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Kids tent in the backyard: these glamping DIY projects create a vacation feel in the backyard!

kids tent garden glamping diy idea girl lantern

In summer, the whole family loves to stay outdoors. Your own garden is the perfect opportunity to move life outside and relax in the middle of nature. The children can discover the world there in a playful way. To make sure they don’t get bored, numerous DIY projects provide variety – we’ve already given you some ideas on how to create a kid-friendly outdoor space. While swings, slides and sandboxes make for optimal playtime fun, kids also need a place to retreat. A children’s tent in the garden is perfect for the job – it’s where they read, sleep, play with friends. Glamping tent looks especially charming in this regard – we offer you some ideas on how to create a chic niche especially for the little ones. Let the suggestions inspire you.

Design children’s tent in the garden according to the new glamping trend

kids tent garden build ideas glamping pom pom garland

The term “glamping” is composed of the English words “glamorous” and “camping”. As the name suggests, glamping is a luxurious version of camping. A camping tent in large format accommodates everything the heart could desire – chic armchairs together with a vintage table form a comfortable seating area, a double bed with bedside tables invites you to relax, romantic lighting with lanterns creates atmosphere in the evening. Cozy blankets made of fine fabrics and soft carpets add the finishing touches to the interior. A lounge seating area also provides optimum comfort on the terrace. It goes without saying that the tents have water and electricity connections. So the glamping concept reinterprets the camping experience – the family can enjoy a vacation outdoors without having to forgo the comforts of home. At the same time, a glamping hotel is located in the middle of nature, guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery in peace and rest from the hustle and bustle of the big city and everyday life. Even more so – glamping proves to be an environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary hotels and motels – as the tent pitching process is quite straightforward, and nature is spared in the process. In this way, camping enthusiasts can vacation even in natural parks.

kids tent in garden ideas reading corner design

The glamping concept originated in the U.S. – as early as 2000, celebrities such as model Kate Moss and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver were relaxing on glamping sites. Nowadays it enjoys increasing popularity all over the world and is accessible to everyone. Whether on a safari in Africa or in the middle of Norwegian nature – beautiful destinations according to their own preferences can be found by everyone. Another decisive advantage, especially for large families – on the glamping site everything necessary is available – even cutlery, bath towels and co. This means that your own luggage can be significantly reduced. Beginners also don’t have to worry about pitching a tent.

kids tent garden glamping idea self make girl vintage

Another concept was developed in the USA and also enjoys great popularity. Those who would like to enjoy the glamping atmosphere not only on the campsite can also bring the vacation feeling into their own garden. With a little skill, a beautiful tent can be set up there, lovingly decorated and your own island of tranquility is ready. It’s not just adults who can look forward to this – children also need time to themselves. No wonder that the offspring is always looking for hiding places in the garden. The classic tree house is no longer the trend – not everyone has large and strong trees in their own backyard, and not everyone can build a wooden house. The children’s tent in the garden has established itself as a cost-effective and practical option. It’s easily accessible, can be rearranged again and again (today the tent is a castle, tomorrow a teepee), and can accommodate the whole family.

Children’s tent in the garden – The right location

kids tent garden tea party organizing diy

The right location for the glamping site is in partial shade and well protected from the wind. Be careful that the children’s tent is not directly under a tree, and that it is well shielded from prying eyes. In addition, the glamorous camping should be easily accessible – that is, either on the lawn or on the garden path. Depending on whether you want to set up one or more tents, you will need at least 15 – 20 square meters of free space. Make a sketch of your own garden and mark all plants on it – are there any poisonous plants or plants that can cause allergies among them? Or maybe you have birdhouses – then you should set up the play tent at a distance of at least 10 meters from them. If you keep bee outside, then the distance should be at least 20 meters, and children should always play there under supervision.

Optimally, the children’s tent should be located near the house – in the US, they are usually set up on the side of the house, or in the backyard next to the garden shed. This way, the nearby building provides wind protection.

Pure glamour – the basic principles of glamping in your own backyard

kids tent in garden indian play diy projects

When glamping, every detail counts – so you need a unified concept. Let the children have a say in what they would like to have as furnishings in the tent. Usually, a cozy reading corner can be designed in the glamping tent. In this case, the toy box will provide storage space for favorite books. Stylish decorative pillows with different patterns and warm blankets will provide an opportunity to relax outside in the afternoon. A small storage table for the tea cups and rolls will complete the furniture program. Assign the children the task of deciding on the color palette and decorations. Ultimately, they should feel comfortable in their realm.

The right lighting creates atmosphere in the evening and ensures that children do not stumble. It is important to discuss the safety measures with the children – otherwise there is a risk of fire, especially in the garden. Only LED lanterns and fairy lights are allowed, candles and fireplaces are not recommended.

kids tent in garden decorating ideas lace vintage diy

So it’s worth laying down the ground rules, especially after setting up the tent – for example, the children should take responsibility for their belongings, and clean up the toys every evening. You should also wash the textiles once a week, clean the furniture, etc. Discuss with the little ones who can have access to their tent – and stick to it, too. If everyone knows from the beginning who is responsible for what, and when and how to play in the garden, then there will be no misunderstandings later.

