house, so it deserves to be beautified with a little nature. Try to find space for some low-maintenance houseplants that will thrive in the kitchen. We’ll show you which plants are suitable for the kitchen and how you can make a fantastic oasis.

What plants for the kitchen?

Plants for the kitchen - herbs, climbing plants and hanging plants.

There are certain plants that can handle different light conditions , humidity, temperature fluctuations and much more. Some are hanging houseplants that you can place above your cabinets, as well as others like herbs that can be placed on your windowsill. If you’re looking for kitchen plants, these are a good place to start.

Herbs at the kitchen window

Aromatic fresh herbs on the windowsill

Herbs like basil, rosemary, mint, sage, parsley, and oregano are obvious choices for kitchen plants since you can also use them in cooking. They’re easy to grow indoors and taste great, too. Grow your favorite herbs right on your kitchen windowsill. The aromatic plants will get the sun they need, and you’ll have fresh ingredients close at hand.

Herbs come in many different types, but they are usually small to medium sized plants. Each herb requires a different level of care, but most do well with bright, indirect light and moderate watering.

Aloe vera – the perfect succulent.

Aloe vera as a popular kitchen plant

Aloe vera looks pretty, and the plant’s healing properties are also ideal if you accidentally burn yourself while cooking. Simply break off a stem and use the gel to heal the burn. This hardy succulent is a great plant for the kitchen because it doesn’t need direct sunlight and only needs a good watering every three weeks or so. Aloe vera has long, green leaves with serrated edges and is fairly easy to propagate if needed.

Beautiful peace lily

Peace lily fits perfectly as a plant at the kitchen window

Peace lily is the perfect kitchen helper. It has shiny green leaves with white flowers and helps to purify the air. The plant is a pretty kitchen plant because of its flowers. Peace lilies do best in low light and tolerate a lack of water better than overwatering. It’s best to keep the houseplant by an east-facing window so it can be in a bright, well-lit area without being exposed to direct afternoon sun. You should note, however, that peace lilies are not pet-friendly. If you have a dog or cat, it’s best to avoid them.

Plants for the kitchen – low-maintenance ivy.

Easy care ivy planting in the kitchen

If you’re looking for a practically indestructible climbing plant to add to your kitchen, the ever-reliable ivy is the best choice. This houseplant has long green tendrils with heart-shaped leaves. It is eye-catching and easy to care for, which makes it one of the ideal plants for the kitchen. The plant does not need much sunlight and can survive in soil as well as in water only. Ivy can tolerate different levels of light and humidity and will show you if it is neglected or over watered, and will recover immediately if you take care of it.

Wonderful dot flower (Hypoestes phyllostachya).

Plants for the kitchen - beautiful dot flower

A dot flower with its brightly speckled leaves in pinks or flecks of red is a pretty addition to bright windowsills and kitchen windows. Unfortunately, this houseplant is not very long-lived and only looks good for about 2 years. However, with its colorful leaves, the dotted flower makes a gorgeous kitchen accent. It thrives best in partial shade with bright, indirect sunlight. The soil should not dry out, as these kitchen plants always prefer a little moisture. They also like a moist environment, which you can achieve by spraying.

Calamondin orange as one of the plants for the kitchen.

Calamondin orange - robust tree suitable for the kitchen

Bring a calamondin orange tree into the kitchen to add a touch of color and fragrance. This hardy tree does best in the sun, but can also grow in shadier locations. The tree is usually small and bushy. If you want to eat its fruit, you’ll need to be patient – it can take up to a year for an orange to ripen.

Popular African violet

Colorful kitchen plants - African violet

This is a very popular houseplant with rounded, green leaves and colorful flowers . If your kitchen needs bright colors, African violets are just the ticket. Houseplants like these offer a little more than just greenery, and they are not toxic to pets. You should note, however, that these plants are a little sensitive when it comes to water. Their soil should never be dry, but overwatering can also be harmful. Their leaves should not come in contact with water, as this can cause discoloration. African violets also like a lot of light.

Beautiful hanging plant – green lily

Beautiful plants for the kitchen - green lily

There’s a reason why green lily is one of the most common long-leaved houseplants: it’s easy to care for and not picky about its growing conditions. This hanging plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight, but can survive in shady or sunny places and only needs watering once a week. The green lily is perfect for a shelf or hanging basket. Hang them or place them on top cabinets to save precious countertop space.

Fresh lavender

Popular kitchen plants - lavender

Lavender actually repels bugs such as flies, mosquitoes and moths. This means that growing fresh lavender not only looks pretty and smells good, but also keeps bugs at bay.