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Mediterranean Garden Design: The best tips and ideas for your own green oasis of well-being!

For us, there is hardly anything more beautiful and relaxing than enjoying the beautiful weather in our own garden. For a long time now, the garden has not only been a visual eye-catcher, but is increasingly being used as an extended living room in the open air. Great beaches, excellent cuisine and a unique plant world – a vacation in the sunny south is the absolute highlight of the year for many of us. But instead of waiting until summer, we will bring a piece of Mediterranean romance home. The Mediterranean style of living exudes a certain lightness and is fully on trend this year. From the right furniture to the appropriate decorations and details to the best Mediterranean plants – read on to find out how to design a Mediterranean garden and create your green dream oasis.

What is a Mediterranean garden?

mediterranean plants list garden decoration trends 2022

If you’ve ever vacationed in the south of Europe, you know the relaxed flair that reigns there. The exotic plants, the wonderful weather and the warm colors always make for pure relaxation. So that we can enjoy this wonderful vacation feeling all year round, we will create a Mediterranean garden. A typical southern European garden is usually always surrounded by a wall of natural stones or evergreen hedges. The color scheme is mainly characterized by light and sandy tones. Natural stones and tiles, as well as large terracotta pots, emphasize the southern charm and enliven our senses with intoxicating fragrances.

Is a Mediterranean garden design possible in this country?

Pergola as privacy screen mediterranean garden design tips

Do you long for sun and beaches and want to create a Mediterranean garden? Creating that relaxed atmosphere and turning your outdoor space into a little paradise takes some planning. After all, it can get quite cold in Germany in the winter and temperatures drop into the high minus degrees.

natural privacy screen build mediterranean garden design tips

But with the right tips and the right plants, nothing will stand in the way of your dream garden. To get the most out of your outdoor space, plan your project carefully. The sun plays a crucial role in Mediterranean garden design and therefore you should choose a sunny spot.

garden decoration trends 2022 what is a mediterranean garden

Also, think about the position of the plants and consider how you want to arrange the garden furniture. To combine the individual elements optimally with each other and so that you don’t lose sight of the thread, you can use a garden planner app. Mediterranean plants like it sunny and do not tolerate cold. So, in order to design the perfect Mediterranean garden, you should thoroughly inform yourself about the site conditions of the different plants and flowers beforehand.

Mediterranean garden design: The right garden furniture

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The concept is set and you know how you want to design your Mediterranean garden? Great! The best thing about the Mediterranean garden style is that once created, the outdoor area requires relatively little maintenance. And what does that mean? You have more time to relax and enjoy the sun. Imagine the following scenario: You’ve invited your friends over for a barbecue, and you’re seasoning the freshly grilled trout with lemons straight from the tree. Dreamlike, isn’t it?

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So that we can relax in our own garden, of course, can not be missing a garden table and comfortable seating.  The absolute heart of a Mediterranean garden is the large dining area. Rustic outdoor kitchens are a great way to bring that wonderful vacation feeling home. Since wooden garden furniture does not heat up quickly from the blazing sun, you are best suited for a Mediterranean garden.

mediterranean garden design tips balcony furniture scandinavian style

From the design fit both playful seating sets in country style, as well as somewhat more modern lounge furniture.  Especially popular this year is the combination of wooden furniture and blue home accessories – the maritime look feels wonderfully light and reminds us of the balmy summer evenings by the sea. Furniture made of polyrattan is also an equally beautiful and easy-to-clean alternative. As for colors, it’s best to go for muted earth tones like beige and brown.

mediterranean garden design ideas garden furniture trends 2022

You don’t have that much space available but still want to create a Mediterranean garden? Then you’d be at your best with the playful bistro sets we know from cafes in Italy. The romantic curved patterns of the furniture immediately transport us to vacation. Depending on your preference, you can opt for fold-out chairs that can be stored indoors at any time.

Pergolas for Mediterranean garden design

build your own pergola garden furniture mediterranean garden pictures

On the Mediterranean coast, you need protection from the blazing sun. A shady place where you can retreat and relax during the heat is an absolute must in a Mediterranean garden. How about achieving this in a natural way?

Pergola in the garden ideas garden furniture mediterranean stylePergolas in every imaginable variety are all the rage this year and are a great choice. In combination with climbing plants, such as grapevine, you can still feel the mild rays of the sun. Star jasmine also fills the seating area with a wonderful fragrance, reminiscent of sunny vacations. Do you prefer something delicate and romantic? Then you would be well advised to go with passion flowers.

Design Mediterranean garden with water features

mediterranean garden design tips garden trends 2022

Water plays an important role in Mediterranean garden design. The gentle flow of bubbling water has a super calming effect and creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. A small water feature or even a wall fountain enlivens the outdoor area in a special way and adds to the vacation feeling. To create your green dream oasis, choose murals in blue or orange for your Mediterranean garden. Mosaics in bright colors and pots in sunny yellow are also real eye-catchers and give the garden a cheerful and modern touch.

The best Mediterranean plants for your garden

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If you want to create a Mediterranean garden, you should of course think about the right plants. Mediterranean plants are real sun worshippers and do not need to be hidden in dark corners. Think about olive trees, palm trees as well as citrus trees. They also have requirements as far as the soil is concerned. In order for the plants to feel good, it should be as nutrient-poor and permeable as possible. Wonderfully fragrant fresh herbs are the absolute centerpiece of Mediterranean cuisine and therefore should not be missing in any Mediterranean garden. Especially popular are herbs such as rosemary, basil or lavender.

mediterranean garden plants garden decoration trends 2022

The herbs love sunny places and can also be ideally combined with natural stones in a raised bed. They also cut a good figure in containers and terracotta pots and are great eye-catchers. However, most Mediterranean plants are not hardy, but winter-hardy and must be protected from the wind during the cold months.

Mediterranean garden design water features garden design ideas