Boho chic: children’s tent in the garden.

kids tent in garden lace kids tent fabric flowers

Vintage lace, fabric flowers and lots of decorative pillows create a stylish ensemble in the children’s tent in boho style. Modified teepee tent provides shade for the little princess – especially children between 1-3 years need a break every 1-2 hours. So the little one can lie down and relax, while parents sit at the garden table and talk. Then, if there is a garden party in the summer, the children’s table can be placed right next to the play tent – so the kids can play in the tent right after dinner.

Children’s tent in the garden reinterprets the mix-and-match trend

kids tent in the garden build glamping ideas

The mix-and-match trend has made a splash not only in the fashion world – chic interiors in this style are presented again and again. Colorful and inviting, the above example of a glamping tent also presents itself. The DIY project can be easily replicated. The rattan stools together with the low coffee table, rugs and decorative pillows form a charming seating group in oriental look. So nothing stands in the way of happy afternoons with friends!

Summer cinema in your own garden

kids tent garden glamping movies garden party

Since comfort is at the heart of the glamping concept, you can give free rein to your creativity in the design of the outdoor campsite. In summer, for example, the beautiful weather offers the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movies outside. A summer movie theater in your own backyard can actually be designed without much effort. Then you can invite friends and organize a garden party. Of course, the appropriate decoration can not be missing. As for the furniture, lounge chairs, beanbags and bedspreads provide optimal seating comfort.

Pure luxury with leather furniture in the children’s tent in the garden

kids tent in garden reading corner luxury glamping idea

Unlike toddlers, youngsters appreciate the simple purist style of furnishing. Modern presents the children’s tent with a leather bed, decorative pillows made of faux fur and rattan basket as a bedside table. The fairy lights provide soft light and create a cozy atmosphere. The beanbag with tree trunk print adds the final touch to the design.

Organize garden party

kids tent garden glamping self build

A glamping tent should not only be enjoyed by the child alone – the little ones have much more fun when they play there together with their friends. Therefore, you can organize a garden party for the little princess. During it, the girls can paint their faces, wear tutu skirts and drink tea with the stuffed animals. Delicious cookies, cakes or simply homemade lollipops and ice cream will please both children and parents. The children’s tent also makes the perfect background for a birthday photo shoot.

Scandinavian style tepee tent

children tent garden scandinavian ideas reading corner decoration

Tipi refers to a specific form of tent used by Native Americans in North America. The tent has a rather complicated construction – first several poles are joined together to form a cone, and then fabric is stretched over the cone. Nowadays, many manufacturers offer teepee tents for children that replicate the construction. Especially in Scandinavian countries, the teepee enjoys great popularity, at least mainly as a reading tent in the children’s room. In the USA, in any case, it is often used outdoors as well. Its space-saving design is particularly advantageous in allotments. This leaves enough space around the tent for decoration, toys and even a small side table. At the same time, the Glamping tent inspires with a – typical for Scandinavian countries – puristic look. Even the color scheme is purposefully kept simple – vibrant yellow and cheerful green spice up the monochrome ensemble.

Foldable children’s tent in the garden

kids tent garden ideas boys camping do it yourself

The foldable children’s tent is a super practical option for those who need to make the garden flexible. The tent is built from 4 wooden slats with dimensions 2.2 cm X 4.8 cm X 110 cm, round wood with length 1.10 M and 2cm diameter, fabric 100 X 200 cm, rubber 8 pieces, each 15 cm long. Simply drill hole in the four slats in 15 cm from the end of the slat with diameter 2 cm, round off all edges. Topstitch the fabric and then sew the rubber bands at the end and in the middle. Attach the fabric to the wooden structure with the rubber bands. Tip – instead of fabric and rubber bands, you can buy fitted sheets with rubber bands.

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Glamping tent has become synonymous with luxury all over the world. With a little skill and creativity, the concept can also be implemented in your own garden. Those who decide to do so, should follow some basic rules – first of all, create a homely ambience with the help of fine fabrics, vintage furniture pieces and faux fur rugs. So, comfort is the first priority. After that, the appropriate lighting should be chosen – for example, LED fairy lights. In the end, lovingly decorate with lanterns, fabric garlands and flowers.

The right location for the children’s tent in the garden is in partial shade, well protected from the wind and has direct access to the garden path and house. The minimum distance from neighbors should not be less than 4 meters. Near the playground should not grow poisonous plants. Larger children’s tents can occupy up to 20 square meters of space, smaller ones like the teepee need only 5-8 square meters.

The children’s tent has established itself as an all-rounder in the outdoor area – on the one hand it becomes a retreat where children relax, on the other hand it serves as a reading corner. It also cuts a fine figure as a backdrop for photo shoots for children’s birthday parties or garden parties. Off to the garden – now the whole family can look forward to a luxurious and stylish design. Get inspired by the DIY examples in the photo gallery below and find an idea that you can also implement in your own backyard.

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