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DIY garden table decoration with flowers & plants – Enjoy your time in the garden!

On the beautiful summer days, of course, we spend more time in the garden. And so that we can really relax and enjoy the peace there, a few suitable decorations are wonderful. So how about decorating your garden table in the summer , so that your breakfast, lunch or dinner or but the coffee or tea will be even tastier? We will show you how you can create a pretty garden table decoration with both purchased flowers and plants, as well as those from your own garden.

Garden table decoration do it yourself - ideas for garden and terrace

Garden table decoration with vintage flair

Vintage garden table decoration with white vases, wooden discs and pink and pink flowers

To put together a romantic vintage-style garden table decoration, you don’t need much: a little rustic wood and soft colors like white, pink, pink or other pastel shades. A great example of a successful garden table decoration is also this one. White vases were arranged on two wooden discs of different sizes. In turn, the vases contain bouquets of pink and pink flowers and baby’s breath.

That’s all it takes for a pretty garden table decoration in summer. The arrangement looks especially good on a round table. For a square table can be used instead of the wooden discs gladly a rustic tray.

Garden table decoration do it yourself with clay pots

DIY garden table deco with clay pots - homemade etagere for small vases with flowers

Do you feel like investing a little more time? Then dig out a few clay pots with saucers from the shed or buy a few new ones and you can get started with this project. From the pots conjure up a small etagere , as they are known for cakes and desserts, which you can then provide with flowers in vases or other decorations. If you want your garden table decoration to go even faster, you can simply use a ready-made etagere.

  • Terracotta flower pots with plates in three different sizes
  • white color
  • small jars
  • flowers
  • optional: strong glue

Paint the outside of the pots and plates white and let the paint dry. Then stack alternating plates and pots on top of each other. Place pretty flowers from the garden in water in several small jars and then arrange the vases on the etagere. You can also put a few decorative figures in the etagere. By the way, this garden table decoration is weatherproof as long as there is not too strong wind. The etagere will be even more stable if you glue the individual elements together with suitable glue.

Garden table beautifully decorate against mosquitoes

Side table on the terrace decorate with geraniums, lavender and marigold in the glass

A pretty looking decoration for patio table that can scare away mosquitoes at the same time? Sounds too good to be true. But it is actually possible and for this you can use simple flowers. Decorate the patio table or else a small side table or sofa table in the sitting area and you can enjoy the evenings outside without those pesky insects.

These plants and flowers, among others, are suitable and can be seen in the example for garden table decoration:

  • Mint
  • Marigold (also effective against other pests)
  • Geranium
  • Basil (against mosquitoes and flies)
  • Lavender in white and purple

Garden table decoration with flowers and herbs against mosquitoes and other insects

Get a few pretty transparent jars in different heights and put in them the mentioned flowers and herbs in the water. Since the different vases look especially pretty in groups, you can also wonderfully combine several flowers on a table and create a colorful decoration on the garden table.

Garden table decorate modern with natural materials

Table decoration idea with grasses instead of cut flowers and rustic decoration

Moss, bark , birch branches and grasses are a few of the things you can use if you want to create such a pretty arrangement on the dining table and surprise your guests and family. If you want to make this garden table decoration by yourself, you can do it in the following way:

Dining table decorating outside with natural materials - birch branches, moss and bark

  • In a large preserving jar, display various grasses that you can find in your garden or in a meadow. Here and there can be happy to stick a colorful meadow flowers between the grasses.
  • In a small wire basket place two lanterns with candles and spread around them moss and pine cones.
  • Fill a long and wide piece of bark with small pieces of bark, a little moss and pine cones and place tea lights on top.
  • Arrange these decorations on the table and place two birch branches between them in different directions.

Garden table decoration with driftwood and succulents

Garden table decor with driftwood and succulents

If you value real plants on the table, you can choose succulents without hesitation . They are undemanding and at the same time pretty to look at. Due to their small size, they can be planted even on driftwood, as in this example. For this purpose, you can first lay out foil and then spread potting soil or put the potting soil directly on the driftwood. In the beginning, the succulents lie quite loose, but once the roots have grown, the little plants hold on to the wood.

Lantern with lavender

Simple craft idea with lavender and lantern - Romantic insect screen

The beautiful lavender is now in its peak season in the summer. Use this fact to implement pretty garden table decoration ideas with it. One of them is this simple project for a lantern. Tie yarn around a lantern and then stick lavender sprigs in between the glass and yarn all around. This will also give you a nice scent in your seating area right away, which will even chase away some insects. The great thing about lavender is that it’s also pretty when dry, so you don’t have to worry about decorating once the branches wilt. However, instead of lavender, you can of course use other little flowers when making outdoor garden table decorations.