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Build an open fire pit in your backyard – 23 exciting DIY projects for your backyard!

open fireplace stone do it yourself ideas

Hardly any other garden element provides more comfort than an open fireplace in the garden. The sparkling flames create a romantic mood and give off warmth in the cool summer evenings. At the same time, the fire pit is a functional addition to the outdoor space – potatoes, sausages and co. can be roasted on an open fire and a delicious dinner can be prepared while the family chats comfortably around the fire. A wide range of design options is available to the amateur gardener – on the market can be found from large to small, from brick fireplaces for the terrace in country style , to timeless elegant designs with simple minimalist design language, to fire bowls made of metal or glass. What is offered can be replicated with a little skill – we present some exciting DIY projects for a fire pit in the garden. Let the suggestions inspire you and create your own oasis of well-being in the garden.

Build open fireplace – build fire bowl from concrete.

open fireplace concrete self build glass

Yellow-powered tabletop fireplaces enjoy great popularity, especially in the USA – they are small, can be stylishly staged and provide variety on the terrace with their appealing minimalist look. They are not suitable for barbecuing, but rather have decorative value. They make a good figure especially in the allotment garden – there the distance to the house / fence / neighbors is too small, and there is a fire hazard with ordinary fireplaces in the garden or in courtyards. A windbreak for the cozy sitting area with a fire bowl makes sense despite the small dimensions.

open fireplace concrete build ideas instruction

For the DIY project you will need flash concrete, glass chips, fireproof wire mesh, gravel stones, flower pot, burning gel. First, stir the flash concrete and quickly spread it on the flower pot (see photo above). Then cover with plastic wrap and wait for the concrete to harden. Then attentively grind the irregularities with sandpaper.

open fireplace glass scatter concrete diy project

Place the firing gel in the center, fill the pot with gravel, then cut out a lid for the firing gel can from the wire mesh. At the end scatter glass chips as a decorative element. Our tip – first test whether the table can withstand the weight of the fire bowl. If necessary, you can then place the fire bowl on a concrete column to attractively set the scene. Always make sure that the ground is either paved or covered with gravel. Never let the fire bowl burn without supervision.

open fireplace gas evening concrete fire bowl

So attractively sparkles the glass shard in the concrete bucket – the design peps up the outdoor area and adds the final touch to the modern patio design. So nothing stands in the way of pleasant evenings with friends.

Fire bowl as an accent on the garden table

open fireplace table planter glass

The fire bowl with a difference – the design shown above can be conjured up from a planter and glass. The table decoration fits harmoniously into desert landscapes or a terrace with a Mediterranean touch. The contrast between the black planter and the transparent glass panes is particularly attractive.

open fireplace materials glass stones planters

The necessary materials for the craft project are – stones of different sizes, planters, glass panes cut to the desired dimensions, silicone-based glass glue, wire mesh, tin cans, burning money cans.

open fireplace glass table self build

First cut the glass panes according to the flower pot dimensions, then coat the adhesive surface with a silicone film of 1-2mm and let it dry. After 24 hours, the adhesive should be completely dry. In the meantime, you can place the firing money cans on the tin cans and fill the planter with river stones. The next day, attach the glass details to the planter with a silicone adhesive.

open fireplace metal river stones plant pots

Then cut out the mesh wire into shape and cover with larger river stones. Ready is their new fire pit in the garden. This basically weighs less than the concrete fire bowl and can therefore be placed on the table without any problems. While doing so, watch out for children and animals, they should not have access to the fire pit, otherwise there is a risk of burns.

open fireplace gas table glass planters

The light creates a soothing and cozy atmosphere on the terrace. So nothing stands in the way of a cozy evening for two. The beautiful fire bowl can also serve as lighting for the garden party. Guests will relax and feel comfortable with subdued light for sure. In winter, the open fire pit can remain outside.

Open fire pit made from old washing machine drum

open fireplace washing machine drum fire bowl

Hard to believe, but true – the design pictured above was built from paving stones and a washing machine drum. The drum has a waterproof shiny metal coating, anyway it can be sprayed with color spray in black, white or copper.

Build your own open fireplace from concrete and natural stone

open fireplace patio concrete stones do it yourself metal fire bowl

An open fireplace on the gravel terrace can be designed without much effort – but for this sometimes the fireplace in large format looks boring. Natural stone slabs spice up the simple construction and give the design rustic charm in the country style.

open fireplace concrete self build instruction

For the project you will need cement, wooden boxes in two sizes, river stones, gravel, natural stone slabs and metal fire bowl. The stone slabs can serve as a shelf for drinks or grilled food. Functional and stylish.

open fireplace stones charcoal seating group garden

An open fireplace that can easily withstand snow and frost is the fireplace made of natural stones. Even inexperienced, but skilled amateur gardeners can recreate it with a little patience. In addition, it serves as a garden barbecue and still offers the possibility of preparing meat, potatoes and vegetables.

open fireplace garden masonry stones bricks

open fireplace construction manual brick stones do it yourself

open fireplace concrete water pond fire bowl

An alternative to the time-consuming fireplace made of natural stones is the design made of concrete pipe – above is a charming combination between a fireplace and a garden pond. A beautiful idea in the Japanese style.

open fireplace brick red gravel stones decorative

open fireplace rustic storage space wood metal

open fireplace pipe metal fire bowl build yourself

open fireplace terrace do it yourself

open fireplace masonry stone wall integration

open fireplace gabion fire bowl self build

open fireplace fire bowl metal do it yourself