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Figures from concrete make yourself – Beautiful DIY decoration for the garden

Although concrete has long ceased to have this reputation of being boring, there are still people who are skeptical about the gray building material. Yet it can have a really beautiful and modern look and in this way enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are into the chic and subtle minimalist style, you will surely find so some great ideas with concrete in today’s article to spice up your garden a bit . Namely, we will show you a few instructions that you can use to make figurines out of concrete yourself for the garden.

Make your own concrete figures for the garden - easy crafting instructions

Make figures out of concrete yourself for the garden with homemade casting molds

Modern garden decoration from construction concrete or handicraft concrete - angel, snail, lettering

Angels, stars, hearts and many other shapes and figures can be wonderfully tinker with concrete for the garden . For whom small figures are enough, for example, to make a mobile out of them or simply as decoration for the patio or garden table, can use for this purpose quite normal cookie cutters. But if you want to put a few larger eye-catchers in the garden, you can also make your own molds with simple cardboard. This is how you can make figures from concrete yourself:

You’ll need:

  • Cement or craft cement (cement for crafting is finer and more fluid and you get smoother surfaces).
  • water
  • thick cardboard
  • thin cardboard (e.g. from cereal or cornflakes packaging)
  • thick adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • fine sandpaper

Instructions for DIY molds for casting concrete in any motifs.

If you want to make figures from concrete yourself, first draw the desired shape on the thick cardboard. For this purpose, you can also search for any picture on the Internet, print it out, cut it out and use it as a template. Once you have drawn your design, place strips of the thin cardboard along the outline. Due to the fact that the cardboard is thin, it is quite easy to bend. Tape the resulting support walls to the base (thick cardboard) on both sides. Make sure that these walls are stable and do not bend later due to the weight of the concrete.

Make figures from concrete yourself with DIY molds from cardboard

Then prepare the concrete according to package directions by mixing cement and water. Usually, a ratio of 2:1 is chosen. Also, be sure to add the cement to the water and not the other way around. You will now pour the finished concrete into your mold. Then gently shake it or tap it on the table to remove air bubbles. Then let the concrete dry for at least 24 hours, remove the cardboard and sand any sharp edges smooth with sandpaper if necessary.

Make your own concrete garden figurines for planting

Figures from concrete itself make - From Styrofoam heads plant pots tinker

How about making figurines out of concrete yourself for the garden, which you can plant to boot? A simple Styrofoam head is the basis for the following concrete DIY, with which even beginners get the feeling of being true artists. Here’s how you can make the decoration out of concrete:

  • Styrofoam head
  • Knife
  • Pencil
  • Water
  • Bucket and object for stirring (old spoon, stick, etc.)
  • Gloves
  • Metal pipe
  • Adhesive tape
  • Plant
  • Concrete mix (e.g. craft concrete)

Making concrete figurines:

Make figures from concrete yourself - cut off and hollow out the head and dress it with concrete

If you would like to make such figures yourself from concrete, you must first cut off the upper part of the head from Styrofoam and hollow it out. You can then poke a hole through the middle of the head with a metal tube. Through the hole can later drain excess water after pouring. Then mix the concrete, put on gloves and start spreading the concrete on the head. The layer should be about 1 – 1.5 cm thick. Try to remember where the eyes and nose were originally located.

Create a face on the concrete and decorate with artificial moss

With more concrete, you can now create the eyes, nose and eyebrows. For the nose, first form a small ball out of concrete and press it onto the place on the head where the nose was also originally located. Then use your hands to shape a nose out of the ball. Whenever the concrete becomes too dry to shape, you can wet your hands with a little water and continue working. Create a face by taking a pencil and more concrete to help, moving, adding, or otherwise reshaping the concrete layer on the head as needed.

Beautiful sculptures for planting in the weathered look

Finally, fill in the inside of the head with concrete as well. If you like, you can also design a base around the neck to make the planter more stable later. To do this, place the head on a piece of plastic wrap and add the concrete around the neck. Let the concrete dry. If you like, you can still create the moss effect by crushing artificial moss in a blender until it becomes powdery. Then spread napkin glue here and there on the head and the moss powder on top. This decorative effect is not waterproof!

Tip: You can also alternatively use real moss and buttermilk as for the moss graffiti and use it to create the head when you make such figures out of concrete yourself. With a little luck, real moss will form and grow on the head.

Make figurines from concrete yourself – gnomes for Christmas

Scandinavian gnomes as a garden decoration in winter on fir greenery

Not only in the warmer seasons you want a nicely decorated garden. Even in winter, it should be beautiful to look at and also fit the Christmas season. The trendy pixies already decorate many gardens in winter for a few years. Below we show you a creative and sympathetic variant for such sculptures for the garden made of concrete. If you want to make the figures from concrete yourself, you will need:

  • Concrete mix
  • Fine pantyhose
  • Gloves
  • yarn or string
  • paper cup, bottom cut out

Make the concrete decoration yourself

For the gnome fill a pantyhose with concrete mixture

How to make the figures of concrete yourself: cut a stocking from the fine pantyhose. Then cut a strip from the open side so that you get a ring, which you put aside for now. Now roll the stocking over the lower part of the cup. With its help, you can now more easily fill the stocking with concrete. Now fill the stocking with concrete until you reach the desired size.

