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Home remedies against mosquitoes: How to drive the insects away from your garden and room

The snake and the mosquito are closely related: The two insect species belong to the superfamily Tipuloidea. Although they are often confused with mosquitoes, they actually have very little in common. The gnats cannot bite and instead only ingest nectar. Therefore, they are not dangerous to humans. However, since they fly in swarms, they can settle in the garden or come into the room. We list several home remedies against gnats, which you can use to drive the insects away from the garden and room.

1. “Can snakes bite?” and other questions about insects

snake on a blade of grass structure and mouth parts

The snake: an insect with many names. In some parts of Germany, the mosquito is colloquially referred to as a “snake.” This often leads to confusion, as many people complain of snake bites. From a biological point of view this is wrong.

1.2 Snake species and differences to mosquitoes

Mosquito and snake comparison in size and structure

There are over 4000 known species of gnats worldwide. Unlike mosquitoes, where the fertilized females need blood to lay their eggs, they feed exclusively on nectar and water. The gnats are also visually very different. They grow up to 4 cm long and are therefore much larger than mosquitoes. Their mouthparts are not suitable for biting or stinging.

1.3 Control of gnats: larvae are considered pests

Larvae of snakes pest in the garden eats roots (1)

In some cases, however, gnats behave like mosquitoes. They are primarily nocturnal and fly in swarms during the mating season. They also lay their eggs in still water, moist soil, or rotting wood. Since a single female can lay up to 400 eggs, the insects reproduce very quickly. After hatching, the larvae feed on the underground (and in some cases, above-ground) parts of the plant and are therefore considered pests in vegetable gardens.

The adult insects are also often considered a nuisance. Mainly because they are attracted to light. A pleasant evening on the terrace or airing the room can therefore become a challenge during the summer months.

2. home remedies against mosquitoes in the garden

Home remedies against mosquitoes in the garden no standing water

If the insects multiply rapidly in the garden, you can cause damage to crops. Fortunately, there are home remedies that you can use to drive away the gnats. These tricks will help and keep them off the property:

2.1. no standing water in the garden.

For laying eggs, gnats prefer a damp location. So look around the garden for water sources with standing water. Anywhere where rainwater collects (drains, rain barrels, etc.), gnats and mosquitoes can hatch. So make sure the drainage is good and never leave the rain barrel open. Change the water in bird and butterfly waterers regularly and clean them.

2.2 Good drainage for the garden and potted plants

Fighting snakes in the garden good drainage for plants

The good drainage is an absolute must not only for the container plants, but also for the garden plants. This will prevent water from accumulating on the lawn or the soil from staying wet for a long time and causing waterlogging. On the one hand, this can harm the plants, but on the other hand, it can attract gnats and mosquitoes to the garden.

2.3 Attracting natural enemies into the garden

Fish in the garden pond also eat the eggs and larvae of gnats and mosquitoes, while many birds feed on adult gnats. So it is worth building nesting boxes and bird feeders. For the garden pond, goldfish and koi fish are the most suitable.

2.4 Water features for the garden pond

Install water features in the garden pond against mosquitoes and gnats

Still water attracts insects. So to drive away gnats and mosquitoes, rely on water features. If the water in the garden pond gets moving, then they can not lay their eggs there. There are different alternatives for each garden pond, so everyone can find the right one. When doing so, make sure that the water features run for at least half the day. If possible, let them run overnight as well.

2.5 Plants in the fight against mosquitoes

Plant lavender against snakes in the garden

There are plants that drive away mosquitoes and also gnats with their scent. In the vegetable patch these are the tomato and garlic, in the ornamental garden – the lemongrass and the marigold, and in the flower pot – the lavender and the rosemary.

3. home remedies against gnats in the room

Repel snakes with scented oils Tips

The snakes do not sting, for them we are uninteresting. But they are attracted by strong light. If suddenly when airing in the evening a swarm of gnats flies into the room, then the following tricks will help

3.1. drive away the gnats with scented oils

The scent of plants like lavender, mint, citrus and eucalyptus will keep away gnats and mosquitoes. You can also grow lavender and mint in containers, or you can simply buy scented oils and use them as natural protection against insects.

3.2 Make a gnat trap yourself: Home remedy against insects

Snake trap as a home remedy do it yourself instructions

The next gnat trap anyone can quickly make yourself. By the way, it is also effective against mosquitoes and other insects such as flies and grape midges. Proceed as follows:

Cut a 2 liter plastic bottle into two. Put 50 g of brown sugar or 50 g of honey or 50 g of strawberries or 50 g of juice or flowers in the lower half of the bottle, pour 250 ml of hot water. Stir the water well and add some yeast. Turn the upper part of the bottle upside down. Put the neck into the lower part of the bottle and stick the two parts together with transparent tape. The neck of the bottle should not touch the water, but should be 2-3 cm above the water level. Hang or place the snake trap in a corner of the room.

3.3. snake grids for the windows and the doors

Installing snake screens for windows and doors

If nothing else helps, you can keep the gnats away by using a gnat screen. Since the gnats are bigger than mosquitoes, you can use an insect net against mosquitoes.

3.4 Insect UV lamp

If really nothing else helps, you can exceptionally fight the insects with a special UV lamp. Just turn on the insect lamp and leave the room. People and pets should not be in the room. After 2-3 hours you can turn off the lamp and enter the room. However, you should use this remedy only if nothing else really helps.

3.5 Ventilate before sunset

Snakes in the garden when to ventilate tips

You do not have insect screens on the windows? Then you should ventilate the room before sunset. Optionally, you can turn off the lights and then open the windows. This way, insects won’t be attracted to the light.

Snakes and mosquitoes are related, but have little in common. Snakes do not bite and are not dangerous to humans. However, they can cause damage to crops and ornamental plants in the garden. With the right home remedies you can successfully fight them.