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10 “Must Do” jobs around the house and garden in November

The Halloween decorations are already wrapped up and the big Christmas craft is coming up soon. November’s cooler weather makes it an ideal month to stay home with friends and family. But before the December festivities begin, spruce up your home to make the most of fall while preparing for early winter storms. Here are our 10 must-do November chores around the house and garden!

1. stop drafts

Stop drafts in the house

If you haven’t winterized your home yet, now is the time to do it. Keep the warm air in and the cold air out by sealing the gaps around door and window frames and applying sealing tape. Sealing the gaps will save you energy and money on your next utility bill.

2. choose the right firewood for your fireplace.

Selecting the right firewood for your fireplace

Gathering the family in front of the fireplace is a hallmark of the cold season. But for that cozy fire, you need the right firewood . Choose woods with a good calorific value such as oak and beech. Woods with resin such as ash and spruce are more suitable for closed fireplaces, because they give off sparks when burning.

3. prepare the guest room in November

Prepare the guest room

If friends and family are regular guests during the cold season, now is the time to prepare the guest room. A fresh coat of paint or new bedding can make the room inviting. Don’t have a separate guest room? Then check out these ideas for a combined guest room and study!

4. Set up a bird feeder

Set up a bird feeder for winter birds

Many birds migrate to warmer climes at this time of year, but you can welcome bird species that winter in Germany, such as the blackbird, robin, house sparrow and brambling, to your garden with a bird feeder. You can also watch the colorful birds from the house. Beautiful ideas for a homemade bird feeder can be found in this article .

5. create order in the garage

Keeping your garage tidy

With ice and snow on the way, it’s important to park your car in a garage if possible. Not only will this protect your car from damage, but it will also make it easier to start your engine in the morning. So declutter the garage now: throw away or donate old stuff, then buy or build a storage solution for what’s left.

6. install a thermostat

Install thermostat on radiator in November

Consider replacing your old heating thermostat with a programmable thermostat or buying a smart home thermostat. Many models can be controlled via app and can even detect when someone is home and raise the temperature for optimal comfort. Or even lower it when everyone is away. With this system, you can optimize energy consumption and save on electricity costs.

7. Equip yourself for winter maintenance before the end of November.

Gear up for winter maintenance before the end of November

You never know when a sudden snowstorm will catch you unprepared. Keep rock salt, sand or fresh kitty litter on hand to make icy steps safe, and arm yourself with shovels (and even snow blowers) now – before the forecast of a snowy weekend sends other homeowners flocking to the hardware store.

8. Insulate your hot water tank

Insulate hot water tanks to prevent heat loss

Chances are your hot water heater is installed in an unheated space, such as a basement or garage. This makes insulating the unit an absolute must to prevent heat loss. Choose an insulation mat that is appropriate for the size of your tank and follow the installation instructions. This quick project can save you 4% to 9% on water heating costs.

9. repair cracks in the concrete

Repair cracks in concrete to prevent weed growth

In most regions, now is the last chance to repair cracks in concrete surfaces before the really cold weather sets in. Get a concrete repair mix and prepare the area before patching the hole. Be sure to get your work done before temperatures drop below 7 degrees for long-lasting results.

10. clean the kitchen

Clean heavily soiled oven

To prepare your kitchen for the upcoming holidays, get your kitchen cabinets in order and organize kitchen supplies. Also clean the oven with a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar or try the lifehack with shaving cream.