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Old dishes plant: So you can create a mini garden in cups, teapots and Co.

You have old, worn out dishes that you would like to upcycle ? We have several ideas on how you can plant old dishes. Create a mini garden in cups, soup bowls and teapots and make an imaginative decoration from old things for your home and garden.

Planting old dishes: how to turn porcelain tea cups into flower pots.

Old cups plant mini garden with flowers and plants for rock garden

Old dishes can be quickly and easily converted into flower pots. You will need the following materials:

  • one or more cups (with saucers)
  • alternatively: a disused soup bowl or teapot
  • a drill with a ceramic drill bit or a diamond hollow drill bit or plant bags
  • a base (e.g. wooden board)
  • paper tape
  • petrolium
  • a pair of scissors
  • flower seeds/young plants/tubers
  • substrate

Old dishes planting cups and teapot from porcelain

Below we will explain step by step how to create a beautiful mini garden in old porcelain:

1.Good drainage is very important so that water can drain away and waterlogging does not form. If it is possible, you can try to drill small holes through the bottom of the cups. For this purpose, apply plenty of kerosene on the inner and outer sides of the cup. The surface should be completely wet. Then, on the place where you want to drill a hole, stick a piece of paper tape. Working with the ceramic drill bit, drill through the porcelain dinnerware using a low pressure and the lowest speed. Rinse the dinnerware thoroughly and allow it to dry. Inspect the surface for cracks. Line the bottom of each cup with a thin layer of expanded clay. This will help prevent the small holes from clogging with soil and ensure that the substrate does not leak when you pour.

Shabby Chic decoration ideas with old cups

2. If the porcelain is too thin or fragile, then you can put a small planting pocket in each cup. Fill the planting bag with soil and insert the seedlings.

3. choose the appropriate flowers or plants. For example, herbs do very well in planting pockets. Succulents require very little soil and water, so they are suitable for planting in tea cups. You can also use tea cups to showcase individual bulbous plants such as crocuses or daffodils as soloists. If you want to plant a soup bowl, then you should choose such plants that get along well. Herbs such as dill, marjoram and parsley harmonize very well. Rosemary and basil or oregano and sage are also suitable for mixed cultivation. Suitable flower combinations are magic bells and spurge or verbena and geranium.

Plant old dishes paint tea cups and decorate with succulents

4. Fill the teacup or teapot or soup bowl halfway with substrate (potting soil for flowers, special soil for herbs and cactus soil for succulents) and then insert the flowers, succulents or other plants of your choice. Cover the roots with soil.

Planting old dishes: plants for the mini garden.

Plant teapots with creeping plants

Herbs and seasonal flowers are true classics among the plants for the mini garden. But there are also alternatives, for example:

  • Mini succulents. Mini-succulents are young plants that are one year old and no more than 6 cm high. In garden centers are sold sets of 20 pcs or 30 pcs in wooden boxes.
  • Flowering groundcovers. Creeping plants are easy to care for, do not need much water and are mainly shallow rooted (so do not need a deep pot). Such, for example, are two species of bellflower: star cushion bellflower, the carpet bellflower.
  • Creeping conifers, such as various ground cover conifers, are also suitable for planting in old dishes. Such are, for example, the stone yew, carpet juniper and dwarf spherical arborvitae.
  • Cacti are true survivors that will feel right at home even in small teacups.
  • Tillandsias also do very well in cups that you can fill with decorative sand.

What can I do with old dishes? Turn teapot into flower pot

Garden decorations do it yourself planting teapot with summer flowers

You have already pierced holes, filled clay and substrate in the vessel and planted seedlings, tubers or seeds. Now comes the time to spice up the old dishes. For this purpose, you can paint the porcelain dishes as you like. In the craft stores you can find special porcelain paints that do not require firing. Acrylic paints are also suitable for painting porcelain cups, teapots and gravy boats. These are not abrasion resistant and are not suitable for outdoor use.

Use old dishes as garden decorations plant teapots

Cups, gravy boats and bowls have an oval shape and painting them can prove to be a difficult task. Therefore, beginners can use stencils. There are many vintage style self-adhesive stencils available in craft stores. All you need to do is apply the stencil to a clean and dry cup and then paint over it with a flat paintbrush. Then let the colors dry and carefully remove the template.

Old dishes planting tips for garden decorations for summer

Alternatively, you can also embellish the old dishes with the napkin technique . This is a quick and easy way to create beautiful floral patterns that give the dishes a vintage look. Even if it is mass-produced, the cups and plates look confusingly similar to the finds from the flea market.

Old dishes plant soup bowl with flowers

If it’s an old dinnerware set, then some pieces may be broken or lost. Luckily, though, mix-and-match style is trending. So you can combine cups and saucers from different sets.

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