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Amaryllis in wax make yourself and properly care for – This original DIY decoration is cheap and easy!

You stroll through the mall or browse in the flower store for a few fresh bouquets and there you see them again: the knight stars wrapped in colorful wax. And again you are tempted to decorate your apartment with this interesting beauty during the Christmas season, but the price keeps you away – after all, they only look really beautiful in groups and afterwards the bulbs end up in the trash again. We have the solution to this problem, because you can make an amaryllis in wax yourself and it’s easier than you might think. In addition, after flowering, the plant is wonderful to continue to care for and can produce a new flower next year, as we have already explained to you. So, it’s worth trying out our instructions for the larkspur decoration.

At what stage should be the delphinium for the wax method?

Amaryllis in wax make yourself - instructions, tips and ideas for decoration

You need bulbs with a fresh shoot. Since the plants are in season, it will be a breeze to find such. Just buy specimens planted in pots and continue working with them. Also, if you continued to nurture your delphinium last year after blooming and now want to repot for a new blooming season after dormancy, you can use this time for your DIY project. Perhaps your plant has even produced daughter bulbs that you can use for this purpose.

Either way, however, you should “wake up” the bulbs by taking them out of their dark and cool dormant place and moving them to a bright and warmer one. Once a shoot has grown, you’re ready to go.

Making amaryllis in wax yourself – how it works.

How to properly care for the waxed delphinium

We’ll explain below which wax is best to use, how to color it, and then exactly how to use it to wrap the root.

Is any type of wax suitable?

Care after flowering - How to preserve the bulb

In principle, you can use any wax you like. Beeswax is fine, but it’s a bit more expensive, which just isn’t worth it for this type of use. Therefore, we rather recommend you to use the remains of your candles. Here, you can mix all sorts of colors or stick to a specific one. If you use white wax, you can also color it any way you like. For this, the remains of wax crayons are suitable, but also special candle colors.

By the way, tealight wax is also well suited. Melt it best in a water bath (for example, in an empty can). In any case, the container should be large enough and the wax high enough to be able to dip the bulb afterwards. You can plan on using about 15 tea lights for 6 lark’s stars, or this amount in the form of leftover candles.

Prepare the flower bulbs before pouring the amaryllis in wax.

If you bought the delphiniums planted in a pot, you first need to take them out of the ground and remove them from the bulb and roots. Then immerse the roots in water so that they can absorb enough moisture and provide the bulb. Try not to wet the bulbs themselves in the process. After an hour or more, you can start working and make amaryllis in wax yourself.

Making amaryllis in wax yourself step by step

Make amaryllis in wax yourself - cut roots and dip in candle wax.

  • Take the flower out of the water, cut off the roots (you can even cut off a whole piece of the bulb so that you get a flat surface) and dry wet areas well.
  • In a water bath, melt the prepared wax and color it if necessary. By the way, it melts faster if you crush it beforehand. This works especially quickly with tea lights, because they are softer.
  • Prepare a base (old plate, baking paper, etc.) and the onions.
  • Dip the first one into the liquid wax (just the bulb, not the shoot) and pull it out immediately. This step must be done quickly so that the onion does not burn from the heat. Place it on the base to allow the wax to cool.
  • In the meantime, repeat with the other flowers.
  • Once they all have their first layer of wax, the first ones should have already hardened. Thus, you can proceed with the second layer. In total, you will need 5 to 10 coats, depending on how opaque the wax is and what you are happy with.
  • By placing them on the base, the flowers also get a handy “foot” to stand on at the same time.

Tip: You can finish off the waxed amaryllis by spraying it with metallic spray for a shiny effect or adding glitter.

Proper care of waxed bulb flowers.

Make amaryllis in wax yourself for Christmas and winter decorations

Delphiniums are quite low maintenance by nature, which is why they are perfect for a decoration of this type. But what is the proper care of amaryllis in wax before and during flowering?

They need quite little water even during the flowering phase. Since you have already watered the bulb before it grows, you will not need to water it afterwards. This is because the wax coat protects them from drying out, provided you do not put them in a place that is too warm (18 to 21 degrees). The area around the heater, for example, is not suitable.

If you want to decorate your home with amaryllis in wax, choose a bright location and turn the flower from time to time, because naturally the flower stem always grows towards the light source, so it could grow at an angle.

Amaryllis in wax care after flowering.

Use colored candle wax or dye for colorful decorations

We’ve already mentioned that amaryllis bulbs are wonderful to continue caring for and re-blooming after blooming, rather than throwing them away like most people do. While this is also true for the wax-jacketed varieties, it’s a little more difficult to save the plant here because you’ve removed the roots and overgrown them.

To wit:

  • Do not cut the flower stalk!
  • Remove the wax carefully (especially in the root area you should be careful).
  • Check if you can still see the beginnings of roots. If so, the chances of successfully saving the plant are very good.
  • Then you can plant the amaryllis: in a pot that is not too big and in nutrient-rich soil (just like when you repot it).
  • Fertilize every two weeks from March to May.

By the way, you can also make this attractive flower decoration yourself with hyacinths for an interesting spring decoration.