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Cut yucca palm: This is the right care for your palm lily during and after flowering in September!

The yucca, still popularly known as the yucca palm, is an easy-care exotic. If you want to marvel at the beautiful palm lily as a houseplant for a long time, you should care for it properly during and after the flowering period. We explain what pruning is required in the fall and what you need to pay attention to.

Yucca palm care: when should you cut your palm lily?

Yucca palm trunk cutting tips

The uncomplicated palm lily is suitable even for complete beginners and is therefore one of the most popular houseplants nationwide. Only when pruning, there are some points to consider so that the palm tree sprouts again and continues to develop well. In the first place, it is important to know when to prune the yucca palm. A maintenance pruning, where the plant is thinned out, can be done throughout the year. Withering is removed either immediately after flowering, or during the flowering period. The optimal time for heavy pruning is spring. However, if the plant has grown very large, you can also prune it in the fall after flowering. Immediately after pruning, you can also propagate it via cuttings.

Yucca palm pruning useful tips and instructions

This is necessary, for example, when:

  • the palm tree has foliage only on top due to lack of light, and the shoots below are weak and bare.
  • the palm lily is old. In this case, rejuvenation pruning can promote growth.
  • the exotic is too tall and needs to be shortened.
  • faded flowers should be removed (during the flowering period to encourage renewed flowering and extend the flowering period).
  • You want to propagate the yucca by cuttings (offshoots).

When is the right time to cut the yucca? Basically, it can be cut all year round. Especially if the plant has become too tall and reaches the ceiling, you should definitely cut it back or shorten it.

Cut off withered parts and extend the flowering period

Cut off any that have bloomed regularly to encourage flowering and extend the blooming season. Use sharp pruning shears to cut the shoot about 10 inches below the bloom.

If the palm lily is vigorously flowering anyway, you can save yourself the trouble and remove all wilted flowers after the flowering period is over.

Cut the leaves and thin out the yucca

Yucca palm tree cutting when right time

For thinning pruning, it is usually sufficient to cut off individual leaves. When doing this, be careful: Always wear gardening gloves to protect yourself from the sharp leaf edges. Use sharp secateurs or a knife to remove the leaves. Cut off yellow and overhanging leaves first, as well as leaves that get little sunlight.

Thinning is a good alternative to radical pruning and is great for young plants that have not yet grown tall.

Properly prune the trunk and propagate the yucca via cuttings

Yucca palm cut off right care after flowering

After the end of flowering, you can shorten tall yucca palms. You’ll need the right tools and supplies – a saw, tree wax for the pruning wounds, growing pots and growing soil (optionally, you can mix potting soil with organic compost and sand in a 2 to 1 to 1 ratio), a large tub (for repotting the large plant) and, of course, gardening gloves. The offshoots should then root through over the next three to six weeks. If they sprout again and form at least one pair of leaves, then they can be repotted. Alternatively, you can apply growth hormone to the cut leaf shaft interface and then place it in lukewarm decalcified water. Change the water every 2 days and add some growth hormone. Once the leaf shaft has developed roots, you can plant it in a pot with growing soil.

Cut off yucca palm and replant: Instructions

Yucca palm trunk cut and propagate

Proceed as follows:

1. measure the height of the plant, cut it in half and mark it on the trunk. Cut the plant back to no more than the marked area.

2. you can also remove all the leaves, the yucca will not take it amiss and will soon sprout again (as long as it is in a sunny position, because it needs a lot of sun to recover before pruning).

3. prune back the palm tree. Spread tree wax on the edge of the cut.

4. cut the trunk into several pieces, no more than 30 cm long. From these you can cut the offshoots with a sharp knife. Coat the upper cut surface with tree wax, put the lower one in a growing pot with soil.

5.You can also cut the leaf shaft and put it in a glass with water.

4.At the end, you should repot the yucca palm. It is important that you use new potting soil and find a suitable pot size.

5. place the yucca as sunny as possible. It needs the sunlight to recover quickly from pruning stress.

That’s why you should never cut the roots when repotting!

Yucca palm tree trimming and repotting in autumn useful tips

If the palm lily has grown too large and is in the process of being pruned and repotted, then the question arises: should you also cut off the roots? The answer is clearly no. Any pruning is stressful for the plant. In addition, the yucca is very sensitive to root damage. Open cut wounds heal much more slowly in the soil, and in the meantime the roots are particularly susceptible to rot. In the worst case, the plant could even die because it can no longer absorb the nutrients in the soil.

Yucca palm cutting instructions and tips

The Jucca palm is a low-maintenance exotic. In order for it to feel comfortable in your own four walls, it should be pruned regularly.