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Garden shed: When the garden shed becomes a functional addition to the outdoor space

Spring marks the beginning of the gardening season . Now is the right time to get the garden tools out of the garage or basement to do necessary outdoor work or make home repairs. But most hobby gardeners are in for a nasty surprise, because neither the cellar nor the garage is suitable for storing tools and such. In the garage they take up too much space and because of the high humidity in the basement, stubborn rust often forms on the garden tools. Fortunately, there is an alternative: the garden shed. A tool shed in the garden proves to be an extremely functional addition to the outdoor space.

Garden tool shed: What should you consider when buying?

Garden shed with storage space for equipment and tools

A tool shed can serve several functions. Garden tools, tools, bicycles, children’s outdoor toys and even flowers find their winter quarters there. If the shed has windows, it can also serve as a home office or craft room in the summer. However, in order for the new addition to the garden to be durable, there are a few things you should consider when purchasing.

Garden shed with window and opening for ventilation

1.The material plays an important role in the longevity of the structure. Wood is less suitable for this purpose. Much better are garden houses with a frame of hot-dip galvanized steel and plastic panels. These materials are not only easy to maintain, but also provide a certain stability and can easily withstand rain, snow, wind and strong sunlight. Thus, the long service life is guaranteed. At the same time, the plastic does not heat up in the summer, and inside remains pleasantly cool.

2.Easy assembly, which is done without special tools and can be done in two-three hours even by inexperienced garden enthusiasts, is also an important selling point. So, if necessary, the location can be changed without much effort and additional technology.

Garden shed with double doors

3. functionality is the first priority when choosing a model. The perfect garden shed is compact and takes up little space. It can be configured in any way and offers flexible storage options. It has a double door and windows.

4.A tool shed should also be easy to maintain. While wood needs to be sanded down and re-oiled or repainted at the beginning and end of the gardening season, steel and plastic require very little maintenance. Simply clean the surface, rinse and then wipe dry.

Garden shed in the garden what to consider when buying

5.A high quality shed has a door latch, is lockable and has a vent in the gable.

Garden shed: how to choose the right location.

Garden shed easy assembly in the garden

Several factors play a decisive role in choosing the right location.

  • The size of the garden, planting and fixed installations such as pergolas, terraces or conservatories largely determine where the tool shed can be placed.
  • In addition, the legal basis is also important, especially with regard to the distance from neighboring houses and the permitted height.
  • It is best to choose a location that is easily accessible. If you plan to supply the tool shed with electricity and water, then the optimal location is near the house.

  • In order for the shed to be stable, the soil should be dry and permeable. If necessary, the base can be additionally laid with gravel. A concrete slab or concrete tiles offer a cost-effective option for the foundation.
  • Whether it’s a koi pond or a stream, place the garden shed at least four feet away from bodies of water. Otherwise, you risk ground movement toward the pond causing the foundation to sink into the ground over time or cracks to form.