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Hobbit DIY Garden House: Shire-inspired ideas for DIY projects worthy of Bag End.

A Hobbit Garden House can be emblematic of the simple things that remind people how beautiful life is. Sitting in a cozy armchair in front of a crackling fireplace, or treading perfectly manicured paths amidst rolling hills, as well as opening round doors and windows and enjoying well-stocked pantries full of strong beers, can be quite enticing for fans of this lifestyle. All of this encompasses scenes of the pastoral Shire lifestyle so vividly imagined by the genius of J. R. R. Tolkien. So if you want to feel like Bilbo Baggins in your own backyard, the following examples might help you find inspiration.

How to plan your own hobbit garden house

authentic replica of a hobbits residence

Although it’s pretty well known that Hobbingen is a real tourist spot located in New Zealand, it’s not the only example where you can find these rustic, quaint dwellings. If you want to live like a hobbit, you can also create such a DIY project yourself according to your own imagination in the garden. The fascinating design and charming natural look of the cottage, as well as its uniqueness, make the idea even more tempting. Moreover, there are some interesting suggestions that you can try yourself to build your own Hobbit garden house. Just scroll down to learn more about this great project.

hobbit garden house DIY as diy project from old shed or chicken coop

For fans of Tolkien’s worlds, there is nothing better than getting lost in the Shire. He described this imaginatively in the pages of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and News of Middle Earth. The authentic houses do an incredible job of capturing the idyllic aesthetic depicted in both the movies and the books. Most of them even allow visitors, which is a perfect opportunity for garden owners. Feel and experience what it’s really like in this house. However, building this DIY project requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge of carpentry and landscaping. It is up to your discretion how your design will look like. Take a look at the examples from around the world to expand your wish list wider than Bombur’s belt.

Casa Organica near Mexico City.

designer-designed house in mexico resembles a hobbit garden house with green roof

The peanut-shaped Casa Organica seems a long way from Mexico City, though it’s actually in a suburb. Mexican architect Javier Senosiain filled rebar with mortar and coated it with sprayed polyurethane. Then he hid the 1,873-square-foot house on the lawn by covering it with plantings to make the house look like a dune. The floor plan depends on two oval rooms, one for more public areas – living room, kitchen and dining room – the other for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Creatively designed house in Slovenia

retro style hobbit garden house covered with planting in slovenia

This Slovenian garden house is sure to delight archaeology fans. After archaeologists discovered the ruins of a Copper Age settlement in the village of Razkrižje near the Slovenian-Croatian border, local government officials decided to reconstruct it. The houses are made of natural materials from the region, such as clay, wood and straw, with exterior cladding of lush native grass. To get the curves just right, the architect used a steel frame and then filled it with a mixture of sand, straw and clay. An inviting natural rock path leads to this favorite home.

The house of Simon Dale made from recycled materials.

earth house built with recycled materials by simon dale in wales

One of the most famous houses ever made was handcrafted by a man named Simon Dale on a rented lot. This is a sustainable underground dwelling that he excavated, only to be forced to abandon it after problems with the landlord (perhaps with the goal of replicating the Shire’s cleanup?). Since then, he has offered plans for anyone interested in the underground lifestyle to add a similar hobbit garden shed to their own home. Simon Dale’s current dwelling called The Undercroft, is a slight variation of his original project where he learned from his mistakes and designed an even more impressive home with the same design elements. Using sustainable ideas, including a huge front window for passive solar energy , this cottage is truly impressive.

Hobbingen in New Zealand

blooming flowers in the front garden of a hobbit cottage in hobbingen new zealand

Most of the Hobbit-inspired houses in Hobbiton are just facades, although you can enter some of them. Don’t let that spoil the experience, though – Hobbingen is an unforgettable sight and attracts tons of visitors every year. Unfortunately, the famous interior of Bag End as seen in the movies was filmed on a set in Wellington. However, you can enjoy full mugs of beer at the Green Dragon. In addition, once you go there, you will notice many sheep. The rolling hills are perfect grazing areas for the local herds and have been developed for that very purpose. Classic New Zealand to make way for sheep.

Turn your old shed into hobbit garden shed

hobbit garden house inspired by the lord of the rings book with flowers and halloween pumpkin

What if you could build a cozy cottage out of old structures on your own property? With some wooden materials and inspiration, you can do just that. Get inspired by the creative ideas for building from old chicken coop, shed or even a former cottage in the style of Bilbo Baggins’ house. You can do it above or below ground depending on your specifications, and each option brings a bit of imagination that can reflect your personal taste. Consider it another addition to your backyard wish list.

Inspiration from the Shire in Montana

shire inspired cottage in montana designed with authentic design and wood materials

The next example of hobbit garden homes is in the US. For just under $245 a night, visitors can stay in this reproduction made by Steve Michaels and his wife Christine. They opted for deep cuts to make each room feel as imaginative as possible. The two even created benches and environmental additions that give the already idyllic Trout Creek, Montana, a special Shire feel.

The Lättenstrasse in Switzerland, populated with earthen houses

earth houses in dietikon on lättenstrasse with white facades

The simple white exterior that surrounds the lagoon in Dietikon, Switzerland, is another proposal you can draw inspiration from. Immerse yourself in these unique earth houses built by the firm Vetsch Architektur. In doing so, you’ll be treated to vaulted ceilings, wide, luxurious floor plans, and plenty of space littered with modern amenities. The same company has continued this building style and now has more than 90 homes built in the Hobbit’s eco-friendly style.

Hawaiian Hobbit Garden House

hawaiian hobbit garden house designed by kristie wolfe

Designed by fashion designer Kristie Wolfe for a pittance, this is a real gem inspired by the Hobbit. The design impresses with the meticulous craftsmanship Ms. Wolfe brings to everything she does. Located in picturesque Hawaii, there are few places in the world that could be more mystical and tranquil.

The modern “Malator” in Wales

malator house in wales built underground with glass facade and yellow interior design

Under a hill in the United Kingdom with a mirrored surface is this modern art version of the suburban underground space. It digs greedily and deeply to provide a spacious abode that practically disappears like a trapdoor spider. One imagines that Saruman might have built this for himself had he had his final residence in the Shire.

A tribute to J. R. R. Tolkien by Peter Archer

hobbit garden house designed by peter archer as homage to jrr tolkien

This is probably the most impressive piece on this list. Peter Archer loved Tolkien’s work so much that he just couldn’t help but recreate it to his own specifications. While it doesn’t crawl under the lawn like most Hobbit-inspired homes, it captures the essence in every curve, carefully chosen furniture, and lovingly crafted beams. Think of it as a taste of buckland rather than hobbingen.

A Mexican-style adobe house

vaulted mud house in new mexico reminds of the little house of bilbo baggins

Partly intended for private rental, but also an inhabited art gallery, this adobe structure works perfectly with the strong warmth of Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a result, the owners have minimized the need for air conditioning. The location also can’t be beat, as this home is just a short drive to Santa Fe Plaza. That makes it far more urban than the traditionally idyllic hole in the ground.

Villa Vals built under a hill in Switzerland.

villa vals built under a hill in switzerland

Villa Vals in Switzerland is more like a fortress for dwarves than a home for hobbits. The modern architecture proves that the future lies beneath the surface, not in skyscrapers that reach for the sky. Full of Dutch art and architecture by Bjarne Mastenbroek, Durin would live here if he jumped off the page and moved to Europe.