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How to water the plants on vacation – With our tips your potted plants are well taken care of!

The vacation is finally just around the corner, but happy owners of numerous plants are faced with a big problem: Who will take care of the plants? Often, the neighbor is happy to step in for houseplants and balcony plants or, depending on the length of the vacation, it is sufficient to fill the drip plates with water. But what if Mrs. Nachbarin will also not be present or you are away for a long time? Especially in the hot summer months, regular watering is absolutely necessary, especially for the balcony plants. With our tips and tricks, you can keep your plants alive and build aids for watering them yourself while on vacation. Then you do not need to worry about a helper and can enjoy your vacation without any worries. So here is how best to water your plants on vacation:

Watering plants on vacation – balcony plants

Watering plants on vacation - shade and pruning for balcony plants

Put balcony plants in the shade and in this way protect them from the hot sun and drying out. If you have the option, it’s even best to choose a north-facing side for this – this also applies if you’re using temporary, alternative watering from our ideas below. Also, remove anything that unnecessarily costs the plants energy. That means shortening long shoots and cutting off any that have faded. Flowers that usually have a second flowering period, you can even give a pruning, then after the vacation to delight you with new blooms. Then you can water the plants on vacation using one of our tricks below.

How to water plants on vacation – indoor plants.

Watering plants on vacation - place houseplants close together.

For indoor plants, proceed according to the type of plant. Those with thick leaves store water well and therefore have less need for frequent watering. It is usually sufficient to water these plants generously once during your vacation or before you leave. This should be sufficient until you are back. All other plants can be placed either in the bathtub or in the sink. But how exactly? Fill it with a few inches of water, spread a towel in it and spread the plants over it without a planter or plate. They can then provide themselves with the necessary liquid.

Water houseplants in the bathroom in the tub or in the sink

Darkness in the bathroom is also beneficial, because it reduces growth, which also reduces the need for water. Place a container with water in an open space and arrange plants around it and close together. This will increase the humidity, which will take care of the plants as well.

More tricks how to water plants on vacation

Tips and tricks on how to water plants on vacation

Once you have pruned and cared for your splendid specimens, as described above, you can also consider the following options, which you can use to water the plants on vacation. All the tools are easily accessible and most often even already available in the household, so you can even use them spontaneously. So here are some smart idea for watering plants on vacation:

Watering plants with plastic bottle

Watering plants on vacation made easy with PET bottle

The method with a bottle is very practical, easy to implement and really effective. With a 1.5 liter bottle (or two of them for larger boxes), the plants are supplied with water for 14 to 21 days. If you want to water your plants on vacation with bottle, prepare it as follows:

Unscrew the plastic lid and poke a hole through the center. The diameter is chosen depending on the water needs of the plant – but it should be at least four millimeters. If your plant requires a lot of water, simply make the hole larger. Fill the bottle with water, screw on the lid and stick the side with the lid directly into the potting soil. If the bottle doesn’t hold well this way, you can also poke a nail through the lid (from the inside out). This will make it easier to pin the PET bottle in place.

Kitchen paper as an aid

From kitchen roll make a paper roll for watering potted plants

To keep your potted plants sufficiently moist while you are away for a longer period of time, you can also water the plants on vacation with kitchen roll. We don’t mean the roll itself, but the paper. You will need about four sheets, but do not separate them from each other. Spread the strip in front of you, fold it twice lengthwise in the middle and roll the paper into a long roll.

Watering potted plants with kitchen paper during prolonged absence

Then wrap this once around the plant, pressing the paper well to the ground. Then fill any container with water, dip the other end of the paper roll into it and you’re done! The paper will now soak up the water and gradually release it to the soil in the pot. For up to 12 days, the plant is supplied in this way. So you no longer need to worry about how to water your plants on vacation.

Watering plants on vacation with thread – woolen thread or rope

Pot with water and wool thread for several potted plants at once

Another option would be to use a simple woolen thread. But how to water plants on vacation with woolen thread ? The principle is the same as with kitchen paper. One end is in a container with water and the other in the pot. But it is important that here you bury the wool thread into the soil, so that the water also reaches the roots. Also, the container with the water should be about 30 cm higher than the plant, so that the thread can pass the water well.

Original idea with thread or rope for potted plants

Idea with hose

Watering plants on vacation with hose and water bottle