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How to get rid of stink bugs? These home remedies and tips help against tree bugs in the house and garden.

You found stink bugs in the apartment and just do not know what to do? First of all, you don’t have to panic – the stink bug is neither dangerous nor poisonous. Also, this insect will only stink if it is under stress or feels threatened. Nevertheless, certainly no one will be happy if his apartment invaded by the little bugs. In the garden, the insects can cause more damage as they feed on the garden plants. Fortunately, there are some home remedies and methods that help in controlling the stinky bugs. To find out the best way to get rid of stink bugs, read the article.

What do stink bugs look like and are they dangerous?

Differences between brown and green stink bug

Stink bugs belong to the family of tree bugs and are increasingly found in our latitudes, especially in the warm months. Although people talk about green and brown stink bugs, in both cases they are the same species. The body color of these insects is determined by the season or, more precisely, by the colors of the leaves. Thus, the green stink bug is common in spring and summer, and the brown stink bug in autumn.

Basically, the little animals are not dangerous. They can not sting, do not transmit diseases and their smell is not toxic to humans and animals. However, with increased occurrence, they can be called pests in the garden. They suck on plants and fruits, causing damage. Because of their stench, they are not welcome guests in the house either.

What do stink bugs smell like?

Get rid of green stink bugs what helps

Stink bugs belong to a family of insects that uses smell as a defense mechanism. When threatened or squashed, stink bugs emit a strong-smelling odor. To human noses, the smell resembles herbs or spices, such as cilantro, mixed with a chemical odor. In other words, a foul-smelling stench.

What attracts stink bugs?

Stink bugs in the apartment what to do

In the home

Although it may seem that these insects appear out of nowhere at home, their presence can usually be attributed to a number of factors. Stink bugs like fruit (especially ripe fruit). So if you’re a fan of the classic fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, your ripe bananas could be the culprit.

In addition to the inevitable attractions of stink bugs, these insects love warmth and sunlight. During the cold winter months, they usually hibernate and often hide in walls or unoccupied spaces such as attics. As winter temperatures rise and days become sunnier, the bugs come out of hiding and become more active. Stink bugs can sneak into rooms, but often can’t figure out how to escape, so suddenly you have a small community living in your home.

Get rid of green stink bug with home remedies

In the garden

In spring and summer, stink bugs live outdoors, where they feed on plants and lay their eggs there. Unfortunately for amateur gardeners, stink bugs also like a variety of native plants, from ornamental shrubs to wild vines and weeds. They are known to feed on all parts of plants, including flowers, buds, fruits or vegetables, and even nuts, so there is a good chance that your garden contains some plants of interest to them.

Get rid of stink bugs in the garden

Pear unsuitable for consumption due to stink bug infestation

In the garden, stink bugs feed on the sap of plants and thus can be characterized as pests . They affect the growth of plants and infested fruits are no longer suitable for consumption. To protect your garden plants, you can try one of the following methods.

Home remedies for stink bugs in the garden

Neem oil as a home remedy against stink bugs in the garden

If you want to get rid of stink bugs, you can resort to some home remedies. Neem oil is a great repellent against many unwanted garden inhabitants, including bugs. To get rid of the pests, simply apply diluted neem oil to the plants.

A decoction of water, rhubarb and dried rhubarb leaves should also help against stink bugs. Let the mixture steep overnight and then spray it on the affected plants.

Since these insects feed on garden plants and lay their eggs there, you can also try spraying the plants with a kaolin solution to control stink bugs. This will prevent the bugs from laying eggs (since they can’t attach) and feeding on plants. The solution is also safe for plants, including edible species, and washes off easily.

Collect bugs

Get rid of stink bugs in the garden what helps

Another option would be to check the leaves and stems of your garden plants regularly during the spring and summer, and as soon as you spot bugs, simply pick them up and get rid of them. This way, you can prevent the pests from laying eggs and infesting more plants. Always use gloves when doing this to protect your hands from the secretions of stink bugs.

