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Amaryllis in a glass: what care needs beautifully arranged Christmas flower during and after flowering?

If you want to decorate with real flowers for Christmas this year, then there is no better choice than the amaryllis. The beautiful flowers of the delphinium appear just in time for Christmas and put the apartment in a festive mood. These plants grow happily and bloom profusely not only in soil, but also in a jar with or without water and stones. But what care requires amaryllis in a glass? We give tips on how to make the delphinium bloom in time for Christmas and how to proceed with the bulb after flowering.

Amaryllis without soil: a beautiful decoration for Christmas

Large amaryllis bloom in glass jar with stones

Right now you can find pre-pulled amaryllis in glass everywhere – even in the supermarket. Arranged in beautiful glass vases, with moss, fairy lights and stones, the amaryllis cuts a particularly fine figure as a Christmas decoration. In order for the plant to survive not only until Christmas, but also afterwards, and to please you for years to come, you should know how to care for it properly. Because an amaryllis without soil has somewhat different requirements compared to the potted plant.

Care of an amaryllis in a jar: what should you pay attention to?

Christmas decoration with amaryllis in glass vase

Has it ever happened to you that you liked a flower so much that you bought it without thinking twice? Then you came home happy, only to find that the new plant is very demanding, and probably would not thrive in people without the “green thumb”? That may stop you from making an impulse purchase next time. However, don’t let the bad experience stop you from buying an amaryllis for Christmas. After all, this plant isn’t that hard to care for if you keep a few important points in mind.

Choose the right location

Amaryllis bulbs need a sunny, warm and bright place, for example, on the windowsill, to sprout. You should still avoid direct sunlight. In a bright and warm location, with a constant temperature around 20 degrees, the delphinium can bloom undisturbed for up to 6 weeks.

Tip to extend the flowering period: as soon as your amaryllis bulbs begin to bloom, you can put the containers in a slightly cooler place that is not directly lit. This will keep the blooms alive and fresh longer.

The right location for your amaryllis in glass should be bright

Watering amaryllis in a jar – yes or no?

One question that is often disputed is whether or not to water the amaryllis when it is arranged in a glass. Watering, in a real sense, is no longer necessary as long as the flower has already sprouted. It will do nothing to the flowers and can only encourage the growth of the leaves. And if you have chosen an amaryllis, however, you certainly do not want to watch its leaves, but its flowers. So basically, you should not water the amaryllis in the glass, but only spray it with water from time to time.

Does the amaryllis in the glass need water?

Amaryllis bulb in special glass vase

When arranged in a glass, the beautiful Christmas flower can thrive without water at all. Nevertheless, it is possible for you to place the plant in a suitable glass jar with water. However, it is essential to make sure that the bulb does not come into contact with the water. For this purpose, there are special jars for amaryllis, which have a special shape with a puffy bottom and a constriction that resembles an hourglass. This allows to keep only the roots in the water, and not soak the bulb.

Protect the bulb from rotting

Glass jar with blooming amaryllis tips for care

In order for the knight-hood to unfold its full glory and bloom unceasingly over the holidays, you should protect the bulb from rotting. This is the most important measure of care. The distance from the water, if any, must be at least 5 cm. If the water in the glass jar becomes cloudy, then be sure to replace it.

You do not need to fertilize the plant at this stage of vegetation, but if you think it necessary, then just add a small amount of liquid fertilizer to the water.

A useful trick: do you have a charcoal grill? If so, you can add a piece of charcoal to your plant’s water to help it stay clear longer instead of becoming cloudy after 1-2 days.

Is moss necessary?

Red amaryllis arranged in glass without water

People often use moss when decorating amaryllis in a jar. Although the natural material is not essential, it can help the plant to thrive. This is because moss retains moisture, providing moisture for the roots while providing a good base for other decorations such as fairy lights, stones, twigs, berries, etc.

Where to put withered flowers?

In addition to regularly replacing the water or spraying the plant, you should also cut off wilted flowers. Always wear gloves when doing this, as the sap of the delphinium is toxic and can cause allergies.

Care after flowering: can the amaryllis stay in the glass?

Amaryllis care after flowering

The delphinium may look beautiful in the glass, but at the end of the flowering period, it must be potted. Without soil, the bulb can not survive the next stages of vegetation.

Here’s how to do it correctly:

Once the amaryllis has faded, cut off the flowers and plant the bulb in a pot with regular potting soil. The neck of the bulb should protrude from the soil. Place the potted delphinium in a bright place at about 20 °C, that is, preferably in a heated living room. In spring and summer you should fertilize the plant regularly. From late summer reduce watering and stop fertilizing completely. When leaves turn yellow, cut them off and give the plant about 2 months of rest until you repot it again and prepare it for flowering in December.

For detailed instructions on how to care for amaryllis throughout the year, see this article .

Beautiful amaryllis arranged in glass flowering care