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How do peonies last longer in the vase? Our tips guarantee a long flowering period

Peonies are without question one of the most beautiful flowers ever. Those who love cut flowers , certainly every year impatiently waiting for their season to enjoy a beautiful bouquet of peonies in the vase and give the apartment a particularly romantic atmosphere. But if you really want to enjoy the bouquet for a long time, it is necessary to take into account a few things. Because you can extend the flowering period of cut flowers with a few simple tips. So, how do peonies last longer in the vase?

How do peonies last longer in the vase – Simple tips & tricks

How to care for peonies in the vase – Proper cutting and pruning.

How to keep peonies in the vase longer - tips and tricks.

Whether from the garden or flower store, the right peonies for the vase are those where the buds are soft and where even a little of the flower color is already visible. Only then will peonies open in the vase. If they are still completely green and unopened, they will not open in the vase. Also, cut only the sturdy stems. Then, if possible, leave the flowers in a dark place for a while (especially if it is already very warm outside). This will make the flowers look fresher.

Pick peonies for the vase with buds

Those who often have cut flowers at home know that it all starts with cutting the stems properly. This is necessary so that the water from the vase over the stems can also flow freely to the flowers. Cut the tips of the stems at an angle. If you wish, you can make an additional cut further up. It is also important that no leaves are in the water, otherwise rot will occur. For this reason, you should remove the deeper ones.

Bathe flowers

How to properly care for spring flowers for a long-lasting bouquet

Another trick to make peonies last longer in the vase is to bathe them. Fill a small tub, washing bowl (so that the flowers can lie in it) or, if necessary, a bucket with cold, but not ice-coldwater. Immerse the flowers in it. In this way, they will be saturated with abundant moisture, and the flowering period will be prolonged.

How to keep peonies in the vase – The right container

Change the water for peonies in the vase daily

The container is also important to guarantee a longer flowering period. Whether you want to display the peonies in the vase, a jug, a bottle or any other container, they should all be dark to begin with. This does not mean that transparent glass is not possible, but it should at least be dark glass. This way, the water will stay fresh longer and won’t spoil. Also pay attention to the stability! A bouquet of peonies will be quite heavy and should be well held by the vase.

Furthermore, the container should be sufficiently large and by this we mean specifically the circumference. Peonies do not like it narrow. Therefore, make sure that the buds or flowers only lightly touch each other. The right depth also plays an important role. The stems should be able to stand 3/4 in the water.

The water

Pink peony flower for romantic floral decoration in the house

The water should be lukewarm. Rainwater is best for peonies in a vase, but if you don’t have any available, regular tap water will also work. Also add sugar or boric acid (200 ml for one liter of water) if desired to extend shelf life.

How to keep peonies longer in the vase – The right location.

Cut flowers care for long shelf life and beautiful decoration

The peonies in the vase should be placed neither in the draft, nor in the blazing sun. This is because drafts cause the flowers to evaporate more liquid than they can absorb, while the heat of the sun causes buds and flowers to droop. The kitchen is also a rather unfavorable room, as the heat of cooking and even the sharp smells do not suit the flowers.

Peonies in the vase – care.

Dip flowers in cold water and prune properly

For a long shelf life, peonies care in the vase is also very important. Thus, you should change the water daily, so that the flowers are always supplied with fresh water and to prevent it from spoiling. Furthermore, you need to remove wilting buds and flowers. Even if you find it difficult, you will be doing the bouquet a bigger favor overall by cutting them off.

How to keep peonies in the vase – More tricks.

Tips on how to make peonies last longer in a vase - use dark containers

  • An activated charcoal tablet in the water will extend the life of the peonies in the vase.
  • Take the bouquet out of the vase in the evening, wrap it in newspaper and store it in a cool place until the next morning. Then return the bouquet to fresh water.
  • Buds will open faster if you add alcohol to the water or dip the stems briefly in hot water. Also, high humidity evokes faster flowering.
  • You can spread the scent of the flowers throughout the room by wrapping them in plastic wrap in the evening, but be sure to remove it in the morning.
  • If you have the flowers from the store and they are not so fresh, you can revive them by spraying the flowers generously with cold water. The water should get on every petal. Or generously moisten paper and cover the flowers with it for a while.

Do not put cut flowers in the sun and protect them from drafts