Water plants regularly and get rid of stink bugs

Watering plants against stink bugs

Stink bugs do not like moisture. If you water your plants a lot and regularly, you can prevent an infestation. However, this measure only works for plants that can tolerate a lot of moisture.

Attract beneficial insects in the garden

Attract beneficial insects in the garden against stink bugs

The stinky tree bugs have many natural enemies. You can prevent infestations in your yard by attracting beneficial insects to the area . Common enemies of stink bugs include:

  • Small predatory bugs
  • Praying mantises
  • Lacewings
  • Ladybugs
  • Spiders
  • Toads
  • Birds
  • Frogs

Use plants as stink bug traps

Brown stink bug on green tomato

Using attractant plants in and around the garden is a great way to lure stink bugs away from your most valuable garden plants. They will flock to the trap plants, which can then be removed (along with the bugs). Plants that stink bugs particularly like include:

  • Sweet corn
  • Okra
  • Mustard
  • Sunflowers
  • Amaranth

Stink bugs in the apartment? This is what you can do against them

What to do against stink bugs in the house

When the weather gets colder, most tree bugs look for shelter. That’s why they are most common in apartments during the cool fall months. But their presence is not uncommon in spring and summer either.

But how can you get rid of stink bugs when they are in the house? The first and best option would be to simply capture the bugs and release them into the wild. In doing so, you need to be very careful to avoid excreting the stinky secretion. If it is one or two bugs, it is best to use a hand broom or a sheet of paper to move them. But beware: stink bugs can also fly. If the bug is on a suitable surface, put a glass over it and slide a sheet of paper underneath to carry it outside. This way you won’t smell the stench either.

Caution: you do not need to squash the stink bug inside under any circumstances. Once killed, the bug will likewise excrete its specific odor.

Prevent stink bugs in the home

What to do about stink bugs in the house tips control

As with other pests in the home, prevention is preferable to control when it comes to stink bugs. You can prevent the bugs from entering your home with the following tips.

Block the way into the house

Get rid of stink bugs in the house and prevent tips

The best way to prevent an infestation is to prevent stink bugs from entering homes and buildings in the first place, especially in the fall. When temperatures start to drop, the insects start looking for winter quarters, and that’s when they’re more likely to want to make themselves comfortable in our homes.

To keep stink bugs from taking up residence in your home, find any openings through which they can enter. These include cracks around windows, doors, flashing, pipes, or behind light fixtures or chimneys. It is essential to seal these openings.

Install fly screens

Keep stink bugs away with fly screen

One of the best remedies for stink bugs in the home is to install a fly screen on all windows that can be opened. This will also protect against other insects such as flies , mosquitoes and wasps. However, be aware that stink bugs are very good at crawling and can get in between the roller mechanism of exterior shutters, for example, if the screen is behind the shutter.

Get rid of stink bugs with home remedies

Green stink bug on wood surface

For example, you can also make a natural insecticide from home remedies and spray it on window sills, joints and cracks. For a homemade spray, you can mix warm water, vinegar and washing-up liquid and put it in a spray bottle. An equally good solution is made when mixing water and garlic powder. You can also use neem oil with water as a repellent against stink bugs.

A stink bug trap in the home would not be a good idea because, as mentioned earlier, the bugs secrete their foul-smelling secretions when under stress.

Fighting stink bugs: Can I use the vacuum cleaner?

Get rid of stink bugs with vacuum cleaner yes or no

Simply vacuuming up the vermin with a vacuum cleaner sounds like a simple and effective solution. However, it is not advisable. The insect will most likely be killed by the suction, releasing its stinky odor in the process. Since the vacuum cleaner blows exhaust air, the stench will surely spread into the room. If you have already used the vacuum cleaner as a means of control, dispose of the bag right away in the trash can or wash out the dust collector thoroughly.