Craft instructions for unusual and beautiful garden decorations - concrete gnome crafting

Finally, pull the stocking upwards to get the gnome’s pointed hat. Tie the stocking in a knot and press the lower, spherical part of the future gnome so that there is also enough concrete in the pointed cap. There should be no air. Take the stocking ring from earlier, dip it briefly in concrete, and put the pointed hat through it so that it is loose on the Secret Santa. Then, using your fingers on the side of the gnome, take some of the concrete and twist it in to form a bulb that will be the nose. Tie off the bulb with a piece of yarn or string. Hang the concrete sculptures to dry for at least 24 hours and cut off the stocking above the knot. It’s that easy to make these cute concrete figurines yourself!

Cute pixies as figures from concrete make yourself for Christmas and other occasions

These pixies are also a great and modern alternative if you want to make concrete garden gnomes yourself.

Cute garden decorations made of concrete and wire – minimalist chicks.

Make your own eggs with cement mix and turn them into chicks with wire

In a fairly similar way to the pixy, you can also make eggs. Instead of a stump, you can also use a balloon. Fill it with the concrete mixture and hang it to dry. Here it is advantageous if the balloon or stocking rests a little on the ground to create a flat surface to stand on. Immediately after you hang the stocking or balloon with concrete, you should provide them with the wire.

Shape the wire beforehand in the shape of waves for a rooster’s comb, as well as the feet of the chicks from two other pieces. Stick the wire into the concrete and let everything dry for at least 24 hours. After that, remove the stocking or balloon, after which you can decorate with the new garden sculpture any area outside, but also inside. The perfect garden decoration for Easter!

Make mushrooms as figures from concrete yourself

Pretty mushrooms tinker with bowl and plastic bottle

Mushrooms are really popular garden figures, because they make the garden look even more natural and are simply likeable. Especially in groups under a tree or in a corner of the garden, they are real eye-catchers. Would you like to make mushrooms as concrete decorations yourself? Then use these instructions:

  • old, shallow bowl for the mushroom umbrella
  • large plastic bottle for the mushroom stem, cut open at the top and bottom
  • base
  • concrete mix
  • transparent foil

Make your own mushrooms as figures from concrete for the garden:

Paint homemade mushrooms like toadstool in red and white

If you want to make such sculptures yourself , first line the inside of the bowl with the foil. In this way, the concrete will be easier to remove from the bowl later. Then pour concrete into the bowl and shape it like a mushroom umbrella. Then insert the bottle into the center of this umbrella. Don’t push it in too deep, though. It should not come through on the other side. Fill the bottle with concrete to make a stem and let it dry for a few days.

It is best to remove the bottle first. You can also cut it with a knife for this purpose if necessary. Now take the mushroom hat out of the bowl and remove the foil. Your mushroom is ready. You can also paint it to make it look even more like a real mushroom.

Caterpillar for planting as a sculpture do it yourself

Caterpillars as figures from concrete make yourself - garden decoration for planting with succulents

A playful and at the same time practical decoration of figures made of concrete for the garden you get with such caterpillars, which can be planted with small plants. They look especially pretty in pairs, with only one of them intended for planting. But, of course, you can put as many as you want in the garden and make them just as you like. This is how easy you can make the caterpillars as concrete figures yourself:

  • large foil as a base
  • Concrete mix
  • plastic bottles, bottom cut off
  • small old bowl
  • PVC pipe, cut into pieces
  • brush
  • colors for painting
  • optional: additional sand

Making caterpillars out of concrete

Caterpillar craft with concrete mixture on a base

Here’s how you can make the caterpillars as figures from concrete yourself: Lay out the foil on the floor as a base. If you want your caterpillar to look like it is just crossing small bumps, you can now place two small piles of sand on the foil. Then spread a strip of concrete on your base and over the piles of sand and smooth it out. Then take the bowl and gently press it into the concrete several times side by side to set the spherical parts of the caterpillar body. You can trace the outline of the bowl with a pointed object as you do this, if necessary.

Use a bowl to create circles for the caterpillar body

Now run a pointed object (e.g. a knife) in a wavelike pattern along the outline of the bowl to form the caterpillar body . Then carefully remove the excess concrete from the sides. Remember to leave a tail tip when doing this. Then poke a hole in the first circle with one of the tube pieces, remove the concrete from the tube and put it back into the circle. Repeat with the other circles that are for planting. You will leave the head out.

With the help of bottles create planters in a caterpillar

Then invert the bottles over them and shape the tail. Then add more concrete around the bottles and then also on the free circles you are forming spheres from. Once you are satisfied with the height and width of your caterpillar, fill a small bowl with water, dip a brush in it and you can use this moisture to smooth the concrete surface. Let the concrete dry for a few days.

Concrete figure paint with green paint and decorate the garden or terrace

Then remove the bottles and pieces of pipe and form with concrete small balls for the eyes and legs of the caterpillar. Once this concrete has also dried, you can paint the caterpillar. To do this, apply a white paint as a primer and let it dry. Then you can paint the body green and the eyes and legs orange. When this paint has also dried, apply a second coat of paint if necessary. Then you can plant the pots.

Make concrete decoration for garden yourself without planters

Make figures from concrete yourself – Tip: If you want to make a caterpillar with concrete, which is not to be planted, you can use a fine pantyhose for this purpose . Cut a stocking and fill it with concrete. Then divide the individual balls with string, which you tie around the stocking. So then let the concrete dry, after which you remove the string and tights and proceed to the design of the feet and eyes and paint as for the other caterpillar.

Gnome with stocking as a cap and scarf

Individual figures from concrete make yourself - with cardboard casting molds tinker

Stars as figures from concrete make yourself to design the garden