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Plants for the front garden: Beautiful ideas on how to plant the outdoor area in front of your house

Front yard planting ideas make a big impact on the exterior of your home. After all, your front yard is the most seen part of the house. It greets your visitors before they even reach the door, and sets the tone for the entire home. With such an important function, it’s crucial that your planting ideas are perfect. You can also take inspiration from your garden to connect the two outdoor spaces. In our article, you will find wonderful tips on what plants can be used for the front garden.

Make a plan

Exterior beautifully planted

It is important to take into account how much sun, shade, snow, rain and wind in the front garden. For example, a tree is no longer beautiful if the roof drops a heavy snow load and breaks all the branches. Likewise, it’s sad when you’ve waited all spring for the cherry blossoms to bloom and the beautiful petals are blown away by the wind on the first day. In contrast, perennials can handle a snow load and quickly grow back the next spring. Some even love the extra moisture.

Front garden design - flowers, perennials and shrubs

It’s important to choose plantings that fit your growing zone, climate, conditions and sun, or shade, aspects of your front door to improve the success of your decision to create an appealing facade.

Colorful flowers and perennials as plants for the front garden.

Verbena, silverroot and many others.

Plants for the front garden - flowers and perennials

Flowers are a must for the design of an outdoor area . They bring life and color to a space that can sometimes feel cold and functional. When you add front yard flower beds to your property, you transform your space into a blooming oasis. Using groups of different types of plants will help keep the landscape from feeling too cluttered. Planting flowers is one of the easiest ideas you can incorporate into your front yard design. When you add some of the best blooming flowers that attract bees, you also improve the environmental sustainability of your property.

Best flowers for front garden design - purple coneflower

For example, you can choose the following flowers and perennials as plants for the front garden: silverroot, which blooms white in the spring, verbena, purple coneflower or a low variety of magnificent candle. The blue monkshood also presents itself in an upright manner.

Blue monkshood as a flower for the front garden

Daylily – A long-flowering perennial

Daylily - long flowering perennial for a low maintenance garden.

Daylily is a long-flowering perennial, that’s why it’s a must for a low-maintenance garden . Once established, these showy flowering plants are incredibly beautiful in bloom. On the other hand, their long, arching foliage looks great, too. For plant lovers, there are a variety of flower colors and shapes.

The best shrubs for your front garden

The queen of shrubs – hydrangea.

The queen of shrubs - hydrangea

This queen of shrubs has many varieties. Hydrangeas are another fantastic way to add a splash of color to the front of your home. Their showy pink, green, blue, purple or even white flowers bloom in late summer or early fall. It’s interesting to consider that the sterile flowers of hydrangeas last an extremely long time, make excellent dried flowers, and even change color during their lifetime. Their height and width are from 120 to 150 cm. Hydrangeas like rich, moist, well-drained soil and partial shade. They can tolerate full sun if kept evenly moist.

Plants for the front garden – classic rose

Classic rose as one of the plants for front garden

This classic shrub can be found in many different shapes and sizes. Roses come in almost every color, from pink or red, to yellow and orange, to white, blue or purple. Just choose your favorite colors and plant your outdoor area with the beautiful shrub. You can also find the roses in different heights. They come as dwarf forms, or as larger shrubs and climbers. The rose is hardy, with long-lasting, fragrant flowers . You can also choose roses as hedges, which is a good option. They grow 120-240 cm tall, like moist, acidic, neutral or alkaline soil and sun to partial shade.

Do not forget about trees in the front garden

Fan maple as one of the most beautiful plants for the front garden.

Fan maple is an option for your front yard

A much taller variety is the fan maple, which you can find either as a shrub or a small tree. Some of the trees reach 5 to 12 meters, that’s why you need to make sure they have plenty of space and are not too close to the house. They are stunning in the fall when the leaves turn from green to a bright red. This deciduous tree does best in full sun and has deeply incised leaves in purple, pink, red and green color varieties. It likes moist, neutral to acidic soil.

Evergreen magnolia

Evergreen magnolia as one of the beautiful plants for the front garden

Magnolia is one of the deciduous or evergreen trees. It has large, fragrant, star- or globe-shaped flowers in spring. The small tree species are compact and grow up to 5 m tall, while the large ones can grow up to 26 m tall. This beautiful plant likes fertile, well-drained, slightly acidic soil and sun to partial shade.

Popular plants for the front garden: boxwood

Boxwood as a popular tree for planting in the front garden

Boxwood is the entry-level plant for formal garden design. It is easy to shape and is a small, evergreen deciduous tree with smooth, light green leaves. This tree can grow 90 to 150 inches tall. It likes full to partial sun and well-drained soil. Too much sun can burn the leaves, but too much shade can cause the plant to become spindly.