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Make orchid bloom – This is what the exotic plant needs for new flowering splendor!

Some time ago you received as a gift or bought a magnificent orchid and really enjoyed the flowers for a long time, but for some reason since then there was no new flowering? So, your orchid is no longer blooming – what’s the best thing you can do to change that? It doesn’t always mean that you are doing something wrong, because the lack of flowering can have several causes. It is possible that the plant is simply in a dormant phase at the moment. We explain what you can try if you want to make the orchid bloom.

How to make an orchid bloom again – important things for flowering

Making orchid bloom - home remedies and tips for flowers

Before you get started with the tricks and get your orchid to bloom, it is important to understand one thing: A rest period is really important so that the plant can gather strength for new flowering. So an uninterrupted flowering phase is neither good for the plant, nor possible in the long run. So be sure to give it the break!

Orchids bloom how often?

Orchids can bloom up to twice a year. You should not let the orchid bloom more often. Your orchid hasn’t bloomed in a long time, but otherwise looks healthy? If so, it may not be because you’re not taking good enough care of it, but that it simply lacks the stimulus to produce new blooms. The following tips might help you bring the plant out of dormancy:

Make orchid bloom and care for it properly - what the plant needs

  • Reduce watering.
  • Reduce fertilizer applications.
  • Lower the temperature at night.

Orchids bloom for how long?

The flowering period in spring and summer can extend over several months with proper care, while in autumn and winter for orchid flowering duration is shorter – usually no more than five weeks.

Making orchid bloom – home remedies & tips.

Bring orchid Phalaenopsis back to bloom through pruning

Bring orchid to bloom by pruning the faded shoots at the eyes

As soon as the first flowers have faded, you can do something to encourage the orchid to bloom: simply cut off the faded shoots. However, for this you should also choose the right place. Take a closer look at the stem. You will notice small thickenings, so-called eyes, in some places. Directly above such an eye, cut off the withered flowers. The second or third dormant eye is best, so that the new shoot does not become too long. Now it can take around 3 months for a new shoot to form from this eye. If you want to make the orchid bloom in this way, it is also recommended to put the plant a little cooler.

Proper care for orchids for regular and beautiful inflorescences.

Orchids like it warm, humid and bright without direct sunlight

Whether you want to bring a Phalaenopsis , Oncidium, Dendrobium or Vanda orchid back into bloom, proper care is of course essential. If the plant is not comfortable, it will not be able to bloom. So, in order to make the orchid bloom, make sure that

  • it is in a bright place without direct sunlight.
  • the plant is warm and humid (between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius is optimal; spray the plant regularly).
  • it receives the right fertilizer depending on the growth phase ( in the vegetative phase from March to September with a lot of nitrogen and from October to February with phosphorus, so that the flowers can mature).
  • Avoid waterlogging. The roots should not be in the water.
  • You, whether you want a Phalaenopsis to bloom or another variety, repot it every so often.

Tricks for faster flower ripening

Make orchid bloom with these tricks and proper care.

Apples and bananas turn brown quickly when you cut them. You’ve probably noticed this too. The culprit is the ripening gases that the two types of fruit give off. These can also help you if you want to get your orchid to bloom:

Apples emit ripening gases that force the flower to bloom

Making orchids bloom with apple

But how to make an orchid bloom with the help of an apple ? Slice it and spread a few of them on the granules of your plant. The mentioned gases will then accelerate the maturation, so you can use it to promote flowering in orchids. When the shoot is fully grown, remove the apple again (even before the plant flowers). Otherwise, the flowers will also fade much faster than usual. With apples, you can make not only orchid Phalaenopsis bloom, but also other varieties.

Banana peels are rich in nutrients and have a stimulating effect on flower formation

Bananas for new flowers

Similarly, you can make your orchids bloom with bananas and more precisely with their peels . This trick works especially well with orchid varieties with a long dormant period such as Pterygodium catholicum, Caladenia menziesii and Thelymitra graminea. In the orchids’ natural environment, the gas from a running fire causes the plants to awaken from dormancy. The fire burns bushes, giving the orchids enough space to grow. Since you can not light a fire at home, the gas can be imitated with the help of banana peels. But how to make orchids bloom with banana peel?

Banana as a fertilizer in the substrate when repotting and for the leaves

Firstly, you can easily rub the leaves with the shells. This will provide them with abundant useful nutrients and ensure that you make the orchid bloom. Pieces of shells, in turn, you can mix into the substrate in small quantities when you repot the plant (not too much, to avoid mold). To awaken the orchid varieties mentioned above, put the tubers in soil and place the pot in a plastic bag along with banana peels, sealing it. Every three to four days, replace the peel with a new one for a total of about two weeks. This should not only wake up the plant, but consequently get the orchid blooming again.

How to make an orchid bloom with coffee?

Use caffeine in coffee or coffee powder to make orchids bloom again

Some people also like to use coffee or coffee grounds when they want to make an orchid bloom. Both are perfect as an additive to the normal orchid fertilizer, as the caffeine it contains is said to have a stimulating effect. And how to make the orchid bloom with the help of coffee? Let it cool down and dilute it strongly. Coffee grounds, in turn, first let dry well to avoid mold. Then sprinkle a small amount of it over the substrate and pour a little water. By the way, the contents of a used tea bag of black tea is also suitable if you want to force orchids to bloom.

Phalaenopsis, vanda and other varieties stimulate to bloom after dormancy