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Keep hydrangeas fresh in the vase: What can you do if the flowers droop and lose their color?

With its large buds and filigree flowers, it is not only a real eye-catcher in the garden, hydrangeas in the vase are also real eye-catchers. Normally, they stay fresh longer than other cut flowers and are quite undemanding. But what if the hydrangea suddenly go limp and turn green-yellow? We give several tips that will help the cut flower stay fresh longer.

Keeping hydrangeas fresh in the vase:  Tips against limp blossoms

Keep hydrangeas fresh in the vase useful tips

Whether from your own garden or from the flower store: Hydrangeas are among the most beautiful cut flowers. They add a romantic touch to the room. Who then hopes that the hydrangeas stay fresh for about a week, is often disappointed. Just after two – three days they hang their heads, wither and the petals fall off . The reason is quite simple – the flower secretes a sticky substance that seals the cut. The reason is quite simple – in fact, this is how the hydrangea tries to protect itself from bacteria and fungi. However, this also prevents it from absorbing water and causes it to wilt. You can prevent it with these tips:

Cut hydrangeas properly and preserve them with boiling water.

Cut hydrangeas correctly for the vase

  • Fill lukewarm water in a bucket and take it to the garden.
  • Cut off the blooms early in the morning. Use a sharp knife or sharp and clean secateurs.
  • Choose only old flowers and leave the half-opened flowers or buds. The longer a flower has been on the bush, the longer it will last as a cut flower in the vase.
  • Place the flowers in the bucket immediately after cutting them off.
  • Then you can pour lukewarm water into a vase at home.

Preserving hydrangeas with hot water

  • Remove as many leaves as possible. This way, no water is used for the leaf supply.
  • Shorten the stems, cut them diagonally so that the cut surface is as large as possible.
  • Boil water and give for half a minute and put the stems (immerse only the cuts) in the water. This way you can prevent the flowers from secreting the sticky substance, sealing the cut.
  • Immediately after the hot bath in the boiling water, put the flowers in the vase.

Hydrangea has green flowers

You put the beautiful blue hydrangea flowers in the vase, but after two days they turn green? When hydrangeas fade or wither, their flowers turn green.

Keep ball hydrangea and panicle hydrangea fresh in the vase.

Hydrangea and ball hydrangea keep fresh in the vase

Hydrangeas with double flowers, such as the ball hydrangea variety “You & Me” and some panicle hydrangea varieties, need more water than other cut flowers and therefore wilt faster. To prevent this, you can keep the flowers fresh with a simple trick. In the evening, fill the kitchen sink with water and immerse the flowers in the water. It is important that the flowers are also completely covered with water, because hydrangeas can absorb water through the flowers. Leave the flowers in the water for half an hour (if they spend too long in the water, they will discolor). Then carefully take them out.

Hydrangeas in the vase: useful care tips.

Hydrangeas in the vase stays fresh what to do

To keep hydrangeas fresh longer, proper care also plays a big role.

  • If you buy cut flowers: While you are still buying them, make sure that the flowers are in water and look as fresh as possible. If they have partially turned green, then they will quickly wilt. Do not buy buds or half-opened flowers.
  • Choose a suitable vase so that the hydrangeas have enough space and do not crowd each other.
  • Clean the vase thoroughly before and after each use.
  • The vase should only be half full. Remove any fallen leaves or petals from the water daily.
  • Change the vase water every two days. Add freshener to the water (optional).
  • Cut the stems diagonally at the bottom so they can better absorb water.
  • Place the vase in a bright, but off-sun place in the room. Side tables and coffee tables near the window work well. Not suitable is the sunny windowsill, under which there are radiators.
  • Do you have a bowl full of delicious seasonal fruit? Certain fruits such as apples, pears, peaches and plums give off ethylene. Ethylene can speed up the wilting process in cut flowers . So place the vase of hydrangeas as far away from the bowl of fruit as possible.