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Build your own garden fountain – 18 DIY ideas for patio fountains, water features and fountains incl. building instructions

garden fountain self build plant pot ceramic example

Garden fountains are a visual and acoustic delight – the water features attract birds and insects to the garden, offer refreshing coolness in the hot summer days, the splashing water relaxes the soul and makes us dream of exotic islands and distant lands. In addition, the decorative fountains are considered real eye-catchers in the outdoor area – so it’s no wonder that in specialized stores the range of technical accessories is larger than ever before. Therefore, the installation of a water system can easily master even inexperienced amateur gardeners. We show you 18 ideas on how to build a garden fountain yourself – from household goods, garden accessories and natural materials. Get inspired by the instructions and create a feel-good oasis in your own backyard!

Build garden fountain yourself – wine barrel becomes an eye-catcher

garden fountain self build old wine barrel patio fountain

The first patio fountain adds a rustic touch to the garden – the decorative cascade fountain was made from two old waterproof vessels. The water feature made of natural materials harmoniously blends into the landscape as a decorative design element and automatically attracts attention. To make the garden fountain yourself, you will need the following materials – two wooden barrels in different sizes, an antique-look faucet as a gargoyle, pond liner for sealing, pond pump and hose. For the water course you still need direct connection to the power grid. Building instructions: first you need to find a suitable location in the outdoor area, then lay it with paving stones, so that the barrels are protected from sinking into the ground and from ground moisture. After that, place the two vessels on top of each other and fasten them with nails. Once the construction is complete, you can connect the pump to the gargoyle via the hose and then conceal the power cord. Done!

Build your own garden fountain – water feature in the tree trunk

garden fountain self build tree trunk water features

Tree trunks become an accent – the creative cascade fountain just fits perfectly into the Japanese garden and can be easily staged next to the small terrace. The sculptural wooden construction brings a touch of Asia to your own backyard and offers refreshing coolness for the allotment. Here you are welcome to experiment with the construction – in any case, the right location is in partial shade and well protected from the wind. Ideally, the decorative fountain is located directly next to the seating area on the terrace, so that the soothing sounds of water can relax the soul during dinner.

Build garden fountain yourself – planters in the Mediterranean garden.

garden fountain self build flower pots antique deco stone optics

From the end of May, the Mediterranean potted plants again decorate the natural stone terrace – citrus trees, ferns and oleanders transform the favorite corner into a green paradise. Right in front of the house entrance, well protected from wind and rain, they welcome the house inhabitants after the long working day. The large terracotta pots add character to the arrangement. It is here that a garden fountain in a planter can add variety – for the craft project pictured above, you will need a flower pot, sealing foil and copper tubing. The construction instructions are fairly straightforward, much like the garden fountain made from wine barrels.

Integrate a source stone into the garden

garden fountain self build idea stone deco small

Sandstones are particularly suitable for use as source stones – for optimum effect, at any rate, the type of stone should at least be color-coordinated with the house and terrace. Ashlar sawn and polished source stones harmonize with formal garden design (for example, in the French garden, where flowers, hedges and paths are designed according to strict rules). The hole must be drilled with a special hammer drill with a drill point for concrete. It is important to keep the hammer drill vertical. The source stone is placed in a concrete basin, on a concrete column. The design gives the garden a noble look.

Build garden fountain yourself – from water pipes becomes garden decoration

garden fountain self build fountain terrace concrete look

Surrounded by succulents and tall grasses, this garden fountain almost looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert landscape. Built from a pond basin and three water pipes, the fountain provides variety and at the same time creates a visual link between the two levels of the terrace. In any case, during assembly, note that the installation has a distance from wooden structures – because splashing water can damage the wood. Optionally, you can oil or paint the wood, the special coating will protect it from water.

Water features in the garden – build the “Tornado” garden fountain yourself.

garden fountain self build water features examples

This fascinating water feature can be replicated in less than an hour – for the project you will need a transparent plastic container, sand, gravel, large pond basin, pump including riser, drill. First fill the pond basin with wet sand, then cover it with gravel. Drill two holes in the bottom of the plastic tank – the first hole (smaller) exactly in the middle, the second one on the side (the second hole is for the riser pipe). The principle is quite simple – the water enters through the larger hole and then drains through the smaller hole in the middle. The futuristic fountain will quickly become a highlight in any garden and is guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests. Solar lighting sets the scene for the patio fountain in the evening.

Modern garden cult with water features in concrete optics

garden fountain self build examples asian construction manual

The small concrete patio fountain fascinates with its clear design language and simple minimalist look. A globe served as a mold for the concrete sphere – first it was cut in two, then each half was filled with concrete. Later, the globe was attentively removed. The pump was then hidden inside the globe during construction, which also allows for quick access later when needed. The compact fountain fits in the rock garden, in the conservatory or even on the balcony – even small niches are enriched by the design.

garden fountain self build deco concrete solar

By the way, concrete proves to be an all-rounder – thanks to its simple appearance, it keeps in the background and allows the plants to stand out better. In any case, the material absorbs moisture, and therefore can not be left outside in the winter. However, a compact concrete garden fountain can be stored, for example, in the garden shed or greenhouse. In addition, the delicate material does not tolerate soil moisture – perhaps that’s why pots made of concrete usually make a good figure on the terrace.

garden fountain self build idea bowling ball

A creative alternative to the concrete ball is the bowling ball. This can be sprayed with color spray in bronze nuances, or marbled with color – in the end, the result is reminiscent of a sculpture made of Corten steel. The simple color scheme and clear design language add a minimalist touch to the design. The best way to stage the decorative fountain is right next to evergreen trees, perennials and ornamental grasses.

