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Easy care houseplants that you can not kill: These plants survive even in your apartment!

Potted plants bring so much beauty, freshness and life to our homes. But sometimes we love them a little too much, especially if we overdo it with watering. Even plants that come from more humid areas of the world can struggle in the drier air of our homes. However, some low-maintenance houseplants are extremely forgiving and undemanding when it comes to their growing conditions. Below are hardy houseplants that can’t be killed – they’ll even survive in your home!

Easy care plants for your apartment – ivy

Easy care plants for your apartment - ivy

One of the best houseplants for low light, ivy is an easy-care climber with heart-shaped leaves. It is just as comfortable in a basket as it is hanging over the edge of a table or shelf. The stems can grow dozens of feet long over the years. Ivy is one of those houseplants you can’t kill, and is often chosen for office spaces. Well, you could probably kill it if you really tried, but it is one of the most forgiving and hardy potted plants. It can go a long time without water, grows in light or dark spaces, and doesn’t let low humidity get to it.

Hardy houseplants that you can’t kill: Peace Lily

Hardy houseplants that you can't kill - peace lily

Peace lily (also called monocot) is another popular choice for your home. It’s a low-maintenance houseplant that tolerates low light, low humidity and erratic watering. Its glossy, lance-shaped leaves arch gracefully from a central cluster of stems and can be solid green or variegated . The white flowers are most often seen in summer, but can appear at any time of year.

Low maintenance green plants that are indestructible – bow hemp.

Low-maintenance green plants that are indestructible - bow hemp

This little beauty (also called mother-in-law’s tongue) thrives on neglect and can go about a month without water. It is perfect if you are a busy or forgetful gardener who still enjoys beautiful things around the house. This green plant has stiff, tall leaves and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It likes a little sun and only needs watering when the soil feels dry. A good tip is to water around the edges of the pot rather than directly into the center of the plant.

Beautiful houseplants that you can’t kill – Tillandsias.

Beautiful houseplants that you can not kill - Tillandsia

These clever little plants don’t need soil to grow. Instead, they cling to things like trees or rocks. They’re perfect for people with limited space, because you can put them in a hanging terrarium or place them in a bowl or on an ornament and let them grow. These plants need plenty of air to thrive, so don’t overcrowd them. Protect them from blazing sun and spray them with a spray bottle once or twice a week. Water the tillandsias every few weeks and then put them back in their place.

Unbreakable pot plants – Philodendron

Unkillable plants - Philodendron

Bring the tropical feeling into your home with this popular plant. Once you find a place for your philodendron, you can almost forget about it. It is one of the longest-lived houseplants around and can tolerate a little neglect. Don’t water it more than once a week, and keep it out of direct sunlight so it can thrive.

Hard to kill aloe vera

Hard to kill aloe vera

Who doesn’t love a plant that looks good, is hard to kill and can even be useful? Tear off a leaf and use the gel on minor burns – you can even put the leaf in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator for up to five days. Keep your aloe plant out of direct sunlight and water it every few weeks.

Low maintenance houseplants you can’t kill – Calathea.

Easy care houseplants that you can not kill - Calathea

The amazing foliage of these potted plants will immediately delight you. The purple, green, pink and red leaves are a real eye-catcher. Calathea isn’t quite as low maintenance as some of the other plants on this list, but with a little care it’s sure to become a favorite. Avoid direct sunlight (it can bleach the leaf markings) and try to keep it in a place with high humidity. The soil needs to be moist, but not too wet. So try to water them once a week in small amounts.

Succulents for your apartment – money tree.

Succulents for your home - money tree

You’ve probably seen these popular succulents in your travels. They are easy to care for and can last a long time with a little love. If the soil at the top feels dry, give your money tree something to drink. Be careful not to over water and soak the soil, though. These plants store water in their leaves, so they can tolerate a little neglect. Pay attention to the roots, which can rot very easily and fall out of the pot.

Easy to care for potted tree – Calamondin Orange.

Easy care potted tree - Calamondin orange

A beautiful potted tree with dark green leaves, white flowers and golden fruit – the Calamondin Orange is pretty darn likeable. Place it in a sunny room and water it weekly until summer – when you should let it outdoors anyway.

Low-maintenance houseplants you can’t kill – green lily.

Easy care houseplants that you can not kill - green lily

The green lily is a stunning potted plant for beginners. It’s perfect as a hanging plant or high up on a shelf, has beautiful green and white striped foliage, and tends to be a bit thirsty. The green lily turns pale when it needs a drink and recovers quickly.