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Amaryllis sprouts only leaves: possible causes & how to fix the problem (+ bonus tip for exception flower).

Last year you decided to cherish your amaryllis bulb instead of throwing it away. And although you thought you did a good job at it, when it actually bloomed you found that the amaryllis only got leaves. Or maybe this has even been the case for several years? We have listed some of the possible causes as well as how you can fix the problem. In fact, most of the time, it is the wrong care that causes the faded amaryllis to only sprout leaves.

Lack of flowering with too much water

Amaryllis sprouts only leaves with too much water - water sparingly

Do you need to water the amaryllis a lot or not? The amaryllis is a plant that comes from very warm and dry areas. So, by nature, it is accustomed to get along with little moisture, so you need to maintain this even in our latitudes. Not without reason, the beautiful flower is not watered during the flowering period. But quite apart from the fact that if you do not take proper care of the bulb in this regard, it can rot and die, if watered too much in the long run, it can also lead to the fact that simply the leaves grow on and on, but a flower bud will not.

Therefore, water properly as follows :

  • After planting the tuber water sparingly in sips.
  • From the hot summer phase water a little more often. The same applies when the bud is in the growth phase (usually around November or December).
  • From July, reduce the frequency of watering and from August until the plant is awakened from winter dormancy (mid-November), stop watering completely.

Amaryllis only sprouts leaves when there is a lack of light

Amaryllis does not bloom when there is a lack of light

The amaryllis is a very light-loving plant and if it is too dark, it simply cannot produce flowers, but only puts its weakened strength into leaf growth, so that the amaryllis only produces leaves. This often leads to the leaves becoming excessively long. This is the plant’s attempt to produce more surface area that can absorb the little vital light that is available.

So in this case, reconsider its location. It should be bright and happy to get a ray or two of sunlight, but without being in full sun, because then it will burn.

Note: Do not cut the leaves of the amaryllis.

Amaryllis sprouts only leaves - causes and tips against the problem

The fact that when there is a lack of light, the plant uses its power for the leaves, should not tempt you now to simply cut them off, hoping that the plant will then shift growth to flowering. You would then, on the contrary, prevent a flowering phase all the more, because it is the plant foliage that has the task of enabling the formation of a bud.

The foliage is cut only when it has completely dried up (usually long after flowering and at the beginning of the dormant period in September), because the nutrients it contains thus return to the bulb and later serve the growth of the flower.

Amaryllis has only leaves, no flower – Is the dormancy not proceeding properly?

Amaryllis only sprouts leaves when incorrectly performed dormancy before flowering

After the long season, the plant must be able to rest, to gather strength for the subsequent new flowering phase. So this period of rest should not be underestimated, because it is very important. That you should not water during these 3 months, we have already mentioned. Also, the bulb should be stored in a dark and cool place (in its pot) from September. At the end of the dormant period, repot the bulb and start watering sparingly in mid-November. Now the right location is ideally in partial shade and a bright spot (such as a window), with temperatures ideally between 18 and 20 degrees.

Bonus tip for an exception flowering phase.

Promote flowering in May with bulbs of the delphinium planted in the garden

Just because the flower wasn’t in your full glory on time for the actual bloom phase doesn’t mean you should now wait until the next phase (let alone give it up completely). In fact, it is possible to induce a bloom after all. How exactly can you do in early summer the after flowering ?

Overwinter amaryllis and make it bloom again in the summer.

  • Continue to care for the delphinium as usual by watering and fertilizing it properly.
  • As soon as the temperatures are high enough, that is, no more frost is expected, the flower comes into the garden.
  • For this purpose, find the flower a sunny and warm location without cold drafts.
  • Dig a hole in the bed and plant the amaryllis in the pot there, that is, without removing the pot.
  • With luck, soon the bud will sprout.