Garden fountain made of bamboo in Japanese garden

garden fountain self build pictures asian bamboo

Water is one of the most important design elements in the Japanese garden – no wonder it is used abundantly. Surrounded by exotic plants and stones, this watering hole also comes into its own – the garden fountain made of bamboo inspires with an easy-to-implement concept and simple design. Together with the stone lantern of the same height, it effectively complements the garden scene. The small stone container successfully replaces the koi pond in the allotment garden. The stone groups are appropriately arranged to look like natural parts of the landscape.

garden fountain self build idea bamboo asian solar

In the Japanese garden, the interplay between green plants and water is perfected – so the small container fulfills two functions at once – on the one hand it acts as part of the patio fountain, on the other hand it serves as a planter for bamboo. A real water garden in a small format, but with great effect. The space-saving design impresses with its simple appearance and clear design language. Only natural materials are used, so that the energy can flow freely in the outdoor area.

Garden fountain from old bicycle rim – Upcycling times differently

build your own garden fountain bicycle upcycling idea

If you want to build a garden fountain yourself, you do not have to invest in expensive materials for this and can instead make new from old. The new upcycling concept is based on the principles of reprocessing and reuse. From an old bicycle rim became a real eye-catcher. On the inner side of the rim, the tube was attached and then holes were drilled. The craft project is suitable even for beginners and is very easy to implement – the rim was then fixed with gravel and concrete, and the pump was hidden behind the stones. The right location for the decorative fountain is in the sun all day long and surrounded only by ornamental grasses – this way you create exciting contrasts in the outdoor area.

Build water wall in the garden yourself

build your own garden fountain install water wall

The traditional garden fountain is redefined – the water wall can be installed with a manageable amount of work. For the weekend project you need an acrylic glass plate, waterproof adhesive foil in metal look, pump and thin riser pipe. The acrylic sheets are attached to a wooden or plastic container. In any case, the container must be sealed in advance with pond liner. After that, the pump is mounted and visually hidden with gravel stones. After that, the riser pipe is mounted on the acrylic sheet. Thus completed water wall cuts a good figure, especially in front of the garden wall. If desired, the installation can be illuminated in the evening.

garden fountain self build glass table river stones construction manual

Another variant of the water wall enjoys great popularity in the USA – a glass table with a built-in pump is guaranteed to become an eye-catcher on the terrace. The design proves to be an all-rounder and suits both minimalist designed outdoor areas, and landscapes in country style. Unlike the tall water wall, which can usually only be mounted on the house facade or garden fence, the glass table offers a flexible alternative for the seating area. The flowing water cools down in summer and the water sounds have a calming effect. It’s a great way to really relax.

Wooden water wall serves as a privacy screen

garden fountain self build wood rustic deco

Another alternative to the acrylic water wall was also presented in the USA. Made of wood, the construction fulfills several functions at once – it shields the terrace from outside views and protects the seating area from strong winds. The creative idea was realized on a small budget, in any case, the amount of work is much greater. But the final result is worth the effort, because the water wall turns out to be a functional addition to the garden.

Terrace fountain and bird bath in an environmentally friendly energy-saving design.

garden fountain self build terrace bird bath water features

The next design combines patio fountain and bird bath in one. The four-tier metal stand for flower pots serves as a support surface for the ceramic vessels. So that people do not disturb the birds, the pond pump was equipped with solar panel, so the distance from the power supply does not matter when choosing a location. For maximum effect, the decorative fountain should be placed in the middle of the flower bed or orchard – because fragrant plants attract birds. Change the water regularly , so that algae does not form. The decorative fountain fascinates with its natural look and can therefore give a fresh touch to the cottage garden or add the finishing touch to a maritime garden design.

Build garden fountain yourself – fountain from flower pots

garden fountain self build plant pot fountain

Hard to believe, but this fountain was built from only three flower pots made of ceramic in a modern look, sand and river stones. The pond pump is located at the bottom, in the largest flower pot, and is completely concealed by the stones. An additional hole was drilled in the side of the flower pot for the power cable – and this was then sealed with silicone. The compact design spices up the rock garden and loosens up minimalist designed outdoor areas.

Water features in the garden – build garden fountain yourself and decorate with decorative gravel.

garden fountain self build deco decorative gravel river stones flowerpot

You already have an ornamental fountain, or a water feature in the garden, but somehow it gets lost among the blooming flowers and tall grasses? It can be beautified with ornamental gravel – the robust and colorfast material looks natural and adds the final touch to the design. Together with evergreen perennials and plants, chippings can be used to create stylish garden landscapes. Granite, marble and quartz chippings, for example, are suitable for outdoor use. Basalt chippings also look very attractive as an accent in the rock garden.

In the evening, the successful garden decoration comes into its own better. Pictured above – an ornamental fountain made of flower pots was covered with granite gravel. The dark color of the natural material makes the bucket come to the fore. In the evening, the fanciful design is better accentuated by garden lighting. For example, you can achieve special effects with underwater spotlights.