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45+ Ideas for corten steel privacy screen & how to create the beautiful patina.

Do you need a privacy screen for the garden or terrace to protect yourself from prying eyes and provide more privacy? To fully enjoy your own home, this is simply part of it! Privacy screens are just the thing for this. They can be adapted to your own style by choosing the appropriate material. A particularly popular material is corten steel. Hardly any other material can look so modern, but at the same time radiate warmth and create a cozy-puristic ambience. A particularly appealing feature here is the rust color. But corten steel privacy screen does not mean just a boring metal plate! There are now a wide variety of designs, combinations with other materials and even laser-cut motifs that create an individual and unique atmosphere and add the finishing touch to your outdoor space. We’ll show you some wonderful ideas today.

Corten steel privacy screen and its unsurpassable advantages

Laser-cut corten steel privacy screen as a climbing aid for climbing plants

Sure, wood exudes a special atmosphere and will always be one of the most popular materials for home and garden. However, corten has an advantage over wood that should not be underestimated. Namely, it is particularly weatherproof and has above-average durability – and you don’t have to paint it regularly. All fans of the sustainable lifestyle will also be pleased to know that this is a material that is completely recyclable. So if you do decide to use a different one in a few years, you won’t have to feel bad about it.

How is the patina created on corten steel privacy screens and other elements?

Perforated panels create great light effects

The rusty surface not only looks great and blends in perfectly with the natural environment due to its warm, natural color. It is also the reason why the steel is so durable, because it forms a barrier layer of adherent sulfates or phosphates, which protects it from corrosion and rusting through. This sounds illogical at first, since rust is known to make metals porous and fragile. However, this is not the case with alloy steel, and thus also with corten steel privacy screens. And even in direct contact with the ground.

Corten steel privacy screens with nature motifs are very popular

But how does this layer and what you need to do for it yourself? Whether corten steel privacy screen or any other element of the garden – the material is first of all gray. The steel alloy is a mix of copper , chromium, silicon, nickel and phosphorus. The patent for it was registered by the US American Byramji D. Saklatwalla as early as 1932. The rust layer is formed only over time due to the effects of weathering, and after about 2 weeks. Up to 3 years pass before this process is completely finished. More precisely, it is the alternation between wet and dry that causes the steel to rust.

What needs to be considered for the attractive patina?

Corten steel privacy screen on a terrace, combined with gray concrete wall

So, in order for your corten steel privacy screen to really rust evenly, it is important to make sure that the entire surface is exposed to these weather conditions. Nevertheless, the coloring and texture will turn out differently for each element. This is simply because the humidity and temperature fluctuations are always different. Are you impatient and do not want to wait 2 weeks for the rusting process to begin? Meanwhile, there are preparations that accelerate the process and cause the first rusting already within 24 hours. Or you can simply buy directly already corroded steel.

Is the corten steel garden privacy screen suitable only for modern styles?

Corten steel privacy screen for the terrace for a great color contrast

The short answer is “no”. In principle, a corten steel privacy screen is suitable for any garden style. The material is so versatile and so lively that it can give a special character to any style, emphasizing already existing traits. And in doing so, it doesn’t necessarily dictate a particular style.

Great color contrast of orange rust and dark gray beams

Without question, corten is a popular material in minimalist gardens . There it takes away the austerity of the gray exposed concrete and loosens up the atmosphere. Conversely, a Corten steel privacy screen, planter, Corten steel fire pit or other element can also take away the formality of a classic garden. So whether your garden is modern, natural, nautical, industrial or romantic, a corten steel privacy wall will add a touch of modernity combined with a touch of shabby chic to your outdoor space.

