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How can you use a garden shed? 3 great alternatives to the traditional tool shed

Spring is coming and with the warmer weather also increases the desire to spend more time in your own garden. In addition to the gardening work that is in progress , you can still plan some changes in the garden design in the spring. In this regard, any garden can benefit from a small building if there is enough space. Whether for storing tools and equipment or as an extension of the living space, the garden house is a real all-rounder and thus hard to imagine the modern garden without it.

use garden house in backyard as sauna house

Garden houses are an asset in the outdoor area. They can serve many different purposes and are more popular than ever right now. If you’re still deciding whether or not you need a garden shed, take a look at the following ideas that go beyond the garden shed’s traditional function as a storage space.

Use the garden shed as a home office

Turn garden house into home office work in nature

We are living in uncertain times right now, where home office is no longer just a choice of your own, but rather a necessity. More and more people are working from home, which makes the need for a place that performs the function of an office essential. The garden house offers itself here as the perfect solution if children live in the house or if you simply want to take full advantage of the tranquility of the garden.

work in your own garden home office

Turning the garden house into a practical workplace is not as difficult as you might think. As long as the garden shed has electricity and is well contained, it can easily be used like an office. Since natural daylight plays an important role in working, a garden shed with large windows or sliding glass doors would be recommended. All you need is an Internet connection and the right office equipment and you can work in peace and quiet in the middle of nature.

Pure relaxation in a garden sauna

Install sauna house in garden

After a long week of work, each of us needs some relaxation, and with the right garden sauna, you can find it in your backyard. Turn the outdoor space into a wellness room by choosing a sauna house. These garden houses are dedicated precisely to rest and relaxation, so you can treat yourself to a weekly spa vacation right on your own property. The sauna house is also a great purchase for those who have an outdoor pool. Unlike the pool, however, the sauna in the backyard can be used all year round, regardless of the weather.

Create your own gym in the garden house

Use the garden house as a home gym

Those who regularly exercise to stay healthy and fit, can also decide to set up the garden house as a fitness room . For this, of course, you need the right equipment, which depends on the type and intensity of workouts. In order for a garden house to function as a home gym, it must meet several other requirements. The electrical and heating installation are a clear must, so that you can equip the training room with fitness equipment and train there in any season. Furthermore, good ventilation and temperature control are required for a comfortable workout environment.

In order for your garden shed to be converted into a fitness room, it must be large enough and have sufficient ceiling height. Be sure to keep in mind that especially large fitness equipment such as treadmills and cross trainers take up a lot of space and would not fit in a small garden shed.

The garden shed – a useful addition to any outdoor space.

Modern garden house with glass sliding doors

A garden shed can significantly increase the visual and practical value of your property. Not only can it be used to store garden equipment, but it can also provide additional living space. If you have enough space in the garden, you can also opt for a modern garden house, which will serve just several functions. Garden houses with more than one room can function as a living room and a gym at the same time, or combine the functionality of a tool shed with the luxury of your own sauna. The choice is yours.