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Designing the garden for kids: How to get the little ones excited about nature

Being outside in good weather and enjoying nature – what could be better? Spending time outdoors is extremely important for both children and adults and has a positive effect on our health. Especially now, when spring is in its full glory, it’s time to move playtime outside. In this post, we’ve collected a few ideas on how you can design the garden for kids and thus entice the little ones to get out into the fresh air.

Design a play corner for children in the garden

Garden for children design with swing in the play corner

To get kids interested in everything beautiful outside, you should first make the garden a kid-friendly place. This doesn’t mean turning the whole outdoor area into a children’s playground, just that you should provide the child with various play options. Here are some of the best ideas.

The good old sandbox

Design garden for children with sandbox

Sandboxes are part of every child’s outdoor playground for a reason: Digging in the sand develops fine motor skills, vision and creativity in little ones. A sandbox or sand table is popular with children up to primary school age and is the perfect addition to the garden playground.

There are no rules when playing in the sand. Children can let their imagination run wild and use both special sandbox toys and natural materials to play with. This further encourages movement and excites children to constantly discover something new. To keep the sandbox clean after each use, you also need to think about a suitable cover such as a lid. This will protect the sand and toys from wind, rain and unwanted visitors like cats.

Children’s playhouse for the garden

Build a playhouse for children in the garden

For children, the playhouse is the perfect retreat in the garden. There they can play alone or with siblings and friends and enjoy their own privacy. From the size to the interior design, every child can have the house of their dreams. For example, you can paint the one wall of the house with chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard for children. Or the child can create a small garden in front of the house and grow their own fruits and vegetables. If outdoor conditions allow, the playhouse can also be planned like a real tree house. So the variants for a beautiful playhouse in the garden are almost unlimited.

Inspire children to garden

Tips how to inspire the child for gardening

For children, a garden is full of possibilities. However, it not only serves as an outdoor playground, but can also get the little ones excited about nature and its many facets. When it comes to gardening, there are few age restrictions and even the very young can help with activities such as watering, preparing soil, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, weeding and harvesting. Give the child his own set of garden tools for little hands and always be available for questions. In the process, your youngster will learn about the cycle of nature through play and can develop a passion for gardening at an early age.

Inspire children to garden Create vegetable patch

If you want to get your child excited about gardening, the first thing you should do is designate an area of the garden that belongs only to the child. This could be just a small bed, for example, where the child can sow and tend their own plants. Here raised beds are super suitable, as they ensure an upright position and are well protected from pests. With a suitable cover, the raised bed quickly becomes a greenhouse, which guarantees the optimal growth of useful plants. In addition, a large garden is not a prerequisite for the raised bed. Smaller areas such as terraces or balconies are perfect for it.

Cool DIY idea: build your own insect hotel

Outdoor activities with children build an insect hotel

Children are born explorers and discoverers and really enjoy small creatures like insects. Their buzzing and buzzing in your own garden can not only arouse the interest of the little ones, but still helps to preserve the ecological balance. Beneficial insects like bees and bumblebees pollinate flowers and eat pests. To attract these beneficial insects, you can build an insect hotel in the garden together with the children and provide the little animals with both a safe shelter and nesting aids.