Attractive examples with corten walls in the garden

Corten steel privacy screen in the classic garden as a modern accent

Brick house with corten screen wall

Corten steel privacy screen for classic house style with wooden frame

Corten steel privacy screen illuminated with effective bamboo motifs

Illuminated Corten steel privacy screen with bamboo as motif

Shade window fronts with beautiful steel panels

Build shady corten steel privacy screen around window frontage

Decorate terrace with panels for rearrangement

Mobile corten steel privacy screen for patio in modern outdoor area

Have motifs lasered into the corten steel privacy screen according to individual ideas

Have individual motifs cut with laser - cool skyscrapers in a panel

Corten with geometric pattern as an accent for the wooden fence

Minimalist privacy fence made of reddish wooden slats and corten steel accent

Connect Corten steel privacy screens with wooden beams

Corten steel privacy screen made of panels in beautiful colorings with wooden beams

Minimalist garden design

Corten steel privacy screen made of simple panels along a garden path of stone slabs

Corten steel privacy screens combined with wood

Corten steel privacy screen by a pool, combined with wooden privacy screens

Decorative terrace protection with slatted screen and brown corten

Corten panels in front of a wooden privacy fence

Steel panels for a woven design imitating wood

Interesting corten steel wall made of sheets in woven look

Hanging panels for a balcony

Idea for balcony or terrace with panels to hang on chains

Corten steel privacy screen attach to chains and pergola

Corten steel privacy screen to hang from thin plates with trees as motifs

Each corten steel element has its own pattern and color

Dining area on the terrace screen with steel for more privacy

Natural rust look combined with blue painted steel

Corten steel privacy screen for a modern house with dark blue panels

Protective walls made of panels to assemble yourself in the form of a screen

Movable corten steel privacy screen in the form of a screen

Steel beams instead of a privacy fence

Rusty steel beams as Corten steel privacy screen and fence in the garden

Combine weathered wood and steel

Simple privacy screen made of rusted steel combined with weathered wooden privacy screen

Protect porch from the sun and gazes

Shade porch with a laser cut panel of stainless steel

Practical privacy screen for the terrace made of corten steel with leaf motifs

Corten fits all styles for terrace and garden

Mobile corten steel privacy screens are practical for terraces

Corten screen for seating areas use as decoration and privacy wall

Corten steel privacy screens in front of a façade made of exposed concrete

Steel panels are lightweight and can be easily installed and mounted

Custom-made Corten steel screens for a stone wall

Decorate a stone wall with corten and protect the property from prying eyes

Laser-perforated steel panels as a protection against foreign eyes and decoration at the same time

Perforated corten steel privacy screen with circular patterns

Planters as a privacy wall with wire mesh for climbing plants

Practical privacy screen for planting - Corten raised bed with wire mesh for climbing plants

Gray steel beams and rusted panels

Perforated corten privacy walls look airy and cozy

Idea for the entrance area

Modern, shady corten steel privacy screen for the entrance area

Perforated steel wall as protection by the pool

Modern perforated Corten steel privacy screen for the pool in the garden

Corten with floral motifs framed in exposed concrete as protection by the pool

Minimalist garden design by the pool with corten steel privacy screen framed in exposed concrete

Corten steel panels as a screen and for the balcony railing

Corten steel privacy screen on a balcony for the railing

Corten steel privacy wall, combined with stone wall

High privacy fence with planting and lighting on a stone wall

Corten dining area with dining table, chairs and panels

Dining area made entirely of Corten with table, stools and privacy screens

Corten steel privacy screen with tree as motif

Stainless steel is a great combination partner to the natural green of the plants

Corten as an accent in a natural garden

Decorative privacy screen panel in a natural garden of a minimalist house

Corten steel privacy screen with dandelion

Corten steel privacy screen with dandelion - With lasers individual motifs can be cut

Romantic motifs in stainless steel

Pretty flower motifs on rusted steel for a touch of romance

Corten steel garden privacy screen rusts by itself with time

Steel panel in the initial stage of corroding with fern as motive

Beautifully patterned steel in the middle of a privacy screen made of wooden slats

Privacy screen made of wooden slats with panel of rusty corten

Corten steel for the garden as a privacy screen combine with hedge

Pretty corten steel privacy screen combined with green hedge - classic and modern at the same time

Corten privacy screen for a day bed in the pool area

Privacy screen idea for a wooden day bed by the pool area with motifs