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LED garden lighting: cost-effective and long-lasting alternative for outdoor use

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When the living area is extended outside in summer, the question of suitable garden lighting arises. Decorative lights spice up the outdoor area during the day and create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. Not only the attractive appearance plays an important role in the choice – cost efficiency and durability are also of great importance. LED garden lighting offers an alternative to conventional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps – it can be used in a variety of ways, requires little electricity and sets accents. So nothing stands in the way of relaxing evenings outdoors!

LED garden lighting: versatile and functional

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Nowadays, economical LED lighting products are enjoying growing popularity – they score points above all for their long service life (up to 40,000 hours) and low power consumption. With the same brightness, they consume 1/5 of the energy of conventional light bulbs. In addition, they can be used in a variety of ways. For example, the dimmable models prove to be a practical variant for densely populated neighborhoods with terraced houses – so there is no risk that the outdoor luminaires cast blinding light on the neighboring house.

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They also cut a good figure on the terrace – the color of the light can be changed, creating a moody atmosphere. By the way, LEDs are also used in solar garden lamps – the functional outdoor lighting does not require a power supply and allows certain flexibility in garden design. Even flower beds at the edge of the lawn can be effectively staged in this way. High-quality LED lighting systems can be equipped with motion detectors – especially in large gardens, this can save additional electricity. With a remote control, the lamps can be controlled according to individual needs and preferences. In the online store is a wide product range of all the above light sources to choose from, so that everyone can find the right thing.

Effectively set the scene for LED garden lighting

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LED lights perform several tasks in the outdoor area – they visually divide the garden into several areas, provide sufficient light on stairs, steps and garden paths, make sculptural plants stand out better and create an exciting play of light and shadow around the pool or garden pond. The first step to a successful lighting concept is to draw up a sketch on which paths, seating areas, water features, etc. are marked.

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At the garden path and house entrance, several recessed floor lights at a distance of about 2 meters can provide sufficient brightness. On the terrace, LED fairy lights together with storm lanterns with flame effect create beautiful mood at the table. Trees, high shrubs or climbing plants become real eye-catchers with LED floodlights. By the way, the garden floodlights prove to be all-round talents – the LED floodlights from, for example, can be swiveled horizontally and vertically – perfect not only for accent lighting, but also for illuminating driveways, garden walls and garden houses. Furthermore, no lighting concept is complete without the appropriate pond lighting – illuminated water features look particularly charming.

LED garden lighting in winter

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Garden lights also prove to be extremely functional in winter – they allow quick access to the house, gazebo or pool, protect against theft and prevent tripping accidents outdoors. At the same time, of course, safety comes first – the experts advise to install in the garden only those lights that are approved for outdoor use. Only they can easily withstand frost and snow in winter and do not have to be stored in the garden shed during the cold season.

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