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From Urban Gardening to Indoor Gardening. What is behind it?

Urban gardening trend in big cities

These are two popular buzzwords that are currently intended to indicate that things are becoming greener in private households, or can become greener quite simply. Urban gardening focuses on urban areas, i.e. small areas in urban areas are to be greened and used for active gardening. The original focus was on the visual aspect. In the meantime, however, snack gardens have already developed in cities, in which useful plants are now cultivated. Indoor gardening, on the other hand, refers to the trend of bringing gardening happiness into one’s own four walls. This idea is implemented whenever not even a small plot of land under the blue sky is available for gardening. This article will reveal that these two approaches have a lot in common in practice.

Urban Gardening is the outdoor variant, Indoor Gardening the counterpart

Indoor Gardening on the balcony lush plants as privacy screens

Supposedly low-maintenance, but nevertheless quite monotonous, gray outdoor areas are greened with Urban Gardening. This means that color is added to the courtyard, roof terrace and balcony, providing a habitat for animals and ultimately food for the people themselves. Of course, the respective benefit of the Urban Garden depends on what is planted, that decides in any case the fresh hobby gardener.

With indoor gardening, the plantable mini-garden can become significantly smaller once again, but the lack of space at this point usually makes quite inventive. Quickly, with the help of a hanging do-it-yourself window sill, space can be created to place a few useful plants just there. To implement this space is quite simple: from the curtain rod hangs down – on cords – a board that can be varied in height quite individually. Through two simple holes on the sides of the board can be threaded a sturdy rope, which then serves as a suspension – and ready is the additional window sill for the green, new residents.

Indoor Gardening plants hanging upside down

Equipment for the “new” gardening. Much can be used indoor and outdoor

Growland – home of the homegrow is a supplier that focuses on equipment for indoor gardeners, plant growers and organic growers and thus also offers a lot of equipment that is well received in urban gardening. The product portfolio includes all the important classics around the world of hobby gardeners – ventilation, lighting, irrigation, soil, fertilizer and, of course, small places where the indoor or urban plants may thrive.

A product highlight of the supplier are the indoor greenhouses. Buying grow boxes from Growland means purchasing an indoor greenhouse that is designed for the smallest of spaces and also gives the plants the best possible chance to thrive in a place where many of them do not belong – namely in the home. However, they allow hobby gardeners without their own garden to participate in green ideas such as urban or indoor gardening.

Indoor gardening in trend small plant in a white basket

These plants are suitable for indoor gardening

Creating an indoor garden can look quite stylish and modern, as the pictures at tikbow show. Here, the focus is not on an indoor garden planted with crops. Instead, with the help of low plants that are allowed to thrive in the living space, a place of relaxation is created. Since young plants in particular still have a low growth rate, this approach to urban gardening can only be a temporary one.

Purple-leaved three-master flower Tradescantia Spathacea

Nevertheless, to conjure up an appealing green mix in the living area, the plant composition should be well thought out. This means: different colors and patterns of the plants provide a varied sight. Tip: Colorful flowers do not always have to provide variety. Even green plants do not have one and the same green. This creates a thoroughly versatile mix of greenery – without a flower in bloom.

If you have the space to plant tall plants indoors, these greenery plants can make the living space very presentable:

– Begonia
– Cordyline
– Croton
– Dragon tree
– Three-master flower
– Ivy
– green lily
– Gum tree
– Club lily
– Philodendron
– Succulents

Urban Gardening grow your own cucumbers on the balcony

If you want to not only create an indoor garden to look at, but also enjoy a bountiful harvest from your own garden at harvest time, you can rely on these varieties of fruits and vegetables. They are perfectly suitable for growing in your own home:

– Vegetables: carrots, peppers, spring onion, kohlrabi, garlic.
– Fruits: mini varieties of pear, apple, plum, plum and chokeberry.
– Spices: Pepper, chili, peppermint, sage, basil, oregano.

Grow and harvest your own herbs Mint Chives and Co.

Image source: © (CC0 Public Domain)