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Mini orchid in a glass: with these care tips you will ensure flowering splendor

They are space-saving, can be creatively arranged in a glass and provide a splendor of blossoms in the house: small flowers are more in demand than ever. The mini orchid in a glass is currently in vogue. These are new cultivars that reach a maximum height of 20 cm. They can be planted in a terrarium with substrate, for example. However, the small-sized orchids do well without soil, because they belong to the so-called perching plants, which can grow on branches of other plants. How to properly arrange a mini orchid in a glass and what you should pay attention to in the care, we tell you in the article.

Mini orchid in a glass: planting and arranging.

Mini orchid in glass planting ideas with moss

In garden centers and flower stores you can find many varieties of orchids in small format. The most popular is called Office Orchids and is available in white, purple and pink/pink. However, as mentioned, there are many other cultivars. In some cases, special growth inhibitors are given to the mini orchids so that they do not grow taller than 20 cm. However, the growth inhibitor usually works only up to one year. Therefore, you should not be surprised if the orchid grows a bit taller after that.

Mini orchid in glass planting instructions step by step

Before repotting the orchid, put it in a warm and dark place overnight so that it can slowly get used to the new location. Only then can it be planted in the glass. There are a few things you should keep in mind when doing this. Inexperienced amateur gardeners are better to plant the orchid in substrate. The substrate, which is composed of bark, guarantees that the water will drain quickly and will not form rot. First, put a layer of gravel stones on the bottom of the jar, and then cover it with orchid soil. At the very top, add a thin layer of moss. Then form a hole in the middle of the moss layer. Take the mini orchid out of the transport container (usually a small plastic plant pot) and plant it in the hole. Done!

In addition, it is also important that the orchids are not watered, but taken out of the jar and immersed in a container of fresh tap water. After 10 minutes, remove the plant and place it on paper towels. Wait until the excess water drips off, and then put the Mini Orchid back in the jar. By the way, you do not need to mist the Mini Orchid. This is because the humidity is usually very high in the jar without drainage. As for fertilizing, you can give the orchid special fertilizer for orchids about every three weeks during the flowering period. During the dormant period, you should not fertilize the flower.

Orchid in glass without soil

Planting and arranging mini orchid in glass jar

Orchids actually do not need soil and can easily do without substrate. Therefore, you can completely abandon the so-called orchid soil and instead use moss balls , to give the plant more support in the glass. Also in this case, proper care plays a crucial role. The roots can only tolerate moisture to a limited extent. So, to prevent rot from forming, let the roots of the orchid grow out of the glass.

Planting mini orchid in glass with substrate

No matter which variant you choose, so that your mini orchid in the glass or terrarium really thrives for a long time, the location plays a crucial role. It should be very bright. However, the exotic flower does not tolerate direct sunlight. As for humidity, values above 70% prove to be optimal. You can achieve this humidity only in the bathroom or kitchen. However, since it quickly becomes very hot in the kitchen, the bathroom with windows provides the best conditions for the rapid growth of orchids. By the way, rooms facing north or east, which are bright but not directly illuminated by sunlight, are also good.

Mini orchids under glass cover

Plant mini orchid under glass cover

While mini orchids can thrive well in glass with proper care, you should not place them under a glass cover. This is because the excess water will not drain or evaporate. The flower can tolerate high humidity for a short period of time, but over a longer period of time rot will form. So, for example, if you are expecting guests, you can put the orchid under a glass cover for an hour and make a beautiful table decoration. But after that, you should remove the glass cover again.

Mini orchid in glass: combination partner

Mini orchid in glass tips on planting and possible combination partners.

Orchid is known as the queen among exotic plants. No wonder it has conquered the hearts of amateur gardeners worldwide. And as a true queen, of course, it is often staged as a soloist. A pity, really, because orchids combine well with other plants. Among the most popular combination partners are:

  • Gesneriads – The genus of gesneriad plants is very extensive and is divided into three groups: Climbing plants, plants that grow upright and ground covers. If you are looking for a combination partner for the mini orchid in the jar, then cultivars such as the Sinningia or the Streptocarpus come into question. These two form very short shoots. Like the orchids, they love sunlight, but can tolerate direct sunlight poorly.
  • Tilandsias: Nowadays there is a great variety of tilandsia cultivars. But they all have one thing in common: they are small, take up little space in the glass and, like orchids, can do completely without soil.

Mini orchid in glass care tips for small houseplant