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Houseplants 2022: The most beautiful plants to turn your home into a green oasis!

Due to Corona, we have all spent more time at home in the last two years than ever before. So it’s no surprise that our own four walls are becoming more and more important. In order for us to feel comfortable, it should look as beautiful and cozy as possible at home. The best possible way to achieve this? With plants, of course! Delightfully fragrant and blooming houseplants make any room more homey and always create a calm and cozy atmosphere. Many of us love to bring nature indoors and very few households can do without at least one potted plant. And just like in fashion and interior design, trends play a very important role in plants as well. Want to bring some fresh air into your home? Then read on and find out here which houseplants are totally in in 2022!

The violin fig as one of the hottest houseplants 2022

Violin fig for allergy sufferers indoor plants 2022 trends

Houseplants create a calming ambiance and are a great way to bring nature into your home. But they also have other health benefits. For example, potted plants can clean the air of pollutants and increase humidity, and that in turn greatly improves air quality. Super easy to care for and a real eye-catcher – no wonder the fiddlehead fig is one of the most popular houseplants in 2022. Due to its size, it is particularly suitable for high rooms and requires surprisingly little care. The violin fig is particularly beautiful in a large flower pot as an accent next to the bed or sofa in the living room.

how often water violin fig houseplants 2022

In the first year, the violin fig does not need any nutrients at all and practically does not need fertilizing – perfect for all hobby gardeners! Only from the second year onwards is it advisable to provide the houseplant with a little houseplant fertilizer every 14 days when watering. The violin fig loves bright and not too sunny places and once you have found the perfect location for it, you should move it only in case of emergency. Unfortunately, however, the violin fig is rather unsuitable for allergy sufferers.

Triangular clover, Oxalis triangularis.

triangle clover care tips houseplants 2022 trends

You are not so familiar with plants, but still want to somehow brighten up your apartment? Then the triangular clover is the perfect 2022 houseplant for you! Due to its shape and color, the plant is also still known as heartleaf clover or red lucky clover, and it captivates us with its dark purple colored and tripartite leaves. The triangle clover blooms from May to August fabulous pink and the magnificent flowers transformed any room into a real oasis of well-being.

Triangular clover how often water houseplants 2022

A shady location, a sandy to loamy soil and occasionally some liquid fertilizer for houseplants – that’s all triangle clover needs to unfold its beauty. With this plant, even plant lovers without experience can not go wrong. And here’s an interesting fact – the leaves of triangle clover are even edible in moderation, and fold in the event of drought or shock.

Pure exoticism: pubic flower is one of the most beautiful houseplants 2022.

Houseplants 2022 how to care for pubic flower

We also consider the beautiful pubic flower, still known as lipstick plant, to be among the most popular houseplants 2022, which should not be missing in any home. The elongated calyxes in the fabulous shades of orange to purple are a real eye-catcher and give the room a tropical touch. The hanging plant originates from Asia and there are now more than 180 species. The pubic flower prefers a bright location, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, it is better placed in a bright west or east window than in a south window.

pubic flower how often water houseplants 2022

Since most varieties of the pubic flower form long hanging shoots, they are best suited for planting hanging baskets. However, the plant is very sensitive to a change of location, which could result in the dropping of the beautiful flower buds. A little tact is also required when watering. While you should always keep the pubic flower moist, never leave it in the wet. To keep it growing and thriving, it’s best to use a combination of spraying and watering with lukewarm water for watering. During the growing season, starting in March and continuing into August, give a little liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of paradise flower winter houseplants 2022

Now it becomes really spectacular and magnificent! Bird of paradise flower, still known as strelitzia, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful houseplants 2022. The imposing flowers, somewhat reminiscent of parrots, and the large leaves are a real eye-catcher and create a Caribbean feeling. You may only know the bird of paradise flower as a cut flower, but it can actually be cultivated wonderfully as a tub or pot plant. However, it requires a little more care and is therefore more suitable for experienced amateur gardeners.

Bird of paradise flower how often water houseplants 2022 trends

Bird of paradise flower prefers a bright location, and the temperature in the room should be in the best case between 10 and 18 degrees. Very important: as soon as the scattered lily begins to bloom, do not move it. When changing the location, the houseplant is extremely sensitive and will not open its beautiful flowers. In order for the bird of paradise flower to grow, you should regularly provide with nutrients. While fertilization is rather incidental in winter, it is highly recommended in the warm summer months. Ideally, the plant should receive a light dose of fertilizer every week. Since the large leaves evaporate a lot of water, it is recommended to water the strelitzia regularly with water that is low in lime and not too cold.

Wax flower, Hoya

Waxflower Hoya how often to water houseplants 2022

The Hoya or wax flower was already very high in the last year and continues to be one of the most popular houseplants 2022. The wax flower belongs to the silk plant family and is characterized by its waxy flowers – hence the name. It comes in every imaginable variety and the flowers are white to slightly flesh-colored, making it wonderful to combine with other plants. The delicate flowers of the wax flower are a great way to bring spring indoors at the same time.

How to care for wax flower houseplants 2022

To show off the pliable, long shoots perfectly, it’s best to place the wax flower in a hanging hanging basket in a bright spot. You should not water the plant too often, but rather spray it with water regularly. A monthly fertilization is usually quite sufficient, and only in the growing months – you can completely skip fertilizing in the winter. Waxflower is also a little sensitive and should not be moved or turned during flowering.

Houseplants 2022: Ivy

Houseplants 2022 ivy how long without watering

Climbing plants also deserve a place on our list of the most beautiful houseplants 2022. They hang from shelves, cabinets or macrames and transform any room into a true green oasis. Especially popular this year is the ivy – an incredibly beautiful and very low-maintenance climbing plant. It captivates with strikingly colored leaves and is one of the most productive and effective air filters around.

Ivy how often water houseplants 2022

Whether in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, ivy is a real eye-catcher and always creates a relaxed and exotic atmosphere. The houseplant prefers a bright to semi-shaded location. For example, a window facing west or east would be optimal. Darker locations are also okay, but in this case the coloration is weaker.

Houseplants 2022 easy care plants for home