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How to take better care of flowers and keep flower pots clean with a simple coffee filter

Potted plants are part of home decor that sometimes require repotting, creating dirt, and following hack lets coffee filter flowers drain easily. This trick can facilitate plant care and contribute to the cleanliness of your home. In addition, lining flower pots internally with coffee filter helps flowers grow faster and thrive properly in home conditions.

Using drainage with coffee filters to keep flowers and houseplants at their best

take better care of flowers and indoor plants through a drainage of coffee filter

The best thing about this type of filter is that it allows water to pass through, with no dirt or potting soil leaking out. Placing a coffee filter between your plant’s dirt and the pot’s drainage hole will prevent dirt from leaking out. As dirt and water flow out of the hole, the flower pot can become clogged, making plant care more difficult. Accordingly, this can lead to root rot, which could kill the plant. Not only that, but dirt flowing out with the water makes the surrounding area look dirty. Some people put rocks at the bottom of their pots to avoid these problems, but a coffee filter makes this task much easier. Water flows out unimpeded, air can flow in unimpeded, and dirt stays away.

Coffee filters maximize soil for the plant

provide green plants in the apartment with more soil and replant them

Potted flowers and houseplants need enough soil to spread their roots and draw water from. Accordingly, a coffee filter can help flowers thrive better than gravel because it allows the plant to have as much soil as possible in the pot. Stones also do not take up the space of the soil, and they do not displace the soil. Since coffee filters are absorbent, they retain some moisture each time they are watered. This moisture is not enough to cause root rot. The whole thing allows a little more time between waterings and prevents drying out if you ever miss watering.

Using coffee filters to transplant flowers properly

repotting indoor plants the right way

When it’s time to repot your plant, either because it’s root bound or you want to change pots for decorative purposes, the coffee filter helps keep loose soil from spilling all over your workspace. You can also leave this filter in place when you put your plant in its new pot. However, you may want to loosen the root ball a bit first, as it may eventually dissolve. After that, don’t forget to line the new flower pot with a coffee filter.

used coffee grounds in the filter can serve as a soil filter for potted flowers

However, disposable coffee filters are not particularly cheap. Therefore, you may as well use them for their original purpose, to filter coffee. Then put the coffee grounds in the compost and use the dirty filter to cover the bottom of the plant pot. You don’t even need to rinse because, after all, the coffee grounds are not toxic and the dirty coffee filter will not harm flowers. You’ll soon find that a filter you’ve already used works just as well as a new coffee filter.

Recycle newsprint instead of coffee filters

recycle waste paper or newspaper and use it for multiple purposes at home

Permeable waste paper like a piece of newspaper can also be a working soil filter. This would be another environmentally friendly and cheaper solution for your plants. For this purpose, you can cut out a stack of small newspaper squares that are about 10 cm x 10 cm and keep them on your flower bed. You could even try using a piece of old rag or a leftover piece of window screen: anything that lets water through but retains soil. If you can’t find anything at home to recycle, you could use a sheet of paper towel or even toilet paper. Both would be cheaper than a coffee filter and just as effective at keeping soil in the pot.