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Original ideas for bike garage and bike racks that you can build yourself

Bicycle garages protect bikes not only from theft, but also from weather conditions such as wind, sun and rain. They also provide more order and are a really comfortable solution for outside. The classic bike shed is just one of the options for storing your bikes in the garden. Here you will discover more cool ideas that offer an alternative to it. Whether building a bike garage out of pallets or upcycling an old table, there are some clever solutions in this article. You already have a bike garage in your backyard? Then you can also read here how to beautify it so that it fits harmoniously into your outdoor area.

Outdoor bicycle storage from pallets

Simple bike shelter build from pallets

Pallets are the simplest and perhaps the cheapest option for bike storage in the garden. We’ll now show you a few ideas for bike garages and bike racks that are easy to replicate and cost next to nothing.

Ideas for bicycle garage from pallets

Ideas for bicycle garage from pallets simple DIY

For the first few ideas pallets are used . To build a bike shelter from this material yourself is not a big witchcraft. From three pallets you can build the garage for bicycles with one section, and with two additional pallets will create a second section. If you want to position such a garage for bicycles directly on the house or on the wall, this construction is enough, because it uses the facade or wall as a back wall. Thus, the garage is open only from one side and you can easily park the bikes.

DIY bike shelter from pallets with flowers

To build the garage, you must first screw the pallets together. For this, it is best to use long screws that you drill into the corners of the pallets to connect them. For the side walls you better use whole pallets and for the roof you can take apart a pallet and use only the upper part. This will make the roof a little lighter and the whole construction more stable. If the simple construction from pallets is too unattractive, you can paint them in any color and decorate the sides with pretty flowers.

Inexpensive DIY bicycle stand from pallets

Pallets upcycling idea DIY bike rack

Much simpler to build, but just as practical is also the bike rack made of pallets. It fits perfectly in covered areas and ensures that the bikes are neatly and stably stored in the outdoor area. How to build such a simple bike rack from pallets?

Simple DIY bike rack from pallets

For this project you need two wooden pallets. Alternatively, you can split one pallet in half and build a lower bike rack from the two halves. You can then assemble the two pieces using angles or simply screw them together with long screws at both ends.

If you plan to leave the bike stand outside without a canopy, be sure to paint the wood with a protective varnish beforehand.

DIY bike rack from pallets cheap bike storage outside

But why leave the project at this? With a little paint or some flowers, you can beautify the bike rack and make it a real focal point in the garden. The pallets are best painted with wood paint. Choose a shade that blends harmoniously with the surroundings or adds a playful accent. You can continue to put some flower pots on the bike rack and finish the DIY project in a nice way.

Build a classic bike garage yourself from wood

DIY ideas for bike garage made of wood

Experienced DIYers can also build an entire bike shed themselves out of wood. The project is not complicated at all, but requires some experience in woodwork. The bike garage can be equipped with a door if you wish, but it looks just as nice without it.

DIY wooden bicycle garage DIY project

The inside of the garage can still be equipped with hooks for bicycle helmets and other small things. Such a bike shed usually does not weigh much and can be easily repositioned if necessary.

Bicycle garage made of wood and branches

Build bike garage yourself and green tips

You can also make a simple wooden structure opaque with some branches and twigs. To build such a small bike box yourself does not require expensive materials and the result is really beautiful. A green roof will turn this small bike garage into a real eye-catcher.

Simple DIY bike garage for children’s bikes and scooters.

Ideas for bicycle garage for children's bikes table upcycling

Are you already tired of finding the kids’ bikes and scooters all over the garden? Then this DIY bike garage is just what you need to keep your outdoor space more organized. All you need for this project is a high table, screws, a string and some fabric. For example, you can repaint and use an old table or build a simple wooden structure yourself. The bikes are then stored under the table and hidden behind a curtain. A shower curtain is perfect for this because it is water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. You can then use the table top of the children’s bike garage as a side table in the garden or for decorative purposes.

Children's bikes neatly stowed in the garden small bike garage with a curtain

Small niches around the house are perfect for such a bicycle garage. The colors of the garage can also be matched to the house facade, so it will not be so eye-catching. The shower curtain is easier to handle than a door, so it is more suitable for a children’s bike garage.

Greening bicycle garage: how to do it!

Small bike garage beautify greening tips

Whether your bike garage is homemade or ready-bought, you can beautify it with some plants. A green roof immediately changes the effect of the bike shed and contributes to the natural look of the garden. Such a green roof still works like a protective layer for the roof and improves the air in the area.

Bicycle garage beautify roof greening

If you want to green the bicycle garage, the roof slope plays an important role. A flat roof is optimal, but a sloped roof with a slope of less than 10° is also fine.

To green the roof of the garage, you must first lay a protective layer and then a drainage layer. Only then spread the substrate and plant the selected plants. Species such as sedum, houseleek, saxifrage and some herbs are well suited for planting on the roof. Alternatively, you can use potted plants and simply position them on the roof.