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Planting fir tree outdoors after the holidays: when and how to do it right? Follow tips!

The Christmas tree is an essential part of the festive magic that takes over our cities, homes and hearts as we approach one of the holiest Christian holidays – Christmas. It is a symbol of goodness, life and faith, and a decorated Christmas tree conveys a sense of coziness and family. The joy of enjoying a live fir tree indoors and then preserving and growing it is a great pleasure, the secrets of which will be revealed in this article! Using our tips, you will learn how to plant your fir tree outdoors!

The legend of the Christmas tree

If we go back in time, we find legends about the origin of the Christmas fir tree

According to one of the most widespread legends, the modern tradition of decorating Christmas trees originated in Estonia in 1441. In the square in front of the town hall in the capital Tallinn, majestically rose a beautifully decorated fir tree. The purpose was to gather young girls and boys to dance together and discover love. The Christmas tree made its way into households in the 17th century. For all Christians, it represents the birth of Christ and eternal faith in Him.

Care for the living Christmas tree indoors.

You can plant and care for a fir tree indoors

The most important task when growing your Christmas tree at home is to keep the substrate moist. Water when the soil dries out, and do not let it dry out permanently – once it dries out, the tree cannot recover. Usually water every 3-4 days. Do not allow it to thrive in permanently wet soil, as this will cause root rot. To reduce needle fall, occasionally spray the branches with clean water, being careful not to interfere with the lights and decorations. The ice watering method is often used, where ice cubes are placed in the pot and gradually melt, gradually watering the plant.

How long can a live Christmas tree stay indoors?

Planting fir tree in a pot - Enjoy the freshness of the living Christmas tree using these care tips

During the winter, Christmas trees are in a dormant period. If a Christmas tree stays indoors for more than 10 – 12 days, it will come out of this phase and its life cycle will be disrupted. If you keep it longer, the needles will fall off and the tree may dry out. After the holidays, you can move it back outside, giving it a period of acclimation beforehand to avoid a sudden change of environment. If you decide to leave the tree in a pot, it should be at least 40 cm deep. Repot the plant every 4 years in spring in a new pot with a diameter 3 cm larger than the old pot.

Planting fir tree outdoors: tips and instructions.

Planting a fir tree - tips for transplanting the Christmas tree in the garden.

At some point, transplanting into larger pots is no longer practical and you need to replant the fir tree in the garden. This is done in the spring (March and early April) before the growing season begins, that is, before the start of new growth. If the ground is frozen or too wet due to snow or rain, wait a while until it dries and/or warms up. It is advisable to leave the plant in the pot in a sheltered place for a few days before transplanting and outdoors after the conditioning mentioned above.

Assess the available space and choose the most suitable location. Take into account that conifers reach a height of 20-40 meters, require a lot of space, cast a lot of shade and do not tolerate transplanting later. A good location is at the edge of the garden, where there are no other flowers or trees nearby. The tree needs light to develop normally. Avoid locations that are exposed to the sun all day.

The Christmas tree is an essential part of the festive magic

In order for you to replant your fir tree in the garden, dig a medium-deep hole (about 60 cm deep and 50 cm wide)- free it from pebbles, tiles, twigs and grass and add some compost. Some gardeners also add granules with slow-release fertilizer at this stage. Remove the tree from the pot, taking care not to damage the root system – watering beforehand is good. Plant the fir tree and add the remaining soil, compacting the soil. The soil mixture should be well-drained and loose, and it should consist of peat, forest and garden soil. If the tree is small, it is advisable to reinforce it with a support until it snaps. Water thoroughly. Experienced experts advise to mulch the soil to retain moisture.

When you plant the fir tree in the garden, water it thoroughly