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Grow date palm yourself: From core you can get a seedling (growing instructions).

Date palms are one of the most popular exotic houseplants. If you would like to have such an exotic at home, then read on. Because we explain when you can grow a date palm from seed. You do not have to spend big for it, because, fortunately, even seeds from supermarket fruits germinate without problems. Grow date palm yourself – made easy!

Date palm: The cultivation is very simple and inexpensive

Date palm seeds from fresh fruit

The genus “palms” includes 14 species. The real date palm is one of them. The tree, the fruits of which we like to eat or turn into delicious sweets, anyone can grow themselves from core. You just need dates (from the supermarket or from the organic store).  After eating the fruit, you should keep the seeds. Because they remain germinable up to 700 days. So even long after you have picked the fruit. Therefore, it is also possible to take packed dates from the supermarket. January and February is also a good time to grow the date palm because the fruits are picked at the end of the year. So you can find fresh dates in stores now.

Grow date palm yourself: Step-by-step instructions

Date palm grow yourself instructions

If you want to grow a date palm yourself, follow these steps:

1. take a date and carefully separate the pit from the pulp. It’s best to work with your fingers when doing this and don’t use a knife, as it could injure the pit. And cuts are entry points for fungi and bacteria.

Then place the pit in a container with rainwater or decalcified tap water. Leave it there for about 24 to 72 hours. Change the water daily. Place the container in a sunny but warm place. 3.

3. Fill a growing pot with growing soil and place it in a bright place in a heated room. Note that the palm tree does not tolerate temperature fluctuations well. So it is best to choose a room that is heated during the day and also in the evening. A heated conservatory or greenhouse with heating is also an option.

4. put the core about 2-3 cm deep in the substrate and cover it with soil. This is necessary because the date palm is a dark seedling. 4.

Date tree from kernels grow yourself instruction

4. now patience is needed. The seeds need about 3 to 4 months to form a root system and sprout. At first, you will only see a single, large leaf. Then, after a few months, another leaf will show up.

5. When the first shoots appear from the pot, then you can repot the plant or plant it in the garden. This time, however, set it much deeper – about 20 cm deep into the soil.

6 Therefore, now is the right time to preplant the date palm, because you have enough time for germination. The young plant will be big enough to spend the summer months outside exactly after the Ice Saints.

It is important to keep this in mind when growing and caring for them!

Date tree from kernel grow yourself instruction

Date palms are very easy to care for plants, even the cultivation is very simple. The most important thing is that you do not give up. Furthermore, you should observe the seeds in the water. If you notice mold, then the core will not sprout.

Plant the seeds in a pot with good drainage. Take permeable substrate with a high percentage of sand. Soil rich in magnesium turns out to be optimal.

Allow the soil to dry a little before watering the plant. If you want to plant the palm outside, then choose a full sun location. In a container, the soil dries faster than in a flower bed, so you can place the potted plant in off-sun or light shade.

As for fertilizing, the young plants are fertilized with magnesium sulfate every two years.

The palms can remain outside all year round in the southern areas of Germany, where the weather is mild in winter and temperatures do not fall below -6 degrees Celsius. It is important that it is protected from frost. It is best to wrap the plant and the container with fleece.

In other regions of Germany, the tree can remain outside only in the summer, in a location protected from wind and rain. Then in the fall it moves back to the winter quarters.

This back-and-forth is usually possible only in the first few years, when the tree weighs little. After that, you can put it in a sunny place in the winter garden and it can stay there.

For a date palm to bear fruit, you need two specimens. There are palm that produce only male flowers and those that produce only female flowers. Fertilization in nature is done by the wind, at home the pollen is put into the flowers by hand. This is the only way to get good yields.

Date palms, which produce female flowers, bear fruit only after the eighth year. They bloom in February and the fruits are harvested at the end of the year.