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Christmas rose on the balcony: what is better to keep the Christmas plant outside or overwinter indoors?

It is one of the most beautiful Christmas plants: Christmas rose is a hardy plant that blooms magnificently even in snow and ice. The snow rose is a real eye-catcher in the garden, but also the Christmas rose on the balcony feels splendid. But should it remain outside during the winter months or is it also suitable for keeping indoors?

Christmas rose on the balcony: What you should bear in mind when caring for it

white christmas rose for garden and balcony

In the garden at home, the Christmas rose feels comfortable even in the winter months. However, there it is protected from frost by a thick layer of mulch. Optimal is a location under a deciduous tree or deciduous shrub. There the plant is protected from the strong rays of the sun in summer, and in winter, when the woody plant sheds its foliage, it gets more sunlight during flowering.

On the balcony, unfortunately, the conditions are not so ideal. However, if you pay attention to a few things in the care, you can enjoy your Christmas rose for years. The most important thing is that the pot or balcony box is high, so that the winter flower can develop its root system. Good drainage is an absolute must, especially in the winter months, when the water evaporates more slowly and waterlogging can occur. Even in winter, the potting soil should always be moderately moist.

By the way, the Christmas rose feels best in deep tubs. The above-ground parts of the plant – shoots, leaves and flowers, are quite low. However, their roots become very long. Therefore, you need a deep container.

Care for the Christmas rose outdoors during frost

christmas rose planting and care in the flower pot

Christmas rose is perfectly prepared for the cold season. However, since the flower is somewhat more sensitive to bad weather on the balcony, it is best to place it protected from the wind and rain. In case of permafrost, you need to wrap the balcony box or pot with fleece to protect the roots. Since the volume of soil in the container is much less than this in the flower bed, the roots can freeze. To prevent this, you can also overwinter the Christmas rose indoors.

Christmas rose on the balcony: suitable planting partners

Christrose care and planting popular partners

Of course, the Christmas rose also cuts a fine figure as a soloist. However, its filigree flowers are particularly effective in combination with foliage plants. For example, Christmas rose with ivy and fragrant flowers make a particularly beautiful ensemble. But it can also be combined with evergreen spindle bush or lavender heather. The perfect location for the plants is in light shade.

Another variant is the combination of Christmas rose variety “Silver Dollar”, violets, crocuses, primrose and daffodils. The spring-like ensemble already shows its best side at the beginning of February and brings splashes of color to the balcony.

christmas rose in the balcony box for winter how to care for frost

You want a splendor of flowers in purple and red for the Christmas season? Then go for hybrid plants. These are available in a variety of colors. For this, plant low mock berry (still known as red partridge berry). These plant partners need more direct sunlight daily than ivy and co. A west or south facing balcony creates the best conditions for a long flowering period. Other suitable planting partners that can grow together with hybrid plants: red daisies, Bergenia and Mediterranean snowball.

Christmas roses form a particularly beautiful duo with their close relatives, lentil roses. The two flowers provide splashes of color during the cold winter months, and the blooming season of the Lenzrose then extends into spring.

Wintering Christmas rose in a pot in the apartment: Is it possible?

Christrose overwinter in the apartment useful tips

Christmas rose fascinates with its snow-white (by the way, now there are other varieties that bloom in other colors) flowers. They appear just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, however, it is not suitable as a houseplant. True, you can bring the flower into the apartment for a short time and use it as a decoration. After that, put it in a cold room before bringing it back outdoors.

However, it is best to use the Christmas rose as a winter decoration for the balcony. You can decorate the pot or the balcony box in a Christmas way.  After the end of flowering, you can then overwinter the flower. For this purpose, first cut off the withered, then dig it out of the balcony box and put it in a pot. Pay special attention to the roots, they can easily be damaged. Intersections quickly lead to rotting and are entry points for bacteria and viruses. Around mid-March, the flowering plant can be returned to the balcony or garden. Give the plant time to get used to the weather outside.

The Christmas rose is a beautiful winter flower, which pleases the eye with its bright white flowers. It can also be decorated for Christmas. The flower feels most at home in the garden, but can also easily thrive in a container or balcony box. Proper care is very important in this case.