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Buying wooden garage: A good alternative to stone and concrete solutions?

Many motorists want a safe place for their car in the garage, protected from the wind and rain. Those who are lucky enough to own their own property can build a garage on it as a shelter for the car. However, prospective garage owners have a lot of decisions to make in this regard: Where to put the garage? Would you like to design the garage driveway with grass pavers or would you prefer to pave it? And what material should the new garage be made of? In addition to the classics concrete and stone, wood is also available as a building material for garages. In this guide, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of this building material and what you need to consider when buying a wooden garage.

Buying a wooden garage: What types are there?

Large capacity wooden garage with roofing and two additional parking spaces

Wooden garages, which are also available in stores under the names prefabricated garages or prefabricated garages, are made of the natural material wood. They convince mainly by their attractive appearance, but also bring other special properties, which lead to their own advantages and disadvantages. Before buying, you need to decide whether you prefer a small single garage, a double garage for two vehicles or directly a large capacity garage. In terms of size, even with garages made of natural material wood, practically nothing is impossible. Wooden garages are delivered either disassembled into their individual components or pre-assembled. The assembly is usually done within a few hours.

Buying a wooden garage – what advantages does it offer?

Buy wooden garage with storage space and monopitch roof and roofing

Since wood is a renewable resource that brings high quality, you make a good choice with a wooden garage from an ecological point of view alone. It also offers you a natural, modern and appealing look. No wonder, then, that this type of garage is becoming increasingly popular among car owners. Among its main advantages are:
– It provides protection in all weather conditions, because the garage made of wood is closed from all sides, compared to the wooden carport.

Buy wooden garage optimal ventilation with low humidity

– The wooden garage provides an optimal climate even in rainy weather. As described at, the natural material wood can “breathe”. Therefore, the ventilation inside the garage is ideal. You will notice this especially when you park your wet car in it after a rainy day. Then you do not have to expect a damp climate in the garage the next day. Because: The material wood allows a permanent ventilation, so that the moisture from the inside is discharged to the outside.
– The assembly is quick and easy. Often the assembly succeeds within a few hours. At most, a few days pass before the new home for the car is completely ready.
– There are numerous variants to choose from.

Are there also disadvantages?

Buy wooden garage a double garage separate from the house

However, wooden garages also have a few points of criticism:
– As a natural material that continues to work even after assembly, wood can warp over time. Therefore, professional construction is all the more important.
– The maintenance of wooden garages is somewhat more complex than other types of garages. The wood must be painted or varnished regularly to maintain its beautiful appearance. The consumer advice center recommends using environmentally friendly and low-pollutant wood preservatives.

Buy wooden garage and assemble quickly and easily

– Wooden garages are more susceptible to moisture and pest infestation than stone and concrete models. Therefore, in addition to regular impregnation, it is also important to insulate them from below against the ground.

Conclusion: the wooden garage is versatile in use and design

Buy wooden garage advantages and disadvantages at a glance

As you can see, overall the advantages of a wooden garage outweigh the disadvantages. It is versatile and can be designed as you wish. For example, it is also possible to install an electric garage door. A wooden garage does not necessarily have to house a car, but can also serve as a storage facility. If you wish, you can even set up a gym in it. So there really are almost no limits to your imagination when it comes to design and use.