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Planting patio & balcony: Prepare outdoor areas for spring with these flowers

We have already explained that you should have already started preparing for the new gardening season. But in addition to the vegetable plants, which are already pulled in January and February, the pruning of trees and shrubs and digging the beds, there are still two outdoor areas, which you should already pay attention to in March at the latest: Balcony and terrace. It won’t be long now until the plants and flowers can be brought back outside from their winter quarters, the empty flower boxes should be planted and you will also enjoy the sun there again more often. So time to make the first preparations! What flowers can you plant in March on the balcony or terrace? We have compiled a few plants for terrace and balcony with tips for sowing and growing. Roll up your sleeves and end the hibernation of your beloved outdoor spaces by planting your patio and balcony!

Planting terrace and balcony with geraniums

Planting terrace and balcony with homegrown geraniums

Geraniums (Pelargonium) are best overwintered in a cool winter quarters, because the next year you can wonderfully continue to cultivate them, instead of spending money on new plants. And this task is so simple that even beginners in gardening will not have any problems with it. Already in February, geraniums can and should be cut back. You also use this task right away to take care of the plants: remove dead plant parts and check the plant for diseased shoots, stems and leaves, which you also remove. When pruning, proceed as follows:

Pelargonium overwinter and propagate yourself for terrace planting

  • Remove the plant from the container.
  • Cut back boldly and severely.
  • Each stem that you leave on the plant should have 4 buds.
  • Thin shoots that the plant has formed during the winter, remove them completely. These so-called horny shoots will only take up valuable space that the new shoots need, and probably wouldn’t bloom anyway.
  • Plant them in fresh soil and place them in a bright, warm spot.

From when to plant the balcony with the geraniums?

Only after the Ice Saints, when there is no longer a danger of frost, you should design balcony and / or terrace with the flowers .

Decorate balcony and terrace with elfin spur

Create balconies or terraces with elf spur from seed

Easy to care for and beautiful at the same time, the elfin spur (Diascia) is perfect for amateur gardeners who are just starting out. Instead of buying the plant in the garden center, you can sow it yourself in a cheaper way. From February to March is the best period for this. Put the seeds directly on the fresh soil of the pot, in which you also want to put the plant outside later. The flower looks wonderful not only in the box, but also in tubs and hanging baskets . Then from June and until October you can enjoy the gorgeous flowers.

Planting black-eyed Susanne for the balcony in March.

Thunbergia alata with yellow flowers for climbing splendor outdoors

Get the seeds of black-eyed Susanne (Thunbergia alata) and sow this pretty flower best right away, because the ideal period is from February to April. However, sow the yellow radiant plant indoors in the warm and bright windowsill . In order for the seeds to germinate (usually after only 10 to 15 days), you should ensure a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees and that the substrate remains moist.

Planting balcony - black-eyed Susanne is a climbing plant for tubs on the terrace.

After four weeks, the young plants are separated so that they do not compete with each other and each plant has enough space. They are also climbing plants , so each shoot should be given a thin rod to climb up. From mid-May, the plant can go outside to a sunny and warm place. You can encourage flowering by immediately removing any flowers that have faded. The soil should be moderately moist, the flower does not like waterlogging.

Planting glory crown on terrace

Gloriosa rothschildiana prepare for spring with interesting flowers

You want potted plants on the balcony and terrace that are a little more unusual? Then replace or combine the classics with this beauty: glory crown (Gloriosa rothschildiana). The plant is cultivated by means of its rhizomes, which should be placed in soil as early as February in order to sprout in time. If you missed February, do it as soon as possible. Then, for sprouting rhizome needs a bright and warm place (around 22 degrees) and moderately moist soil. Since usually the windowsill is chosen for this purpose, and there is usually also a radiator, you should spray the soil with water every 2 to 3 days if the heating air is dry.

Planting with glory crown balcony or terrace - rhizome

Per rhizome is expected one plant, which also needs a climbing support. Then find it a semi-shaded location, as direct sun would harm it. After late summer, it will need winter quarters with temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees.

From when to plant balcony in the spring – dahlias for window boxes, pots and tubs.

Planting balcony and terrace with dahlias in tubs

You can plant with dahlias both the balcony, and the terrace (with small to medium-sized varieties), if you do not have a garden or these pretty flowers are not enough for you there – the perfect flowers for balcony from March. The tubers you can overwinter, sprout in a warm greenhouse or conservatory. A bright room is also suitable. Temperatures should be between 15 and 20 degrees, which should allow the first shoots to appear after about 6 weeks. You then care for these shoots as follows:

Dahlias for lush balcony planting

  • Cut off long shoots below any pair of leaves.
  • Remove all the leaves underneath, otherwise they will rot in the soil and could make the plant sick.
  • Plant the cutting in growing soil ( gladly homemade ). Cover the lower pair of leaf buds with soil.
  • Water the soil so that it becomes well moist. After that, water only through the saucer.
  • To prevent the upper layer of soil from drying out, you can place or put foil over the pot in the initial phase.
  • Place the pot on a bright windowsill. After two weeks, the first roots will form. After the Ice Saints, the plants may go outside.

Caution. Dahlias have a high water requirement, which even increases in pots, because the soil dries out even faster there. Twice a day you need to water in the summer.

Planting terrace and balcony - tips for cultivation of dahlias in pots