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Autumn plants for balcony and garden: these hardy flowers and grasses are perfect for the tub and balcony box!

Summer is almost over and soon we welcome autumn with its magnificent colors. The right time to choose the appropriate autumn plants for the balcony and garden. We list the most beautiful hardy autumn flowers, ornamental grasses and perennials that are suitable for the container garden. And a few more annual exceptions: Simply because they have crept into our hearts.

Autumn plants for balcony and garden: the most beautiful autumn flowers

autumn flowers and plants for balcony perennial species

With colorful autumn flowers we ring in the end of the gardening season. With their filigree blossoms in yellow, orange, fire-red and – depending on the variety – sometimes pink or rose, they create a cheerful mood even in the cold months.

Typical autumn flowers: perennial, hardy species

hardy autumn plants for container garden in September and October

1. autumn asters are hardy perennials. Most varieties have well-branched stems that produce multiple flowers. The flowers prefer sunny sites with moderately fresh humus-rich soil.

Especially beautiful varieties: garden carpet aster “Snowfurry” is a ground cover with white flowers for the balcony box . Dwarf cushion aster “Jenny” and “Dietgard Rosa” form beautiful pink to wine-red capitulum flowers. As its name suggests, the variety “Autumn Snow” bears snow-white flowers.

2. garden chrysanthemums are also among the most popular balcony plants. Winter asters are a real eye-catcher in the container garden on the terrace. They are slightly taller than the other types of chrysanthemums (grow on average around 80 cm high).

Planting chrysanthemums in pot in autumn which varieties

3. autumn alpine violets are perennial bulb flowers, which are particularly popular for their compact and low growth. They are the perfect flowers for the balcony box.

4. bergenia not only bears numerous pink flowers in autumn – the wintergreen perennial is also an eye-catcher in the winter months.

5. Christmas rose (snow rose) is also a wintergreen plant. It is extremely long-lived and can live for over 20 years with proper care. At the same time, the ground cover is perfect as a gap filler in a pot or balcony box.

Special case: beautiful annual autumn flowers.

beautiful annual autumn flowers like student flower

1. flowering season of marigold (Tagetes) begins as early as May. This perennial enchants with its double yellow flowers until the end of autumn.

2. marigold blooms from June until permafrost. The marigold is much more than just a beautiful plant: it provides food for numerous insects during the autumn months.

3. magic bells bloom from May to October. The beautiful flowers are available in numerous colors and look great alone or with other plants.

4. due to the great variety of colors and shapes of the cultivars, the dahlias are real quick-change artists. So every amateur gardener can find the right one for his garden or balcony. The only drawback: the dahlias are not hardy

Other flowering autumn plants for tubs and balcony boxes

flowering autumn plants for garden and grasses and foliage ornamental perennials

In addition to autumn flowers, there are also numerous other flowering autumn plants. Among them are the hardy heather species. In this regard, the most popular autumn plants differ: Broom heather and bell heather in appearance. The first has a low growth, visually resembling a broom. The second bears numerous small, bell-shaped flowers. In budding heather flowers remain closed and resemble – as the name suggests – buds.

Beach silverweed also presents its small filigree flowers throughout the fall and exudes gentle fragrance into the garden. It is a bee-friendly plant that attracts bees and butterflies.

  • Beach Silverweed
  • Snow Heather
  • Bell heather
  • Budding heather
  • Broom heather

Autumn plants for balcony and garden: ornamental grasses and other decorative plants

Autumn plants for pot and balcony box care tips

Autumn flowers are not the only ones that provide color in the tub. Certain ornamental grasses also turn attractive shades of yellow-gold to burgundy in the fall and become imposing companions in the pot. And the others, which retain their green color, form the perfect background to the colorful flowers. By the way, there are also many ornamental grasses – such as the flat-ear grass, which still bloom in September.

Winter-hardy grasses in pots

Planting winter hardy ornamental grasses in a pot or tub in the garden or on the balcony

Late August to early September is the right planting time for ornamental grasses. This gives them enough time to establish their roots. At the same time, the pre-sprouted young plants are the perfect planting partners to fall flowers and foliage-decorating perennials. Of course, proper care plays a crucial role. This includes frost protection and regular watering on frost-free days.

  • Flat-ear grass
  • Switchgrass
  • Blue fescue
  • Pheasant’s tail grass
  • Lampstraw grass
  • Chinese reed

Other decorative autumn plants for containers

Decorative perennial autumn plants for tub ornamental cabbage

The third group of autumn plants consists of various ornamental plants, which are extremely decorative. These are great for staging on the balcony or terrace.

  • Zigzag shrub
  • Stonecrop
  • Strangler plant
  • Silver leaf
  • Purple bellflower
  • Ornamental cabbage
  • Thick man
  • Houseleek

Autumn plants for balcony: what to consider when planting?

Autumn plants for balcony and container garden which are flowering and hardy

When planting the hanging basket , container or balcony box, it is easy to forget that autumn plants have different requirements than summer flowering plants. The sun in autumn can no longer cause damage. Even flowers and grasses, which usually prefer semi-shaded locations, can easily thrive on the sunny south balcony. In addition, you should determine the watering according to the new season. As a rule, most flowers and perennials are watered as needed. It is fertilized once, immediately after planting. Even hardy plants need frost protection in the container garden. Therefore, after the first night frost, the tubs and balcony boxes are wrapped with fleece. By the way, if you want to prepare the tub for spring, you can immediately put the bulb flowers. These do not require nutrients and can easily spend the winter outside in the tub. They will not sprout again until spring.