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Balcony and terrace prepare for spring: Beautiful ideas and tips on how to make the outdoor area ready for spring.

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and bringing out flowers. These are the sure signs of the arrival of spring. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or a small piece of garden, take care of making them beautiful and ready for spring. Don’t waste a minute and learn more about how you should prepare your balcony and terrace for spring in the following article, so you can spend a relaxing time outside again.

Balcony and terrace: inspection

Terrace ud balcony inspection spring

An inspection is useful before bringing out the garden furniture and planting balcony boxes , because some things may have been damaged over the winter. Cold, rain and ice in winter could cause problems when it comes to the terrace and balcony, because these components are particularly exposed to the weather. Snow remains on the horizontal surfaces, which leads to dangerous moisture nests. This could put a lot of stress on the decking. Cracks stand out on tiles and slabs, and on top of that, plaster may have flaked off the walls. Moisture can penetrate the subfloor through the cracks and destroy the structure. Such damage must be detected and repaired at an early stage so that the statics of the balcony are not affected.

Wooden structures are also strongly exposed to the cold and damp climate. After the winter, all components should be carefully checked for wood-destroying fungi and rot.

Proper cleaning of balcony and terrace

Balcony and terrace cleaning spring

During the cold and wet winter months, the balcony and terrace have suffered a lot. Clean the floor very well and remove all stones, branches, leaves, weeds and other dirty things. Remove the green coating , which can be found on the floor and surface. You can use green film remover or natural home remedies: for example, vinegar or baking soda.

Balcony prepare for spring

Then clean the floor very well. Use a machine only as a last resort, as it can damage your floor. That’s why the pressure washer is not always the best choice. Stone slabs and smooth surfaces are easy to clean, but you should be careful with wood and other soft materials. If there are small stones or other foreign objects on the floor, there is a risk that they will scratch the wood. Dirt on wood can be easily removed by scrubbing with lukewarm water. If the dirt is particularly aggressive, you can use a special cleaning agent.

Start spring cleaning

For natural stone floors you can take warm water with vinegar or with surface cleaner for cleaning. Wipe the floor with the cleaner until the dirt is loosened. Alternatively, you can use a steam cleaner when it comes to stubborn dirt. Always pay attention to the temperature of the steam.

Protect wooden floors

Protect wooden floors spring

Floors made of soft wood must be waxed after cleaning to finish, so that they are protected from water and UV rays. You can use wood preservatives containing pigments. It is recommended for hardwood floors to be treated, for example, if you want to preserve the color of the wood.

Prepare garden furniture

Old garden furniture beautiful cleaning and design

Do you still like your furniture or do you want to change, remove or add something? Then this is the ideal time to make these decisions.

Have you ever had the opportunity to clean and tidy your garden furniture in the fall? So, not a lot of work. Does your furniture stand outside during the winter? If so, it would be beneficial if you give it a good cleaning to prepare it for spring. First, clean them with a damp cloth. Depending on the material of your furniture, you can do it as follows: Clean your wooden furniture with a sponge and wood cleaner. Then, apply a coat of wood preservative to the furniture to prepare it for different weather conditions.

Balcony and terrace ready for spring

For metal garden furniture, you can also use a sponge to remove rust. Use a furniture cleaner and even apply a protective coating to the furniture: It is best to take protective varnish for metal.

Plastic furniture is very easy to clean. Use water with a little soap. Tip: You can treat stubborn stains or small scratches with a little toothpaste. Polish well with a cloth, and you’re done!
When your furniture is clean, you can put the cushions on. Do they still look good? Do they still need to be washed? Check to see if the covers can be ironed or cleaned with a damp cloth. If your cushions or covers are worn out, you can buy new ones to give your lounge furniture a new touch.

Balcony and terrace design

Make the most of space

Sun terrace decoration colors

Before you start decorating, think about what you want to do in the space: Do you need a seating area or do you also want to create a dining area? It is usually possible to create different areas on the balcony and terrace to make the most of the space. You should spend more time outdoors, therefore, depending on the size of the balcony or terrace, you should also adjust the decoration and furniture to the desired use of the space.

Find the right furniture

Preparing balcony and terrace for spring

A good way to decorate a balcony or terrace is to use outdoor furniture, which is more weather resistant and can be used for many years. The furniture does not necessarily have to match each other, but harmony between the different pieces is recommended to achieve a satisfactory result. Nowadays you can find new or used outdoor furniture in various furniture stores, so it will not be difficult to make the balcony beautiful and practical.

Make your balcony and terrace spring-ready and comfortable!

Decoration carpet, cushion, cover terrace

Decoration that emphasizes comfort is essential in any part of the house. So choose elements such as colorful pillows and various blankets, even buy a carpet, especially if the balcony (terrace) is closed because the weather is a little colder from time to time. Also adjust the fabrics of these elements to the season: In spring, you can opt for lighter and thinner fabrics to decorate the room.

Bright colors are a must

Terrace get ready for spring

Color is a very important element in decorating, as it helps to make the whole room more coherent and to give different sensations depending on the shade you choose. So use a color that you like on your balcony or patio and complements the decorative elements you have there. White is an option that never fails to make furniture and plants shine, but bright colors are very popular in spring.

Installing vertical garden on balcony and terrace

Vertical garden in spring

Who has never seen a vertical garden and not fallen in love with it? They are really beautiful and bring joy to the interior and exterior of the house. To mount them, you can install a wooden structure, pallets or something similar, and then attach the hooks for hanging. Another idea is to invest in potted plants with pendants or even opt for traditional potted plants and place them in niches or on shelves.

Design the space right

Proper plant pots for the terrace

Decide what you want to have on the balcony, or terrace, so you can take some measurements and choose vases and planters. Remember that you will need to move between the containers for watering and maintenance. Don’t forget that you can also use vertical space on a wall with good sunlight.

You can use vertical garden kits that are easy to install. They have the advantage that the plants are separated from each other, so you can better regulate the watering of each plant.

Balcony and terrace decoration ceiling